Curse of the sands update Thursday 10 June 2021

Curse of the sands 10 June 2021: Siya wakes up at midnight and gets afraid not finding Ram next to her. Someone kidnaps her and takes her out. She gets angry seeing its Ram. Ram wearing tuxedo shows her shows her candle light dinner table outside.

She excitedly asks if it is valentine’s day. Ram says there is one more gift for her and showing western gown says he is bored of seeing her in Indian dresses and wants to see her in western wear. Siya walks towards dress when Mohini tries to attack her with sword. Siya gets afraid and asks what is she doing here, looks like everyone wants to give her heart attack. Mohini says Kunwar Saa/Ram ordered her not to leave Mohini alone even for a second. Ram says Siya is safe with him and she can relax. Mohini asks what are they doing. Ram says today is valentine’s day.

Mohini says she will get Siya ready for valentine’s day then. She gets Siya ready in beautiful gown and says let us go. Siya says its her and Ram’s valentine’s day. Mohini says Ram told not to leave her alone for even a second. Siya says she is with Ram, so she need not worry and walks away from there. Mohini thinks she is Ram’s 500-year-old love and will not let Siya’s few year old love take over her, she will spoil their romance. Dayimaa gets angry that Ram and Siya got a few private moments after a long time and chudail wants to spoil them.

Siya walks to Ram. Ram dances with her romantically on Jab Tak Zuban Pe Tera Naam hai…song…. Mohini walks around them jealously. After dance, Ram gifts Siya a beautiful necklace. Siya reminisces Dayimaa gifting her necklace and asking to smile whenever she looks at it. She rushes to her room dropping necklace.

Mohini picks necklace. Siya picks Dayimaa’s necklace from her cupboard and thinks what Dayimaa meant. Mohini takes Siya’s form wearing her necklace. Ram turning his back tells Siya to wear western dresses often to surprise him. Mohini hugs him. Dayimaa watches that via black magic and gets angry on Mohini. Ram cuts cake with Mohini/Siya with a romantic song in the background.

Siya thihnks what Dayimaa wanted to tell her and fixes diamond, neelam stone, and pearl in necklace. Stones turn their sequences repeatedly to Moti/pearl, heera/diamond, Neelam. She thinks what Dayimaa wants to signal her, realizes Ram’s necklace is missing, rushes to balcony, and is shocked to see Ram feeding cake to her replica and realizes Ram is with chudail

Siya is shocked to see her replica with Ram, feeding cake to him. She realizes it is chudail and walks towards her saying chudail will not be spared today. Ram continuing his romance with chudail goes aside to get something. Siya walks to her and says she brought her end by coming near Ram, Siya is Ram’s reality and chudail is a trick and doe snot have any right on Ram or his gifts. She snatches necklace from chudail. Chudail laughs and disappears. Ram returns to her.

Siya says Dayimaa did not want to kill her. Ram shouts she still worried about Dayimaa, what he does, she does not care. He walks away angrily while Siya tries to stop him. Chudail Mohini from balcony laughs on Siya. Siya challenges her to come in front and show her real face. Mohini goes to Dayimaa’s head and torturing

h er asks what did she give Siya that Siya is very confident now. Dayimaa says Siya has power of Ram’s love, whatever chudail does, Siya will catch chudail soon. Mohini orders her ghagra paltan team to keep an eye on Siya and inform her each movement.

Siya over phone speaks to someone explaining situation is going out of control and Ram does not want to listen to her, so she wants him/her to come here soon. She senses someone behind her and turns. Ghagra paltan team spying her disappears. Siya thinks why she feels someone is following her. She walks into her room and sees Ram there. Ram angrily goes to bed. Dayimaa does not see Mohini and her team and freeing head rushes towards haveli to inform Siya whole story. In haveli, Siya plays Acha ji mai haari…song..and tries to calm down Ram.

Ram acts angry at first, but then calms down and says her song choice was old, he will play new song. Dayimaa reaches till Siya’s room and knocks door calling her. Siya hears her voice and pushing Ram aside opens door, but sees Mohini instead. She asks Mohini if she heard Dayimaa’s voice. Mohini says no and walks holding a bag (with Dayimaa’s head in. Siya stops her and asks what is in this bag. Mohini nervously says nothing. Siya forcefully takes bag and sees watermelon instead of head. Mohini says gardener gave it and she was going to keep it. Siya asks why she is nervous then. Mohini turns again. Siya stops her seeing blood on floor and asks what is this color. Mohini says cut watermelon juice, she will lean it right now and walks away.

Mohini takes Dayimaa’s head back to her hide out and taking out watermelon pieces and then head yells at Dayimaa that she will not budge even after her being beheaded. Dayimaa says she can do anything, but she will not let her plan succeed. Mohini calls her ghagra paltan team member Mithiya, beheads her, and then disappears her head. She tells Dayimaa that she will use Dayimaa’s head on Mithiya’s body and will not let her use her brain.

Mohini tells Dayimaaa that Dayimaa’s head will be on Mithiya’s body and she will not be able to use her brain or act at all with her wish. Dayimaa gets a body and tries hard to move her body, but cannot. Mohini taunts her and says Dayimaa cannot do anything. She creates dog belt via magic and fixes it around Dayimaa. Dayimaa resists. Mohini ties belt to pillar and dayimaa to be like this till she returns. She returns to palace and tries to provoke Siya against Dayimaa. Siya warns her to mind her tongue as Dayimaa is like her mother. Mohini jokes to calm down and enjoy colorful romance with her husband. Siya asks her to get colors as she wants to draw rangoli.

Siya then draws rangoli and reminiscing Dayimaa’s gifts Mani/pearl, heera/diamond, neelam/blue stone, she writes same one by one with rangoli and thnks what Dayimaa wants to explain. Ram jogs in and steps on rangoli spoiling it. Siya gets angry and shouts at Ram why did he spoil Rangoli. He says even she spoilt his romantic mood last night and jobs towards his room. Siya is shocked to see Mohini on spoilt rangoli and realizes Dayimaa was trying to explain her this. Mohini walks towards her, but Siya rushes to her room tensed.

Siya walks to her room and reminisces Dayimaa giving necklace and asking to look at it whenever she remembers her. She realizes Dayimaa’s signal and panics reminiscing Mohini trying to lure Ram, trying to allege Dayimaa, and rest of the incidents.

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