These Streets update Wednesday 23 June 2021

These Streets 23 June 2021: Raindra says there are a lot of other hospitals. Aru says we don’t have time. Chanda puts a knife on Ravindra’s neck. She says I can do anything to save Shan’s life. Ravindra says how dare you. She says we keep it with us to protect ourselves. If you don’t let me save life of my son I will kill you right now. Move away now.

Puchki recalls her moments with Shan. She wakes up and gets off the bed. Nurse says stop Puchki. She says I have to meet my Shan. Nurse takes her back to bed. Puchki says I beg you please let me go. I want to see my Shan. Nurse says you can go once you are better.

Nevi says to Shan’s hoto the bullet had yor name. It was to make you handicapped like you made my son.

Police and media come. They ask Ravindra how he has a probelm in taking blood from a woman of Sona Kachi. Media claims his hypocrisy. He says I have nothing against Sona Kachi. I feel like she shot my grandson. The target was that girl and my son was vitimized too.

Puchki comes with the nurse. Puchki says Shan is not well and you are acting like kids. Why? Media asks him questions too. They ask him what the reality is. Reporter says it is about life or death why are you stopping this woman from saving a life.

Thaku ma watches it on TV. Se opens beauty. Beauty says I knew you would come. My mother is always nice to people. Thaku ma says rememer all this. I know you more than you know yourself. She says you have to do something for me. Pari Mehel is being defamed on TV. She tells her wat to do. Beauty says I will for sure do it. Thaku ma says I am sure you will.

Puchki puts Ravindra’s hand on her head and says tell us truth why are you stopping her? If you lie I will die. Everyone will know you lied. Ravindra says the gun shot was by this woman. I want her to be arrested. Puchki says that can’t happen. My bari ma can never do that. Please let her give blood. She will save Shan. Ravindra picks her and says for this girl I will let her. I trust her. He smiles and goes outside. Inspector leaves Chanda. He says this girl needs Chanda. This girl shouldn’t suffer. Chanda gives blood to Shan.

Puchki says to Ravindra thank you uncle. He leaves her hand and leaves.

Nevi looks at picture and says any mother would do anything to protect her kids. You handicapped my son. He will never have a normal life. You Sona Kachi born have to be imperfect too now. That bullet had your name to make you handicapped like you made my son. Incomplete. Moushumi’s husband comes in. Nevi says answer me. How could it miss

Scene 1
Nevi says to Jamai you couldn’t even shoot properly? Why didn’t you make Shan like my son? Till he is perfect, every day he lives is a burden on me. I want to make him incomplete too. That is what I owe to my son. Why didn’t you do what I asked. He says I was shooting but someone shoved me and it hit Shan and girl’s arm. He says but Shan might die. Nevi says he has to stay alive. In a condition that he wants death. He should be incomplete like he made my son.

He should also see the pain my son will feel. Lets see then who of these incomplete win then I wait for the day sir kicks him out of the house. After that I wont see his face again. Jamai says so much animosity? She says why would my son share all this wealth and name with that pr*stitute’s son.

Don’t kill him. Give him pain. He says I will do what you say. I am a dog, give giving me bone I will keep working for you. Poor shan.

Scene 2
Shan wakes up. Puchki says have water. He says go away from me. He shoves her. Puchki says why are you acting like this. He says dont’ touch me. Mummy was right. Sona kachi people are dirty. Because of you I am here. My family is this not Sona kachi. She says me? Bari ma? He says they were past. I have everything. Go from here. I have a new family now. He says nurse take her from here. Puchki says let me stay here pleaase. Nurse takes her from there. Shan recalls his moments with Puchki.
Aru says well done son. Thank you for listening to me.

Ravindra thanks media and says our son is better now. They ask about Puchki. He says that girl is better now. We will cover her expenses. Neel comes and says I am sure he will do everything for that girl right? Aru says thanks for ending this friendship. It was dangerous for both of you.

SHan says I will miss her so much. she always gets in trouble. How will she live without me papa. Aru says she will one you break her heart. He cries and says I can’t do ths. Aru says you are brave. She was shot today becaue of you. He life is more important that your friendship. Shan cries and says sorry puchki forgive me.

Reporter says just paying them money? Neel says no no he has agreed to get her admission in Shan’s school. Ravindra has has to nod. Puchki says to Chanda shan was very mad a me. Neel calls Puchki and says there is a good news for you. You will study in Shan’s school. Chanda says is that right? He says yes she will study in Shan’s school. This is a golden opportunnity for Puchki come to school. Chanda wonders if Thaku ma will allow. Puchki is very happy. She says I will come to you Shan.

Ravindra slaps Neel and says I am your father. You asked me all that in front of media. Don’t act smart in front of me. Neel says I don’t. I just converted your charity drama in reality. Ravindra says I had to say yes in front of media but I will make sure she doesn’t get admission there. I will leave those people from Sona kachi.

Thakur ma does pooja. She says you are popular in whole city Chanda. Chanda syas I wanted to talk to you. Puchki got admission in Shan’s school. Beauty says she wont go anywhere. Chana says please Thaku ma. Thaku ma says I will let you take her to school. Chanda says thank you. Thaku ma says just do something. When you take Puchki bring Shan here. If one kid goes other has to come.

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