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Radha Mohan 22 June 2023: Gungun explains not just two of them but all three of them look really good together like a perfect family, Radha asks Gungun to come with her so leaves the hall.Damini rushes into the room thinking Gungun is hell bent in ruining her life so she is going to take care of her, Damini takes out the gun thinking she would put two bullets in Radha and the other two in Gungun,

Radha Mohan 21 June 2023

Kaveri is stunned seeing the gun so questions how did Damini get it when she replies she always tends to get what she desires and is going to kill anyone who comes in her way, Kaveri tries to threaten her saying first she would have to kill her, Damini with a smile on her face exclaims there are two extra bullets in the gun, Kaveri gets panicked mentioning she is a widow and helpless mother, Damini says these dialogues would work on someone else when Kaveri questions if anyone would kill her own mother, Damini replies she should not try to stop her since she can do anything for Mohan.

Kaveri exclaims she can kill everyone in the family but after that would not be able to marry Mohan, instead she will be thrown in jail and instead of the bangles in her wrists she will have the handcuffs, she will have to wear the clothes of the jail instead of this lehnga, Kaveri exclaims she has also warned her to not lose her senses in case of such problems.Ketki exclaims that Rahul has gotten so far ahead in the quarrel with Mohan that he is not able to understand what is better for Gungun as only Radha can be her mother, Rahul replies Ketki is not thinking about what is going on in this house and this is all an act.

Gungun in the room mentions she told the truth in front of everyone after mustering so much courage but no one paid any importance to her nor did they listen, Radha making her sit down questions why is she saying this since she heard everything which Gungun said, she called her as mother and when she felt the same feeling a mother would get when her child speaks for the first time. Gungun exclaims then Radha should become her mother which stuns Radha. Ketki replies to Rahul that whatever Radha does for Gungun can only happen when she considers the child as her own so why would anyone do something for a child, Ketki exclaims Radha is not a relative but she has taken all the responsibilities for a mother,

Ketki asks him to think why would anyone sleep on a wet bed, and risk their own lives for protecting the child and did he forget that Radha jumped in the bore well and even tried to bring Gungun up with her own hair, he should think the pain Radha felt but must think only a mother can do this, she is the aunt but even then might not be able to do it.Radha informs that Mohan is marrying Damini, Gungun mentions but she loves him so Radha replies he doesnot love her,

Gungun questions how does she know it, Radha explains it is a feeling so Mohan might have said it to her at least once and it is not necessary that they should stay together, Radha makes her swear that she will not tell anyone that she loves Mohan, Gungun leaves exclaiming she big words cause all the problems.Rahul stands up mentioning they are going to make him lose his mind, Ketki exclaims that she knows why Rahul is against the marriage of Mohan and Radha, because he cannot give the position of Tulsi Bhabhi to anyone else, she assures that only Radha is worthy to take the place of Tulsi Bhabhi,

she knows how much he loved her and is sure Tulsi Bhabhi would also want Radha to get married to Mohan and not Damini, Ajit also requests him to understand. Tulsi agrees mentioning only Radha can be the mother of Gungun and the wife of Mohan.Rahul recalls when he was sitting alone in the corner, Tulsi came asking him to eat but he refused because Mohan scolded him in front of anyone, Tulsi explained that those who scold them only desire their good and never want them to fail in their life,

Ketki explains Tulsi Bhabhi kept their relation strong but his friendship with Damini would cause them to lose all the relations and even their own, she assures they would surely convince everyone, Rahul thinks of the time when Mohan slapped him in front of everyone so leaves, Ketki informs Ajit that Rahul would not even understand when Damini would throw him away after using him for her own gains.

Radha is trying to stop Gungun but she doesnot listen, Damini stops her explaining that she must think about herself and that the work which she came here to finish has not ended, she wants to trap Mohan but it is not finished, Radha replies it is enough since she would not bear a word against her family and their upbringings, she did not say anything to Mohan because she has not been able to find any proof against her but if Damini is at fault then she would not let her get married to Mohan, Damini exclaims she can not be mad at Radha since she was not at fault but only Gungun is at fault and deserves a slap,

Radha replies she should not even think of harming her because even if she is not a mother she is just like her mother so would not think of anyone if Damini even tries to touch Gungun, Radha leave when Damini thinks she would not touch her but make sure she turns into ashes.Kadambari enters her room to see Mr Trivedi drinking, she questions why is he drinking when he left it, Mr Trivedi replies that when there is no hope in their family so why should he stop drinking, he was not able to say anything but Gungun said it today, Tulsi coming asks if he also thinks that Radha is perfect for Mohan.

