This is fate update Wednesday 3 January 2024

This is fate 3 January 2023: Priyanka helps Rakhi make Preeta lie down on the bed, she leaves after getting a call from Anjali so asks if she is fine, Anjali explains that some criminals have kidnapped her but she managed to crack a deal with them so is Priyanka fine, she explains there is a problem here because Rkahi found Preeta and is trying to wake her up so she would reveal the entire truth,

This is fate 2 January 2024

Anjali advises Priyanka should tell Preeta that she has left the Mandap as she understood that Arjun does not love her, Priyanka asks if she actually does not want to marry him, Anjali replies that it is certainly not the case as this would only give her a little time to sort things out, Priyanka entering the room advises Rkahi to sprinkle some water on her as then she might wake up, Rakhi leaves to bring water when Priyanka mentions

she could have brought it from the bathroom, she quickly manages to wake Preeta explaining that Anjali is her friend so she did it all for her, she explains that Anjali loved Arjun a lot but now she has realized that love does not happen from just one side so she should go, Preeta asks if Priyanka wants her to accept what she is saying when she tried to harm her so is not trustworthy, Priyanka explains the entire family is really happy and if she says anything then it would really ruin the function, she advises Preeta can say it after a day or two. Rakhi is glad seeing Preeta is awake,

Priyanka explains even she was unconscious in this room but felt that someone hit her so what happened to her, Rakhi explains that she was really worried for her, Preeta informs that the criminals might have sprinkled something here because of which she fell, Rakhi hugs Preeta who explains they should go to the Madnap as everyone would be waiting. Rakhi instructs Preeta to go to the Mandap while she would bring a drink for her.

Preeta gets scared seeing the criminals walking towards her, Priyanka also questions where is she going when they all force her out of the house and are about to take her out of the house, Anjali instructs them all to stop, she walks straight to Preeta instructing them to behave a little nicely with her since she is wearing the wedding dress, because she knows how heavy the dress is, Preeta recalls when Anjali explained she will marry Arjun and only the bride is going to change.

Preeta asks what does she think that if she marries Arjun after sitting in her place then does she think Arjun would love her, Anjali replies that he does love her, everyone can see the relation as she mentioned even her sister and Dadi felt that there is something between her and Arjun. Preeta advises her to wake up from her dreams as she herself said that she loves Arjun but is just one sided, Anjali replies that she did say she loves him but now knows Arjun also loves her,

but Preeta came in between otherwise he would realized his feelings. Preeta asks if Anjali really thinks she came in between them both, when Anjali asks if Preeta thinks she came between them, Preeta replies it is not the case because no one can come between their relation and Bhagya played a game with them both but they have met once again, Anjali replies that she has already said she would be the one to get married with Arjun. Preeta replies that Arjun is her Suhag and would not marry anyone other then her, Anjali says whenever the love and Suhag come in front of each other then the love wins, Preeta asks if she doesn’t know the strength there is in a Suhag.

Preeta tries to run away but Anjali hits her on the leg causing her to fall, she asks why is Preeta wasting her energy when the relation which she had with Arjun is going to end as she already informed Preeta that she is the only one who has the right to be with him and he will become her Suhag, Preeta angrily slaps Anjali explaining that such women who call other peoples husbands as their own have no importance but are just the second women who do not have any right, Anjali angrily says she is the love of Arjun, Preeta replies that her relation with Arjun is of lifetimes.

Shristhi is sitting in the room when Dadi comes turns to leave, Shristhi gets sad asking her to come in, Dadi questions what has happened to her btu Shristhi assures that everything is fine, Dadi asks for how long has she been living in this house as the wife of Sameer, Shristhi starts counting when Dadi explains that she has been married for six years, Dadi explains she just wants to say she knows Shristhi really well and her tension can be seen, so what has happened. Shristhi asks her if there is any problem with her, Dadi cannot understand it and informs she has a lot of problems, Shristhi explains Dadi should scold Sameer as he is no romantic with her and she must advise him to take care of her and fulfill all her desires,

Dadi explains he really loves her but does not say it, Shristhi explains that Dadi should just scold him that he should take care of her or take her to a candle light dinner, Dadi explains she will do it tomorrow but they must first find a place to scold him, Shristhi hugs Dadi expressing that she really loves her.Preeta explains that she has already married him twice which means they have completed fourteen circles but now she will marry him once again so her relation is much stronger which someone like Anjali can never break, Anjali asks if she actually believes Arjun is Karan as she is making a very big mistake and some papers cannot prove the truth, Anjali informs their family was not able to over come from the trauma but this does not prove to be the truth, Preeta asks if Anjali thinks she considers him as Karan because of the fingerprint,

Preeta reveals she felt it since the day she met him but was waiting for when her soul so when she felt it then accepted the truth, Anjali angrily wars her to not talk about true love in front of her, Preeta explains that no women can come and stop their marriage, she explains Anjali is just his friend rather his enemy which he would realize one day and oust Anjali from his life. Anjali instructs the men to take Preeta away, explaining she would be going to her husband Arjun, Shristhi stops Anjali at the door threatening she ahs a gun and would kill Anjali, Dadi also angrily instructs them to leave her, Dadi exclaims she would teach them a lesson and taking them all to the door they manage to handcuff them at the door, Preeta running back to Anjali furiously slaps her due to which she is stunned.

