My Identity Update Friday 25 June 2021

My Identity 25 June 2021: The Episode starts with Neil recalling Avni telling him about Vidyut killing his dad, as Gurumaa told this to her while burying her behind the wall. Neil asks Vidyut to say the truth, who killed Juhi, they know Avni didn’t kill Juhi, speak up, who is behind this. Vidyut thinks mum, you have betrayed me, you went to this level to snatch my Avni. Neil says you want to go jail for your dad’s murder, fine.Vidyut says I didn’t kill Juhi, mum had killed her, Ragini Pandit killed Juhi, Avni is innocent. DD says he is lying.

Commissioner says yes. Neil says I won’t agree this way.Gurumaa is taken to Neil. He says you have another charge on you, Juhi’s murder, an innocent person is behind bars because of you. She says everyone knows I didn’t kill Juhi, what’s the proof. He says you will get the proof. DD gets Vidyut. She says they are playing a bad game, explain them Vidyut. Vidyut says at the time of Juhi’s murder, mum was taken out of the jail for medical reasons, she has followed Avni and shot Juhi.

She asks what are you doing. He calls Ballu. Ballu says Avni has shot me in self defense. He shows the bullet mark on his leg. Neil says it means Avni had shot at Ballu’s leg, only in self defense. Vidyut asks will you free Avni now. Neil says you must be repenting, you should have heard me. Gurumaa says you are doing wrong, they are trying to frame us, don’t listen to them.Vidyut says you tried to kill my Avni, you tried to bury her inside a wall. Neil says take pandit away.

Gurumaa says I m your mum, I had told you once that Avni is your weakness, they are using this weakness against your mum, don’t do this, I m your strength, you are nothing without me, you are going against me for a girl’s sake. She is taken away. Neil says Vidyut, someone is here to meet you. The party members come.Vidyut asks minister what is he doing here, he won’t come for any event. Minister says no need to accompany us, you are no longer part of our party, sign this resignation, you are under observation for hiding your mum’s crime. Neil smiles.

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Vidyut says you cheated me, even I can’t save you from my rage. He signs the papers. Neil taunts Vidyut. Vidyut says I will kill you. Neil says I will convert your mum’s life sentence to death sentence, she is a danger to the society, shut up, I m not done yet, I have told you, I will punish you for making Avni suffer, we have seen your madness since 6 months, it took 6 hours to prove true love, I m sparing you this time, next time, I will kill you, get out. Vidyut leaves.

Avni says Neil…. Neil had promised me, he will take me home, where is he. Neela says he will come, just take rest. Prakash says we should go out. Neil comes there and says Avni I have come to take you home, our test is over, our love has won. Avni says where are you Neil. Neil comes to her and covers her face. He gets her home. Avni gets shocked seeing Neil.He says I thought to bring some action in your entry. She asks are you mad, I would have beaten you. He says fine beat me, it has your love.

Avni cries seeing the family. She cries. Neil asks what happened, I have done this to make you smile. She says these are tears of happiness, thanks Neil, thanks for giving everything back to me. He hugs her. Avni hugs everyone. Neela says you have seen a lot of sorrow in such a young age. Neela blesses Avni. Mishti asks Avni to give her a hug. Avni hugs her and smiles. Shweta makes Avni wear a chunri. Bebe says let me do your aarti. She does aarti and says you are our family’s respect, we are together because of you, kick the kalash and enter our house and hearts, come in.

Avni hits the kalash. She steps in.DD says you feet got chained now, if you go anywhere out, I will be knowing it, its a matter of some days, you will get released soon, you can’t use Mishti now, Avni reached home with Neil, they will stay in peace now. He asks staff to secure Neil’s house and also make sure Vidyut doesn’t have any trouble, after all he is under house arrest. Lawyer meets Gurumaa and says Vidyut has sent me, he wants to talk to you. He makes her talk to Vidyut on video call.

Vidyut says please forgive me. She says I have always saved you from the day of your birth, I had much pride that no one is imp to you than me, I realized my son doesn’t love me. He says I promise I will get yet released. She says I didn’t get hurt so much when your dad brought another woman, I m dead for you now, I don’t want to meet anyone from today. Vidyut shouts mum. He throws things and says forgive me mum, I did a big mistake, Neil cheated me, I lost my Avni as well. He gets angry and crushes a glass.

