Ring Of Fire Update Monday 17 May 2021


Ring of Fire 17 May  2021:  After Chachaji’s failed attempt to kill Kishan by trying to throw chandelier on him, Yash finds burnt rope. Shristi checks it and says it looks like someone burnt it purposefully and not an electric shock. Chachaji thinks he tried to kill his brother 20 years ago and now Kishan for famly wealth, but failed. He enters and says who would harm Kishen, it is just an accident and disperses family. After sometime, Kishen gets ready to leave for work when a goon enters and frightens Kishen to accept his project. Kishen says he is not interested in his illegal project. Goon warns denying him is denying minster. Kishan says he does not care and warns to get out. Goons pull gun. Devi shouts. Kishen says he is not afraid of guns. Goon says he is spaing him due to his mother and leaves. Family gets afraid.

Yashi says they should inform Agni. Chachaji says no need for that, he will not spare goon, thinks he will kill Kishen and blame goon.Sakshi takes care of Devi. Devi says he is worried for Kishen, so she will keep chhatt fast this time for Kishen. Yashi says how can she, it is very tough fast. Devi insists. Yashi asks how will she prepare kheer then. Sakshi says she will prepare kheer. Agni enters and even she agrees. Sakshi thinks she agreed seeing Agni, how will she. KD enters and suggests they both should prepare kheer. Sakhsi prepares kheer watching Agni and asks Devi to touch spoon to make it sacred. Devi gets emotoinal and praises Sakshi. KD suggests both can take kheer to temple and then serve family.

After pooja, family sits for dinner. Golu serves plantain leaves and says there only 1 leave left for bhaiya and would be bhabhi. Agni says she willhave kheer on plate. Kishen says not all. Revathi says it is auspicious to have kheer on leaves. Agni agrees and has kheer with Kishen. Sakshi gets jealous and starts impressing Devi to grab Kishen.Agni and Kishan’s haldi rituals start. They sit next to each other while family enjoy songs. Guests ask how can bride and groom be in same house. Daadi says happiness increases with sharing, so she arranged haldi ceremony together. Sakshi enters and tells KD that celebration is incomplete without singing and dance. KD says of course and asks Golu to play song who plays Bollywood song Dhak Dhak Dhadke ye dil.. KD dances with Golu. Kishan, Agni and Sakshi join her and dance. Whole family joins next and dances around Devi.

After dance, KD says let us start haldi ritual. Sakshi gets an evil idea and looks at juice glasses. She serves juice to guests and mixes something in Agni’s glass. Agni coughs. Kishen serves her spiked juice. KD says Agni will apply haldi to Kishan. Kishen picks haldi thalil. Agni starts feeling uneasy and freezes. Sakshi thinks Agni will b e paralytic for a few minutes and will not even move, then Saskhi will apply haldi to Kishan. Guest discuss bride is very shy. KD and Revathi ask her to wake up, but she is unable to move. Sakshi says Agni is feeling shy and does not want to get up, so she will apply haldi to Kishan. She extends her hand towards Kishan when Golu finds Agni’s dupatta stuck and frees it. Agni wakes up and stops Saskhi saying only she will perform all her rituals and applies haldi to Kishan. KD asks what had happened to her. Golu says bhabhi’s dupatta was stuck. Agni and Kishan apply haldi to each other. Devi says it is her turn now and calls Agni.


Agni emotionally walks to her while Sakshi fumes in jealousy. Devi applies haldi to Agni and says it will increase her beauty and Kishan will go mad behind her. KD says now it is everyone’s turn.All guests apply haldi to Agni and Kishan while Sakshi sits fuming jealously on sofa yelling her plans fails always and Agni snatches her happiness like her mother snatched her mother’s happiness, she will kick out Agni and her mother’s photo and tries to get up, but cannot. Agni walks in and asks if she wants to break photo, can she, she did not get police training just like that and reminisces Agni calling Senti and asking him to get paralytic drug. Out of flashback, Agni says she exchanged glass and Sakshi drank it. Sakshi says even Agni is doing what she wanted to do. Agni confronts that Sakshi told she is ashamed to her sister, now she feels ashamed and will marry without Sakshi. Sakshi takes oath to marry Kishan and destroy Agni’s life.

Agni goes to washroom to clean haldi. Kishan walks in and gets romantic. KD walks in and knocks door and asks to come to her room once she is ready. Agni says okay. Daadi stops hearing Kishan. Agni and Kishan’s wedding rituals start. They garland each other while family and guests clap. Sakshi locked in store room breaks door and escapes. Pandit chants mantras and asks Revathi to do bride and groom’s gathbandhan. Sakshi runs on road calling her aides. Panit asks bride and groom to stand for pheras. They both start pheras. Sakshi’s aide calls her and asks where is she, pheras have started. Sakshi says she will not let Agni and Kishan’s marriage complete and orders aide to execute plan B. After a few pheras, Kishan and Agni sit. Power goes off for a second and returns. Pandit asks to continue pheras. Agni is seen unconscious in bathroom and Sakshi doing pheras with Kishen as Agni. Agni wakes up and finds herself in bathroom and realizes Sakshi took her place. She runs towards mantap, but Kishan fixes mangalsutra in Sakshi’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Pandit announces wedding is complete. Everyone clap.

Agni reaches calling Kishan. Everyone stand up in shock. Sakshi removes her veil. Everyone are more shocked. Revathi says she does not know how this mishap happened. Kishan tries to untie gathbandhan saying he cannot marry Sakshi and asks Sakshi why did she do this to her. Agni shouts why did she make a joke out of her marriage.Sakshi adamantly says she is Kishan’s legal wife now and wanted to take revenge from Agni for snatching Revathi Daadi who was world to her, so she snatched Kishan from Agni. She reveals how she planned everything, sprayed hypnotic spray during pheras and made everyone unconscious for a few minutes and took Agni’s place locking her in bathroom, but left door open so that she can come and see her life shattered. Kishan’s father disperses guests while Agni stands crying, shattered.

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