Destined by fate starlife update 2 February 2024

Destined by fate 2 February 2024: Chaudhrys perform pooja in a temple. Chaman in Chaudhry haveli thinks she will rule over chaudhry haveli soon and will enjoy feast with Kanha. Saroj worries for Nakul. Daadi Mausi says he will come, she should concentrate on pooja.

Nakul befriends a pr*stitute and pays her money for listening to his sorrows. He notices Saroj’s multiple missed calls and messages her back. Chaman gets tensed when door bell rings and thinks if Sayuri returned not finding her at temple. She opens door and relaxes seeing Tingu. Tingu brings men and tempo to loot Chaudhry haveli.

Kanha asks Saroj to check where is Nakul. Saroj gets Nakul’s message that he will change clothes and reach temple soon. Sayuri asks Saroj to ask Nakul to check if everything is alright at home. Nakul reaches temple and informs that he had clothes in car, so he got ready in car itself. After pooja, Sayuri asks Nakul that she suspects Chaman and asks him to check her video and see if he can recall anything about her. Nakul plays video which takes time to play.

Kanha returns to them and offers them prasad. Sayuri says she’s showing Chaman’s video to Nakul. Video plays. Nakul is shocked to see Chaman’s face and asks what is this woman doing in their house, she is a sardar/head of that tribe and is a psycho woman. Kanha says they had met an old woman who was sardar. Nakul says she met even him and Rashmi as an old woman first and describes her psychotic behavior.

Kanha says she behaved well at home. Nakul says she is just acting. Chaman dances with Tingu and aides and plans how she will outst Chaudhrys from their house. Sayuri says Chaman fooled them easily. Kanha says he should have listed to Sayuri’s intuition.

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