How to Activate big brother season 6 on Gotv and Dstv

The big brother season 6 kicked off on 24th July 2021 and is available to both Dstv (Channel 198) and Gotv subscribers (channel 29).

For Gotv, you have to be on the Jollie subscription and above to enjoy the program, while DStv subscribers from Yanga and above are eligible.

Unfortunately, most Gotv subscribers have been pensive because they cannot find the channel on their decoders, this is because the channel is a Pop-up channel and not part of the the regular day to day channels.

To get the channel on your decoder, you  simply have to re-scan the decoder so it can show up. Not to worry as we can help with that:

How to activate Big Brother naija on Gotv.

  • Click the menu button on your Gotv remote
  • Scroll down to advanced options from the drop down menu
  • Click on Installation, press OK button
  • Then scroll to Automatic scan and click ok
  • Wait for the decoder to scan, channels needs to complete 75
  • After the scan, Tune to channel 29.

How to Activate big brother on Dstv

Dstv subscribers have less to worry about as the channel automatically gets added to their channel list. But in situations where it doesn’t, you simply have to reset the decoder and allow it rescan channels then it pops up. It is advisable to get the reset done by a dstv technician to avoid messing up the settings.


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