Destined by fate starlife update Friday 15 December 2023

Destined by fate 15 December 2023: Kanha informs Yash that Vikrant has fixed CCTV cameras inside the house to spy on Sayuri and Kuku. Yash is shocked to hear that. Kanha says its good that he took lady tailor’s help and could learn about Vikrant’s plan, he wants to know what Sayuri is hiding. Yash asks him not to worry as they will surely find out the reason and expose Vikrant. Rashmi pays Vidya for impressing Chaudhry’s.

Destined by fate 14 December 2023

Vidya says its a less amount than promise. Rashmi says she should continue to impress Chaudhry’s and elope just before marriage. Vidya says why would she do that, even she wants to settle down in life like Rashmi. Rashmi says does not lose her position in Chaudhry house and wants to continue to rule the house alone. Nakul walks to her. Rashmi gets tensed thinking if he heard their conversation.

Nakul says she forgot her mobile. Rashmi introduces Vidya as a girl family selected for Kanha.Vikrant gets his Faiba’s call who informs that Sayuri’s baby is severely ill and still unconsolable. He tells Faiba that he sent medicines via someone and baby will be fine soon. Faiba says medicines won’t work and baby needs mother’s care. Vikrant says he can’t send Sayuri there. Sayuri overhears him and pleads him to let her speak to her baby at least. Vikrant agrees and video calls Faiba.

Sayuri emotionally chats with her baby and sings a lullaby Chandaniya Chupa jaana re.. for her. Baby calms down and sleeps. Sayuri hears an azaan in the background and a construction company label. Vikrant disconnects call.Kanha meets Yash and tells him that Sayuri couldn’t even speak to him today, he wants to know what is bothering and holding her from leaving Vikrant. Yash says he asked his policeman friend to find Vikrant’s criminal background, surely they will find something.

Sayuri serves food to Vikrant. Vikrant says he will feed her from his hand. Sayuri refuses and requests him to let her meet her daughter as she is worried for her daughter’s health. Vikrant says he will go and personally check her daughter tomorrow. Sayuri continues to show her concern. Vikrant gets angry and refuses to let her meet her daughter until their marriage.

Nakul gets emotional looking at his and Kanha’s photo. He recalls the bond between them. Rashmi notices him and asks if he is missing Kanha. Nakul expresses his desire to reconcile with Kanha. Rashmi says she would be happy if he does that, but he shouldn’t compromise on his dignity as everyone will consider him as kid again and will not give him a respect he deserves and earned with his hard work over a year. She continues to manipulate him against Kanha.

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