These Streets Update Thursday 29 July 2021

These Streets 29 July 2021: Everyone claps for Shan and Asmita. Ravindra says they look good together. Beauty says what a performance. Ravindra says calp for them. Nevi and Ridhoy are angry. Jamai says to Moushmi everything is going as per plan. Shan comes to RIdhoy. Nevi holds his hand and takes him from there.Ridhoy says I am angry. Nevi says I can understand. Shan comes and says I am sorry.

I had to do this. Nevi says felt like dancing all of a sudden? Ridhoy hugs SHan. He says no one else can do this. You saved her dignity. You are amazing you are a hero. Nevi says what? Is this what you were upset about? He says thanks for saving her. She was so worried. You saved her with your sense of time. Nevi is angry. Ridhoy says thanks. No one will ever come between us. I hope she accepts my proposal today. Nevi says why can’t ridhoy ever be mad at her? Nevi says Shan.. Do you have a problem with asmita and shan?

Puchki wears the dress and says I had to wear this dress that ridoy gifted because I don’t have an option.Ridhoy says is that true? He says mom he has a problem with every girl but I know he would like her. He just thinks I am being hasty. Ridhoy says even if you get to know her you will also fall in love with her. I wanna marry her. Shan says what? Nevi says whats the problem? Se is a good girl and Ridhoy likes her. I will go to he family and ask for her hand.

Ridhoy hugs her and says thank you ma. Nevi says I can’t let you come in between Ridhoy and Asmita Shan.The pooja starts. Ridoy sees Asmita in his given dress. He says thank you asmita. He is very happy. Ravindra says Shan come forward you will resign. Nevi takes arti adn does it with ridhoy.Ridhoy says to Asmita you look beautiful. Ravindra introduces Asmia to commissioner Khurana. He says I know her family. Shan wonders what family.

ridhoy says to Shan I gifted her this dress. Ridhoy says I think its a yes. Nevi says to ASmita you performed so well. we are glad you came to this pooja. You should have brought your parents. Nevi recalls her taunting in her childhood. Nevi says we will invite your parents officially. Ridhoy says we will have to Nevi says I ave to go. Nevi says take parsad you will love it. Shan says isn’t that for family only? You can leave. Nevi says she is Ridoy’s friend. She is our friend.

Nevi asks Ridhoy to take asmita for daan. Ravindra says shan you should go to.Nevi Ridhoy and asmita distribute gifts among them. Shan says in heart why are you so stubborn Puchki. Nevi takes Ridhoy and Asmita to the other side. Puchki sees Chanda in a veil. She stops Shan. Puchki says what is all this? Is there a secret that I don’t know of?Puchki says is there something that I can’t see here? Chanda takes shan outside. He says what are you doing.. Shan says what are you doing here?

Se says here to see my son. He says you knew.. She says a mother always knows. You are my blood. Won’t you hug me once? Shan says you shouldn’t have come here. You would never be invited. she says I know why you say that son. He says I am not your son. Go from here. I don’t wanna listen. She says listen.. You wont believe what happened after you went to London.. He says I have no relation with you. She says but you have a relation with your father Aru. Would you wanna hear about them? Shan is dazed.

Pooja starts Puchki wonders what is shan talking to Chanda about. Beauty says to Puchki wow you are a nice girl. Puchki says in heart you are the same beauty. Beauty says you remind me of my youth. Ravindra says ridhoy see her off to her car. Beauty says I will keep coming. She leaves. Nevi says to Puchki this gift is for you as a new beginning of friendship. Puchki says no. Her dupatta catches fire.Shan says what do you wanna say about papa? She says a secret tht had been hidden for ages.

Ridhoy sees her dupatta burning.. He shouts asmita… Shan shouts Puchki. Everyone is dazed. They both run towards her. Ridhoy falls. Nevi runs towards him. Shan throws her dupatta away. They both fall down and entire sindur fall on Puchki’s head. Nevi picks Ridhoy. She says are you okay. Ridhoy looks at them. Everyone asks Puchki if she is okay. They all praise shan for saving her. Ravindra wonders why did he call her Puchki. A girl says don’t remove this sindur. God has blessed your couple.

Shan is in his room. Puchki comes there. She holds his hand and says why did you call me Puchki.. He says I.. She says what? She says I want to know why you called me with that name. Nevi comes there clapping with Ravindra. He says what are you saying. Ravindra says Shan Asmita is asking you why you called her Puchki. I want to know. We all want to know. Shan says I panicked that name slipped from my tongue. I am wondering the same. He says I hate that name.

Beauty and Murli are hearing too. Beauty says we have to wait for the right time. Ravindra says did the old shan came back? Shan says he would never come back. Puchki says if you say so. Puchki says was she someone important? He says I dont’ wanna tell you anything. I hate that name. It wont happen again.Ridhoy hugs shan nd says thanks for saving her. What would have happened. I can’t do anything. I forget that I am empty. I am incomplete and handicapped. Shan says no you are not.

You are perfect. Come with me and sit here. Ridhoy says people always called me lame. They would hit me and ask me to chase them but I couldn’t. I want to be like you but I can’t hide my weakness. Sha says how can you say that. Ask me how perfect you are. He says asmita couldn’t die but I couldn’t save her. I realized how helpless I am. I am so useless. Why would she love? I recall everything. That insult.. Nevi hears and leaves crying. Shan says you are my life. You will get what you want.

Tell me what it is. Your happiness is mine. Shan hugs him. Ridhoy says thank you dad.Puchki sits under shower. She recalls what shan said, She is in tears.

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