Destined by fate update Friday 23 June 2023

Destined by fate 23 June 2023: Saroj works in the kitchen cursing Sayuri and her family and accusing them of manipulating Kanha. Kanha writhes with stomachache. Sayuri insists him to accompy her to the doctor. He refuses. She goes to get a soda for him. Saroj thinks only a mother can understand her son’s pain, but Sayuri and her family are misusing Kanha’s innocence. Kusum comforts her. Sayuri feeds soda to Kanha.

Destined by fate 22 June 2023

Some falls on his shirt. He scolds her and burps. She laughs. He old her and shuts her mouth. They both then get into senses and feel awkward.Pihu decorates her hockey stick and praises Kanha for his help. Indu scolds her for seeking Kanha’s help and says she would have joined her training next month. Pihu says she didn’t seek his help and just shared her pain when he asked her. Indu says she shuoldn’t have done that. Rashmi says Kanha is a true gem.

Indu says she is worried that Saroj will create a big drama if she learns about it.Sayuri apologizes Kanha for upsetting Saroj and says Saroj doesn’t like him to visit her parents house, so he shouldn’t visit there. He says he will accompany her always as he doesn’t like anything without her, then feels awkward and asks her to bring soda to divert the topic. She does. He asks her not to bother about Saroj’s reaction.

Indrani/Indu tells Rashmi and Pihu how Saroj reacts and humiliates them if she finds about Kanha’s help, recallig the events. Pihu says Saroj will fight anyways as she is determined to fight with them, they will ask Sayuri to repay Kanha’s 40000 rs loan. Saroj enters and hearing their conversation starts humiliating them. Sayuri tells Kanha that she wants to win Saroj’s heart for the peace of both houses and build a cordial relationship with her. Kanha recalls childhood events where both families were together. Kanha praises Sayuri’ thinking and says they will set a shop of happiness at both houses. They both laugh. Kanha records blog praising Syuri.

Saroj continues humiliating Indu that she uses her daughters to run her family, etc. Indu asks her to stop and gives Balwant’s gifted gold chain to her. Kanha says Sayuri was her enemy before, but now she is his friend and he feels very much connected to her and cannot express his feelings for her, etc.

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