Curse of the sands update Wednesday 28 July 2021

Curse of the sands 28 July 2021: Mohini walks into Vanraj’s room and asks when Kali is his wife, why she hates him so much. Vanraj nervously says they fought. Mohini says so much that she slapped him. He says yes. She asks if they met before. He nervously says no.

She asks not to lie, he is Raj Jyotish’s son. He nervously nods yes. She asks how did old man die. He says poison. She asks if he poisoned his father, else how can a son think of marriage immediately after father’s death. Vanraj says he just wants to get back his wife. Mohini says he will have a surprise soon and leaves. Vanraj thinks this chudail is using her brain too much. Mohini brings Bindu and Jhumri home, reminiscing Kali suggesting to call Vanraj’s family if she wants to know truth.

Kali thanks her for calling Vanraj’s family and now she will know truth. Bindu asks Vanraj to stop drama and take his wife Kali from here. Kali asks Bindu what is she telling. Mohini stops her and says Kali will not go before Vanraj and Kali’s wedding. Kali asks Bindu why did she lie. Bindu walks away with Jhumri silently. Vanraj smirks reminiscing hearing Kali and Mohini’s conversation and threatens Bindu and Jhumri to kill them if they don’t lie.

Mohini walks reminiscing Vanraj’s nervousness and Kali’s hatred for Vanraj and thinks of knowing truth. She senses Vanraj nearby and disappears. Vanraj keeps his hand on sword by mistake and injures it but heals instantly. Once he leaves, Mohini reappears and tasting Vanraj’s blood realizes he is half human and half animal, that means Raj Jyotish did not kill his cursed son. She feels weak and thinks of meeting Rana.

She walks towards living room and sees Vanraj and Rana sword fighting and Vanraj overpowering Rana. She turns Vanraj’s sword on himself. Rana pleads to spare Vanraj as they were just practicing, Vanraj is not an enemy. Mohini says nobody knows when a friend becomes enemy. Vanraj thinks chudail is doubting him. Mohini says she wants to speak to Rana.

Rana walks with her and asks if they can talk about his freedom. Mohini says she is feeling weak and they can speak later. Rana leaves. She feels severely ill and using her black magical powers finds out that she incurred chudail rog and got it via Vanraj’s blood. She vomits blood and thinks she has to remove Vanraj blood completely from her body soon and kill him.

Mohini thinks narpashu Vanraj’s blood is so dangerous that it gave her chudail rog, she has to kill Vanraj cleverly. Kali asks Dayimaa why Bindu and Jhumri lied, she should inform them her true identity. Dayimaa says she should not, else her mission will be in trouble. Kali says she will speak to them at any cost. Jhumri tells Bindu that she will kill Kali. Bindu says not to do that mistake as Kali is Mohini’s nazar battu and Vanraj’s crazy love.

Jhumri says she will speak to her at any cost. Kali walks in and says she can speak now, confronts them why they lied. Jhumri alleges that she did black magic on Vanraj and grabbed him. Kali warns her to mind her tongue. Jhumri forcefully tries to fight with her. Kali strangulates her and warns to be in her limits, she does not know who she is.

Bindu stops Kali and slapping Jhumri asks why she is fighting for Vanraj who killed his own father. Kali shatters hearing that and emotionally says Raj Jyotishji was also like her father. Bindu reveals rest of story how Vanraj threatened her and Jhumri. Kali walks away saying she will set things right.

Dayimaa tries to attack Vanraj wiht with a knife. Vanraj holds her and warns that if she is ghagra paltan chudail, even he is narpashu, she cannot dare even touch him. Kali walks in next and confronts Vanraj. Vanraj says she was his friend, but went back to Rana and is trying to turn him back as Ram. His emotional speech continues. Kali also acts as getting emotional. Vanraj says they will leave this place and start a new life far away. Kali says he is right and stabs him repeatedly with a knife. Jhumri notices it and realizes that Kali is Behramgarh’s queen Siya and she killed Rana, she will not spare Siya. Dayimaa enters and says they should hide Vanraj’s body from Mohini and Maya soon. Mohini calls Kali, DK, Maya and others..

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