Curse of the sands update Thursday 29 July 2021

Curse of the sands 29 July 2021:Mohini calls DK/Dayimaa and Kali. Kali/Siya gets tensed that Mohini will see Vanraj’s dead body. Dayimaa asks not worry about Vanraj and to go and meet Mohini first. Kali rushes out. Jhumri runs to Bindu and cries that Kali killed Vanraj. Bindu also cries.

Jhumri takes her to show Vanraj’s dead body. Kali meets Mohini and asks if she called her. Mohini asks where is Rana. Kali says she does not know. Mohini asks where is her husband and why did not she inform that he is narpashu. Dayimaa says even Kal didn’t know about it. Mohini asks to call her husband as he will kill Rana. Kali walks in with Dayimaa. Jhumri brings Bindu and slaps Kali saying she killed Vanraj. Kali apologizes Bindu. Bindu says she does not have to as Vanraj had become a ruthless animal.

Jhumri runs away shouting she will not spare Kali and inform truth to Mohini. She locks door from outside, runs to Mohini and says Kali killed Vanraj. Kali breaks door and rushes there with Dayimaa and Bindu. Bindu says Jhumri is lying. Mohini slaps Jhumri and walks away saying she needs to find Rana first.

Jhumri runs behind Mohini again threatening to inform her who Kali is. She stops Mohini and says Kali killed Vanraj and she is… Vanraj slaps her and warns to dare not speak ill about Kali. Jhumri rejoices seeing Vanraj alive. Mohini sees blood on Vanraj’s body and thinking he must have killed Rana pulls sword and is about to behead him when Rana enters and stops her and says when he was traveling in jungle, a tiger attacked him and Vanraj saved him.

Mohini realizes tiger must be Vanraj. Kali also realizes same. Rana warns Mohini dare not to touch Vanraj and leaves. Mohini walks behind him and informs that Vanraj is cursed to kill Rana. Rana says he does not believe it and when he is not afraid of Mohini, why will he get afraid of Vanraj. He reminds her promise to free him and asks when will she free him. She says she needs time. He asks till when. She says till Kali’s wedding at least. Rana leaves.

Vanraj walks to Kali that fate wants them to unite, so he is alive again. Kali warns that she will kill him again. Vanraj says he will kill Jhumri if she ever tries that. Kali pleads to spare Jhumri. Vanraj says Jhumri is fighting between life and death and if Kali tries to act oversmart. Jhumri is seen hanged with a support under her feet.

Kali tells Mohini that she does not want to live here and wants to live in her own house after marrying Vanraj. She applies haldi on Mohini and says it is her wedding’s first ritual. She then shows haldi to Rana and says it is Kali’s haldi. Mohini says she is happy for her and asks Maya if she invited guests. Maya stammers.

Mohini says she will make Kali’s wedding a grand affair that whole desert will remember for years. She dances on Mujhe Rangde…song. Vanraj laughs looking at Kali while Rana feels sad reminiscing Kali’s concern and love for him. Mohini signals Bindu to apply haldi on Kali and Rana and Vanraj to dance. Vanraj dances while Rana stands looking at Kali. Once ritual completes, Mohini reminisces Rana and Kali’s reaction, Dayima and Bindu walking awaym, etc.., and thinks something is really wrong and she needs to find out.

Dayimaa informs Bindu and Kali that she via black magic could not find where Vanraj has kept Jhumri. Bindu asks why Vanraj kidnapped Jhumri. Kali reveals she is Siya, so Vanraj is blackmailing her to marry him by kidnapping Jhumri. Bindu’s overacting starts and she curses Bindu that even after Jhumri being so beautiful, Vanraj is behind ugly Kali; she lost her daughter, then her husband, then son and now Jhumri because of Siya. Dayimaa assures Bindu to find out Jhumri somehow.

Rana walks to Bindu and confronts her for her betrayal. Their verbal spat continues. Mohini questions Maya, but Maya nervously says Rana loves only beautiful Mohini and not ugly Kali, Rana is not Ram and Kali is not Siya, so she need not worry. Mohini thinks when there are many enemies, there will be more excitement killing them.

Kali confronts Radha and asks if he does not want to say anything. He says no. Vanraj interferes. Rana leaves. Vanraj is seen hiding Jhumri in kitchen cabinet. He returns to Kali and applying haldi on her cheeks warns that he does not like her going near Ram and if she does it again, he will kill Jhumri. Kali walks to Rana and asks how can he see a stranger touching her. Rana says Vanraj is her husband and he has right to touch her. Rana leaves.

Fire catches in Kali’s room. She calls Rana for help. Rana enters and seeing Kali stuck in fire calls her Siya and collapses. Mohini enters and setting off fire asks Kali to leave. She walks away. Mohini then looks at Rana and thinks he never lets him go near her, but does let Kali. Rana wakes up calling Siya. Mohini asks what did he say. He says he called Siya instead of Kali when he went to save her, who is Siya. Mohini says she does not know. Once Rana leaves, Mohini thinks she needs to find out why Rana took Siya’s name, he ruined all her sacrifice made for him.

Kali converses with Bindu, Dayimaa, and Maya and says they need to do whatever they can and should find where Vanraj has hidden Jhumri as they searched whole palace and could not find her. Once they leave, Vanraj enters and calls Kali as Smt. Siyia Vanraj Singh. Kali says she is always Smt. Siya Ram Singh Sisodia and forcef relationships always fail. Vanraj challenges that she will apply his sindoor and accept her. Kali challenges that she will kill him and then get back to her Ram forever.

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