He says wait and watch Neil, what I do to you.Avni’s grah pravesh happening. Neil says I have taken such decisions that have hurt you, I m sorry, I promise to keep you safe from all sorrows, will you forgive and accept me. Avni nods. Shweta says do you think she will forgive you so easily, she had to go through a lot of tests, its your turn now, you have to prove that you are deserving of her. Prakash says Neil has been through the test to stay away from his wife. Neela says yes, don’t trouble Neil.

Avni asks what does it matter. Shweta says I know its necessary, the test is only for one day, Neil can do this for Avni right.Shweta and Ali get a white board. She says Avni, Neil will serve you all day, I will give him points, Avni will also give marks, Neil will have to complete five tasks today, task 1 surprise…he has to do something new and surprise her, 20 mark for it, task 2 blushing, he should compliment her in such a way that she blushes, task 3 laughing, Neil has to do something which makes Avni laugh at least three times, task 4 sentimental, Neil has to say something that makes Avni happily cry, task 5 gift, Neil has to gift something to Avni that she forgives him.

She says no touching till tasks are completed, every task has 20 points, if you score less than 90%, you will fail, I will be with Avni in her room, be with your dad. Neil says no, never, dad snores a lot. Avni does shayari. Bebe says Shweta has become a villain. Neil asks Bebe to do something. Bebe says I will see Shweta.Shweta says Neil troubles you a lot. Avni says its fine, he did everything for me. Shweta says don’t melt seeing his innocent face, promise me, Ali and Mishti are my spies, they have to keep an eye on them.

DD comes and greets everyone. He says welcome back Bhabhi. Avni thanks him. Neil says I will come to police station. DD says you have bigger tasks here, its tough than police training, if you don’t pass, you won’t get Avni. Neil says you are laughing and taunting me. DD runs. Neela says everyone is so happy, we have won Bebe. Bebe says yes.Avni comes to her room and cries seeing everything. She checks the cupboard. She sees Neo’s mask and cries. She sees the paper board with Vidyut’s and Avni’s jail schedule. She sees wind chimes.

Neela comes to her. She says don’t cry, I know you had to suffer for six months. Avni says we all had to suffer, see Neil used to sleep on the ground, did you see his state, how miserable he looks, the person who didn’t think of breaking the law, he has broken his principles for my love, I just feel bad that he didn’t tell me anything, maybe its my fault, I wasn’t trustworthy. Neela says no, its nothing like that, Neil wanted to tell you, but I stopped him, please forgive me for whatever you had to go through.

Avni says should I forgive the one who dedicated entire life to me, my existence is because of you, my identity is by you. They hug.Neela shows Mishti’s drawing and says this is your welcome gift, you are back home, your dream turned true, you have the family which you always wanted. Avni says this was your dream, but I was scared to see this dream. Neela says you have faced your fears and succeeded, your dream has come true. Neil burns the dish. He spoils the flour. Prakash comes and asks what did you do, make halwa of this flour.

Mishti says superman has to do this on his own, come. Shweta asks Prakash is he helping Neil, no cheating, come. They go. Neil says what will I do now, how will I become the best husband? Bebe comes and says when I m here, do not fear, I will help you.Neil gets the food. Avni eats. Neil signs her to say how is it. She says the food is very tasty. They all smile. Avni says just the way Bebe cooks it. Avni looks at Neil and smiles. She says I can know the food cooked by Bebe. Neil says accepted, sorry. He feeds Avni by his hands.

Neil says now task 2, I will give 5 compliments to Avni today. Shweta says I wish to give you minus 5. Neil reads out, Avni your relaxed attitude is your biggest strength, you deal with every situation calmly. She throws a spoon at him.Neil says there’s one more, you are so delicate, fragile, young… Shweta says pronounce properly. Neil says you are so soft like cotton, I want to tell something, you know the special thing in you, your eyes, I like to sink in it, but I can’t as your eyes are full of anger.

Shweta says minus 20. Neil says I m not yet done, Avni every person has a way to deal with problems, I didn’t see such a person who smiles wholeheartedly after facing so much, you have come back from a battle, this is your spirit which doesn’t let you stumble, that’s why I love this strong girl so much. Avni says thank you…

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