Mr Trivedi exclaims the relation of Mohan and Gungun is finally getting better because of Radha and Gungun who did not even talk properly with anyone has started smiling with everyone in the family which is because of Radha, she today expressed his desire that Mohan should marry Radha and not Damini.Kadambari thinks of the threats that Damini gave her, she replies to it cannot happen as Mohan should only marry Damini, Mr Trivedi questions why can it not happen as Damini is her niece and she gave her vow, so she desires that he should ruin the life of Gungun and Mohan.

Kadambari replies even Mohan promised her and Damini desires to marry him. She says he should go and talk with Mohan himself, Mr Trivedi replies that she has ruined his relation with Mohan and he doesnot even talk properly with him when Kadambari assures she has never done anything of the sort but Mr Trivedi is not convinced saying she must not lie, as just as she has created differences between him and Mohan, Damini would also ruin the relation of Mohan and Gungun, Mr Trivedi falls on the sofa, explaining only Radha can protect this relation.

Mohan is staring at the portrait of Tulsi exclaiming she would have surely liked Radha, she is a just a little more dumb but is just like Tulsi as her heart has enough space for the entire world, Tulsi replies she knows it but the most space is occupied by Mohan, he exclaims Gungun for the first time explained she wants to live with him and he thought of giving her everything but how can he fulfill her demands, Tulsi requests him to think from his heart as then he would realize he also wants to marry her,

Mohan explains he can never repay Radha but he cannot ruin her life by marrying her and what about the promise which he made to Damini, he wonders how can he make two mistakes the same time.Damini walking in the hall thinks how Radha vowed to tell the truth to Mohan about how much she loves him and she would not let her get married with Mohan if she is at fault, Damini thinks that worthless girl is challenging her but she would not kill her so easily but make her burn as she must see her death with her own eyes, Damini is really furious.

In the night Damini secretly enters the store from where she picks the kerosene, recalling how she asked Dulari to go and bring it from the delivery but at first Dulari refused to understand however agreed when she decided to reward him, Damini then signaled the person thinking the things required to end Gungun has finally arrived. Damini ties a rope around the lid of the bottle thinking she is going to light a lot more fire then Gungun.

Radha with Gungun asks if she would remember what she has told her, Gungun explains she is not that smart and might forget it however Radha assures she would remember it, Gungun signals her to turn back as Mohan is standing there, he recalls how Gungun mentioned they both should marry each other since they look good together, Gungun mentions she is still angry with them both but Mohan explains she would hear him play the flute otherwise would not be able to sleep.

Damini placing the kerosene thinks tonight would be the last time when Gungun sleeps as she will surely die, Gungun assures she has once again gotten brave so doesnot want to listen to the flute, Mohan threatens to wake her up by throwing water if she doesnot sleep properly, Damini recalls that Gungun feels pleased throwing water on other people but today she would also feel the same but will not get wet with water. Mohan apologizes for what happened today, Radha asks why does he keep apologizing as they should let go of what happened,

Mohan thinks that Chanchal Sharma and the lawyer would not come in the rest of the functions so it would not be a problem but he is just thinking how weird it would have been for Radha, since she was forced to sit in his Haldi function and even perform all the rituals, Mohan once again apologizes when she asks him to let go of it, he leaves wishing her Good night. Gungun hugs Radha asking if she should tell Mohan that Radha really loves Mohan and wants to marry her, Radha tries to catch Gungun but she is not able to and so they both keep running,

Damini also pours talcum powder on the floor thinking how Gungun also did the same to her and now she would play the prank o Gungun.Damini lighting the Diya thinks everything which she learned from her is now coming in hand so she is going to end the child of this house, Kaveri is worried asking what about the ghost when Damini assures how Guru maa said that since Tulsi died from fire she would not have any strength and this time would not be able to protect Gungun, Kaveri praises Mata Rani.

