Lost in love update Tuesday 4 July 2023

Lost in love 4 July 2023: Savi tries to cheer up Karishma showing her toys and asks her to have food. Jagtap calls Sai and informs that his friend Vada Pav tried to get Vinu’s information from orphanage but couldn’t access password protected data from Anandi’s laptop. Sai thinks she will get information from Virat at any cost and gets emotional thinking where her Vinu must be. Savi video chats with Vinayak.

Lost in love 3 July 2023

Vinayak notices Karishma sitting beside Sai and asks if that is Karishma. Savi says yes, she is here since afternoon. Omkar passes by and overhears their conversation. He provokes Bhavani that Sai is supporting Karishma and is keeping her at her house. Bhavani curses Sai and says she will force Mohit to divorce Karishma to save family’s dignity.Virat takes Mohit to Sai’s house. Karishma opens door. Mohit is shocked to see her there. Bhavani asks Sonali to call Mohit right now and force him to divorce Karishma.

Sonali reminds her that she always said divorce doesn’t happen in Chavan family. Bhavani says Sai was hovering over them then, she doesn’t want Karishma also adopt a baby like Pakhi did and dump him/her over them. She asks Sonali will se accept an unknown baby as her grandchild. Sonali stands silently. Bhavani insists her to call Mohit and inform him what his wife is doing. Mohit accuses Karishma that she left him for her boyfriend and had a miscarriage, he doesn’t know whose child it was.

Sai says men always tag a woman while woman always knows who her baby’s father was. She says its not only Karishma but also his pain as baby belonged to him. She emotionally describes what a woman goes through and suggests Mohit to support his wife before he repents for not doing so. Virat silently listens to her.Sai requests Mohit again to share his wife’s pain and support her or else he will lose her. She suggests Mohit and Karishma to go in and speak while she and Virat wait outside.

Mohit and Karishma walk into a room. Virat tells Sai that he felt as if she was questioning him. Sai says its too late for that now. Virat says howmuch ever late it is, questions remain same; he remembers a day when she left home and met with a horrible accident and nobody was there to support her. Sai says he cannot understand her pain or else he wouldn’t have refused to perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja. Virat asks why she is reminding him his life’s most painful moment and make him realize that he lost his son.

Sai asks if he forgot their son, is it so easy for him to forget his son, she can’t forget her son though and will perform pooja at any cost. Virat says he requested her one thing and she is getting adamant. Sai says its her right and nobody can stop her from performing pooja tomorrow, hopes he reveals truth.Mohit with Karishma returns and tells Virat that Karishma will stay back at Sai’s house and rest, he will take care of Karishma.

He thanks Sai for helping them while his whole family warned her not to. Sai says she is happy that they both cleared their misunderstanding and reunited. Mohit returns home with Virat. Omkar asks where was he. Mohit asks what happened. Omkar angrily shouts if he knows where his wife is staying. Mohit says he knows she is at Dr Sai’s house and he met her. Sonali asks if he doesn’t remember what Sai did to him and Karishma and our family. Mohit says Sai didn’t do anything,

in fact he is equally at mistake along with Karishma and has decided to correct his mistake and bring Karishma back home. Bhavani yells if he will ruin family’s dignity. Mohit says he had married Karishma and it would be his decision whether to continue his marriage with Karishma or not. Bhavani stands frowning. Next day, Sai visits temple to perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja.

Vinayak notices her, asks Virat to stop the car, and walks towards her when a car crashes him away. Virat wakes up from sleeping realizing its his nightmare and walks to sleeping Vinu. He thinks Sai will perform their alive son’s pooja, if it will have any bad effect on Vinu, he will not let anything happen to Vinu.

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