Destined by fate starlife update Monday 11 December 2023

Destined by fate 11 December 2023: Vikrant doesn’t notice Yash recording him hiding and leaves boutique after cleaning his dress looking in a mirror. Yash thanks him for alerting him on time and asks what shall they do next. Kanha says only god can help them. Yash says they can involve tailor in their plan and take his help. Rashmi looks at Saachi/Sayuri’s photo and thinks she is Sayuri’s replica, nobody will differentiate until she opens her mouth.Her baby starts crying. Indu rushes in and scolds Rashmi for getting lost in mobile not bothered about her baby. Rashmi shouts at her to take this baby away.

Destined by fate 10 December 2023

Indu feels worried for Rashmi and takes baby away. Rashmi thinks this woman cannot be Sayuri or else Kanha would have brought her home; she should concentrate on her baby and Nakul forgetting about Sayuri.Yash takes boutique lady to Kanha. Lady identifies Kanha as vlogger albela Kanha and says she has seen all his vlogs and is inspired by him, asks who is his inspiration. Kanha remembers Sayuri and says he wants her help to bring back his inspiration. She asks if she will lose her job. Kanha assures that she will be safe. Sayuri prays god to reunite her with Kanha soon. A flower falls down from god’s idol. Lady Boutique lady reaches. Vikrant refuses to let her in without seeing her face and asks her to go back and send someone else.

Rashmi emotionally manipulates Saroj with an oath that she will take care of her family well from hereon and will find a girl for Kanha and help him move on. Santosh feels happy. Daadi Mausi gets suspicious on Rashmi’s intentions. Rashmi thinks she will find a girl of her choice for Kanha and continue to rule on Chaudhry house.Boutique lady’s burqa veil flies away due to air. Vikrant notices her face,

apologizes her and tells Sayuri that a lady tailor has come to take her dress measurement. Kanha replaces lady and walks in. He slips and his veil moves away. Sayuri notices his face. Vikrant walks towards Kanha. Sayuri stops him and says lady will feel uncomfortable if he sees her face. Vikrant stops and asks her to help the lady. Sayuri covers back Kanha’s face with veil. Vikrant gets his mother’s call that Sayuri’s baby’s high fever is not subsiding even with medicine and asks him to come there right now. Vikrant asks lady/Kanha to take Sayuri’s measurement properly and leaves. Yash gets suspicious and follows him.

Kanha tries to remove his veil and speak to Sayuri. Sayuri stops him thinking Vikrant shouldn’t see his face via CCTV camera and shows her excitement for marriage. Yash messages Kanha that he is following Vikrant. Kanha thinks why Sayuri is acting weird. Vikrant feels happy seeing Sayuri excitement on CCTV camera, but then stops car noticing tailor lady wearing gent’s shoes and heads back towards home.

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