Kritika informs Arjun that she is really happy, he says he knows it but she mentions he does not know anything, she asks if he remembers the first meeting when they both met, he replies he does remember when Kritika explains she doesn’t want to feel weird but when they first met she felt as if she had a relation with him and she even felt as if he was her Karan bhai, she hugs him explaining that she feels as if he is her brother, Arjun replies but this means they both are related. Kritika is shocked seeing Sherlin, she goes to her asking if she is with Prithvi, Arjun explains she is with him and even helped him regain consciousness along with arranging the band members which is why they both were able to switch Prithvi in the Mandap,

Kritika thanks Sherlin for helping Arjun, Prithvi coming from behind exclaims it is the first time when the ex-wife is thanking a current wife, Arjun asks how did he get out asking if Sherlin did not lock him, Prithvi questions why would she lock him when she has always been on his side, he exclaims he would then side Arjun while taking his place with Preeta je on the Mandap.Anjali asks Preeta why did she slap him, she replies she would slap him again if she tries to claim her husband as her own, Anjali asks how would she change the face of Arjun even if she proves that he is Karan, she will feel as if he is a stranger, Dadi angrily explains that she would slap her a lot if she tries to misbehave with her daughter in law, Anjali angrily replies they have ganged up on her and are trying to ruin things for her,

she demands Shristhi should reveal the gun, Shristhi takes out her hand from under her dupatta seeing which Anjali is shocked, they all manage to tie Anjali who informs that now she is making a very big mistake.Arjun questions why is Sherlin supporting Prithvi when he is on the wrong side, Kritika also tries to explains that Prithvi is marrying Preeta in front of her, Sherlin asks what problem does she have with it, Prithvi explains that Kritika still has feelings for him which is why she cannot see him marry someone else, Kritika angrily slaps Prithvi due to which Sherlin is shocked, Prithvi tries to raise his hand on her but Arjun stops him, Kritika asks if he is shocked that the humble Kritika Luthra slapped him,

she explains he should know she is his ex but she would never slap someone whom she loves, she explains that she used to love him and argued with her own family for him but he deceived everyone, Sherlin angrily exclaims that she would not hear even a single word, Prithvi stops explaining even he got emotional after hearing what Kritika said as only those who love someone can say such things, Prithvi asks if she feels he would be effected by such emotional words but he accepts he is a very bad person, he reveals Sherlin felt bad and he is not able to bear it so would really hurt them, he explains now he would go and sit with Preeta on the Mandap while Kritika should leave since she is not that intelligent,

Prithvi explains he will handle Arjun, when he asks Prithvi how is he going to handle him, Prithvi goes to push Arjun but he in turn starts beating Prithvi so they both get into a fight, Prithvi hitting Arjun explains Preeta will always belong to him, Arjun angrily pushing Prithvi to the corner explains that he should not say even a single word against Preeta. Sherlin seeing the opportunity throws a to Prithvi which he hits on the head of Preeta.

Prithvi pushing Arjun on the floor explains this is how he would handle Preeta along with the entire Luthra family, Preeta hits Prithvi on the head with a bat when Sherlin rushes to help him, Preeta explains that no one is capable off wronging the Luthra’s or even Arjun, Shristhi slaps Sherlin threatening to call the police if they do not leave, Sherlin apologizes assuring they would leave. Dadi mentions they all must go downstairs s the Madnap is ready, Sameer is calling the security, Sherlin is shocked seeing the blood in the hands of Prithvi.

Arjun and Preeta both are walking down the stairs, kavya starts smiling so she goes to stand between them both while holding their hands, the entre family is smiling as Preeta and Arjun walk to the Mandap. Arjun takes the hand of Preeta helping her get on the Mandap, they both sit down together while the entire family is rejoicing, pandit jee explains both the bride and groom should give their hands to each other, Preeta remembers the day when she got married to Karan for the first time, he advises them to fulfill the ritual. Arjun is also smiling while performing them, Kavya is smiling. Pandit jee asks them both to stand up for the Varmala,

Rakhi along with Kritika come to help Preeta, Shristhi explains she would raise Preeta so high that they would not be able to fulfill it, Sameer rushes to Arjun explaining he will do the same to him, they all start smiling when Arjun kneels in front of Preeta, Mahesh explains this is what they call romance. Dadi says he has from now accepted the orders of his wife.

Preeta smiling sees Karan in Arjun so performs the ritual of Varmala, everyone starts clapping, Arjun also completes it after which pandit jee asks them both to sit on their position, he applies the Tika on them both when pandit jee asks the mother of the groom to come ahead for the Gantbnadhan, Rakhi blesses them both, pandit jee instructs them to stand up for the ritual of circling, the entire family is throwing flowers on them both as the keep performing the ritual. The entire family rejoices when Preeta thinks that after so many problems the Kundali has assured they both become one once again. Preeta is smiling.

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