Radha is trying to stop Gungun but after a while she stops following her, Gungun questions if she has gotten mad at her so Radha replies that she has hurt her a lot today, so she is going to make the chocolate milk. Gungun threatens to tell everyone how much she loves Mohan, Radha once again tries her best to catch Gungun, Tulsi thinks their behavior would not change so she decides to go and check on Mohan as he would also be worried.

Mohan is in the room when he sits down on the bed thinking Gungun is young, he cannot make her understand that they cannot ruin the life of Radha as she can never become her mother, Tulsi exclaims Gungun is young but not stupid and knows what is best for herself and even her father, but he is not able to understand the situation. Mohan wonders why he is feeling so tensed as if something bad is about to happen, he turning to Tulsi asks what she is looking at mentioning she would be resting, but they are facing a new problem each day. Mohan mentions the last time he got this feeling, Tulsi died but he doesnot know what might happen today.

Mohan wonders if the mother of Tulsi wins the case and manages to take Gungun away from him, he would surely die without her. Tulsi replies to the solution to all these problems is in front of him, Radha and her mother would also realize that she will love Gungun like her own daughter.Damini ad Kaveri are waiting for Gungun to fall from the talcum powder but she jumps over it however Radha while running falls from it, she even sprains her ankle so starts screaming, Gungun comes back asking if she hurt herself when she mentions that her ankle has swollen so she would go and bring the first aid box to apply the ointment that Radha used. She mentions it is in the kitchen. Damini thinks now the drama would start.

Gungun tries her best to open the door but it is stuck, she uses all her strength to open it causing the kerosene to fall over her body, she screams when the bottle falls in front of her. Radha notices that there is something wrong so decides she would have to check but she is not able to stand.Gungun thinks it is a really awful smell, Damini mentions it is of her death so she must never come in front of her in any generation, Damini thinks just as the Diya would light the rope it is also going to cause her to burn in the fire, Radha with all her strength is able to stand up.

Mohan sitting on the bed thinks what if Gungun is not able to sleep without the flute, he decides to go and check on her.Gungun is searching for the first aid box in the kitchen when one of the rope burns from the Diya, and it after a while falls on the floor, Gungun sees the fire erupting on the floor and is so perplexed that she is not even able to move, Damini starts smiling seeing her getting scared. Radha manages to reach the kitchen which worries Damini as Gungun is running around the kitchen,

Radha is able to pick her up and they both sit on the counter, Gungun calls to her mother for help, Tulsi thinks there is some problem and Gungun needs their help, Tulsi is stunned to see Radha and Mohan in the sire, she recalls the day she died and tries her best to help them but she also falls on the floor calling Mohan. Radha assures she is with Gungun so nothing would happen to her. Damini thinks the fate is on her side as both Radha and Gungun would die today.

The fire alarm in the house start which worries Mohan, the entire family immediately run and Ketki asks Mohan if there is any fire but he doesnot know anything. Radha manages to stop the fire.Kadambari questions Mohan what is going on and he replies he would check when he notices Gungun screaming, he runs with all his might. Damini exclaims Gungun yelled so loudly so they have to run away.Mohan is stunned to see Gungun, she keeps asking him for help when he recalls how Tulsi also died in the fire and he was not able to do anything, Mohan is perplexed when Ketki asks him to do something, he just keeps thinking about the things which everyone said to him in the past that he killed his own wife,

Kadambari instructs Rahul to bring the fire extinguisher. Damini coming from behind acts as if she is worried so wonders how this fire started, Kaveri keeps exclaiming that she really loves Gungun and will commit suicide if anything happens to her.Gungun once again asks Mohan to help her but Radha replies he must not jump inside since the fire is erupting even more, Ketki and Ajit manage to brig a bucket of water, Damini gets worried thinking her plan would fail, she throws the bucket which angers Kadambari, Ketki questions why did she cause the entire water to fall.

Radha notices the fire coming on the shelf so she starts putting it out with her own hands, Mohan notices her but she keeps on doing it, Tulsi exclaims that he must protect his new family, Mohan manages to jump in the fire which scares everyone, he is able to reach Gungun and Radha.

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