Destined by fate update Thursday 22 June 2023

Destined by Fate 22 June 2023: Kanha watches Sayuri playing with her siblings and smiles. Sayuri feels shy and runs behind him. They both play with pillow. She holds his collar, and they both look into each other’s eyes. She then gets conscious and leaves from there shyingly. Tu Zaruri Sa Hai Mujhko Zinda Rehneke Liye… song plays in the background. Nakul joins Suyuri’s family, and they all enjoy snacks and juice in the lawn.

Destined by fate 21 June 2023

Saroj notices his sons mingling with Sayuri’s family and feels disheartened.Indu gets emotional, goes aside, and cries. Sayuri notices that and asks what happened to her. Indu says she is missing her husband as Kanha tried fulfill a father/brother’s responsibility towards Pihu. She recalls how Balraj used to tackle their problems easily and suggests Sayuri that life has given her a second chance and she shouldn’t lose it and fall in Kanha’s love.

She describes Kanha’s good qualities and asks her not to stop herself falling in Kanha’s love, etc. Sayuri stands thinking.Saroj smiles thinking she will prepare Kanha and Nakul’s favorite food, recalling them having snacks at Indu’s house. Kanha notices Sayuri lost in thought and jokes that she is standing like a statue. She nervously says she will serve tea. Kanha asks why can’t he see tea. She tries to prepare tea. He asks what happened to her, why is she behaving weird. Sayuri realls Indu’s words.

Tej and Devraj notice Saroj arranging lots of dishes on the dinning table. Saroj says she prepared children’s favorite dishes. Tej says they will have food in a hotel then. Saroj says its for everyone. Sayuri and Kanha head towards home. Kanha feels uneasy after operating. Sayuri suggests him to have some ajwain/carrom seeds. Kanha says it won’t help as he feels like his stomach will explode anytime. She acts nervous recalling Indu’s suggestion.

Kanha asks what did Indu say. Sayuri says she will later. Their nok jhok starts. Saroj tongue lashes Sayuri for being too casual with her husband.Saroj tells Kanha that she prepared his favorite dishes. Kusum says Saroj cooked under heat for 3 hours to prepare Kanha’s favorite dishes. Kanha agrees to have food. Sayuri feels worried for him thinking his health will deteriorate if he eats more. Saroj throws tantrum, accuses Kanha of getting fond of his sasural, yells at Sayuri and leaves.

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