Destined by fate starlife update Friday 29 December 2023

Destined by fate 29 December 2023: Nakul questions Rashmi where she had gone lying to him. Rashmi easily manipulates Nakul with her emotoinal drama and shows couple Shimla trip tickets for him. She recalls how she sensed Nakul’s insecurities and booked tickets to fool him. Nakul falls for her trick and apologizes her. Rashmi fills poison in his mind for Mausi Daadi, Indu, and rest of the family. Nakul says nobody hates her and goes to get her favorite ice cream. She realls Vikrant catching her red handed and thinks she doesn’t have any risk from Sayuri as she is stuck with Vikrant who will take her to Gujrath after marriage.

Destined by fate 28 December 2023

Sayuri gets ready for her wedding and thinks she is getting ready for Kanha and will play a last game for Kahna and Mithu’s sake. She prays god to reunite her with Kanha and Mithu. Kanha talks to Yash over phone. Yash asks him not to worry as he will reach temple on time with police and rescue Sayuri and Mithu on time. He says he is happy that Kanha will get back his family. Kanha prays god to send Sayuri back home soon. He joins family’s pooja. Santosh performs shows aarti to every one.

Kanha says he is going on some important work and needs both god and her blessings. Santosh blesses him followed by other elders.Vikrant looks at Sachi’s mangalsutra and thinks she had to die so that he can get new Sachi, now he will fix this mangalsutra in Sayuri’s neck. Faiba calls him and says she and Mithu are ready and will reach temple. Vikrant asks her to wait till he informs her location and time. Sayuri prays god to protect her from Vikrant.

She imagines Kanha in groom’s sherwani and feels happy. Kuku shakes her. She gets out of her imagination. Vikrant says she is looking very beautiful and takes her to temple. Sayuri is shocked to see a different temple.Kanha waits for Sayuri and Vikrant outside temple and learns that temple is closed for 2-3 days. He thinks where Vikrant would have taken Sayuri. Rashmi watches him hiding. Sayuri asks Vikrant which temple is this and why did he change the location.

Vikrant says this is a famous temple and the other one is closed for repair work, it doesn’t matter to them as they will have a simple wedding without any photos or celebration. Sayuri gets tensed.

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