Curse of the sand update Saturday 25 September 2021

Curse of the sand 25 Sept 2021: Jalebi marks a cut on Sunanda’s hand which bleeds. Jalebi goes to bring a bandage for Sunanda from the bed side table. Sunanda complains that neither she has been able to hold the glass of water, nor anything else. Jalebi says at least she has returned;

she will soon regain her powers. Sunanda shakes her hand and tells Jalebi to go and hide in the mirror. Kamal was awake. Jalebi says she will live in her Chunri pallu. She opens her Pallu and Jalebi gets inside her dress. Kamal asks who it is she is talking to. Sunanda replies its none, she just woke up to have water. She gives Kamal the water and puts him to rest. Jalebi appears out of the her pallu and smiles that Kamal is a shy man. Sunanda boasts that he is Mohini’s husband after all.

The next morning, Shiv opens the room door. Ananya falls on his feet while being asleep. Shiv recalls she had threatened him last night that she won’t leave. Shiv takes her head in his lap, while recalling his attacks over her. He turns to go inside. Ananya stops Shiv and says she can announce her love for Shiv to whole Banaras on loud speaker. She is his reflection. Shiv bolts the door. Ananya sings for Shiv from outside. Someone comes to Ananya; it was Rekha. Rekha asks Ananya to come to help her in work if she is free. Ananya says she needs to take a bath first. When Rekha has left, Ketki comes with kite and string and cheers that it seems Ananya won’t win this time.

Amma ji asks Rekha if she came to know about the Tantric. They were shocked to see Sunanda roam around the hall in her strange villainous laughter, talking to her saree pallu. Amma ji and Rekha were terrified. In the kitchen, Sunanda asks Jalebi why she is teasing her. Jalebi asks what she is doing. Sunanda complains that since she turned to human, she has to do all the house chores herself.

Jalebi suggests her to think of some way to introduce Jalebi to the family, she will help her with all the house chores. Sunanda likes the offer. Mishra ji now comes to Sunanda and says he was terrified last night to see fours of her. Jalebi was irked at Mishra ji’s flirting. Sunanda opens her Pallu and says she got a sister, who sacrifices the man she marries. Jalebi speaks from inside her pallu if Mishra ji is ready to marry her. Mishra ji was startled to hear an invisible voice and leaves. Sunanda and Jalebi laugh together. Sunanda says she has laughed openly after years.

Amma ji was waiting for Tantric Baba. Ananya comes to Amma ji and inquires about the bowl of Ubtan. Amma ji applies the Ubtan on Ananya’s cheeks. She likes the feel and takes the bowl. Sunanda follows Amma ji who was terrified and runs away. Ananya brings the Ubtan to Shiv’s door and says whether she has to apply the Ubtan on him, or Dadi would do. Shiv sits on the roof, and Ananya rubs the Ubtan on his body. He keenly looks towards Ananya while she rubs it over her body. Amar passes by the corridor and doesn’t like Ananya and Shiv close together. Ananya gets mischievous with Shiv. Ketki brings a burnt matchstick to Amar and urges him to get his love or he will lose it.

Later, Ananya serves food for Dadi and takes a seat besides Shiv. Amar was also on the table. Amma ji gets a call from Kamal and takes a leave. Ananya watches Amar, then takes Shiv’s spoon to give him the bite. She wishes him Happy Sankranti. Amar was furious watching them share the food. He stands up, irked. Ananya speaks to Shiv, I love you. Shiv leaves the table. Ananya follows him but Amar pulls her aside. He questions why Ananya is running behind Shiv, he doesn’t want to see her face as well. He is here to love Ananya and will love her more than Shiv.

Ananya pranks Amar to get rid of his grip, and threatens him not to compare his love with Shiv again. She is extremely stubborn and will stay with Shiv till her last breath. She will do her best to keep him away from Shiv. Amar laughs. Ananya reminds him how Shiv had beaten him yesterday as well. Amar hits a wall angrily but finds Sunanda hear all this from the kitchen.

Sunanda asks Amar about his plan. He can get Ananya only if he can break up Ananya and Shiv. He has no chance before that. Sunanda points towards Ketki. She tells Amar that an enemy to enemy is a friend; he can use Ketki to break up between Shiv and Ananya. He can easily get Ananya afterwards.

Amar comes to Shiv’s room. He brought a stick and asks Shiv to beat him if he is the reason of any pain in his life. He beats himself when Shiv doesn’t. Shiv was concerned for Amar. Amar asks why Shiv can’t feel the pain of his love then. Shiv considers himself a reason for her pain, he realizes Ananya is saddened by his decision. Amar says Ananya has lost her smile, her cheerfulness and her persona.

Tears fill Shiv’s eyes. Amar says its clearly visible Shiv is also missing her and suffering. Ananya comes to the room to take Shiv for kite flying. Amar was also excited but Ananya takes Shiv only.
On the roof, Ananya writes Shivanya on their kite. Shiv prepares the kite and pulls the string to take it up in the skies. Ananya keenly watches him fly the kite and enjoy it.

Shiv makes an eye contact with her and holds her close to himself. Ananya holds the string now. Her kite was cut in the air. Ketki taunts that their kite is down already. Ananya was offended and questions how they dare cut her kite. Shiv pulls Ananya behind and scolds her for being irritated. He leaves. Amar speaks to Ananya that only he will understand her state of mind. He is already going to fly a kite with their names, Amar and Ananya.

Shiv was in his room, frustrated and disturbed by the situations. He thinks his intentions of being here have far left behind. He came here for a revenge for his parent’s death but Dai Maa stopped him. Now he has to save Amar and Ananya both from the witch. He prays to Mahadev for some way out. His hand falls on a cell phone, he plays a Mantra and lie down on bed with his ears plugs. He decides to take his brother and love away from that witch, and revenge the witch of his parent’s death.

Ananya laughs at Amar and awaits to see how high the kite goes. Ananya picks her kite Shivanya again and challenges she won’t even let his kite reach the sky. No matter Shiv is there or not, she can take care of her own love. They fly the kite and Ananya boastfully takes the lead, cutting Amar’s kite.

In the room, Sunanda asks Jalebi to praise her. Its been ages since she was praised.
Ananya comes to Shiv’s room but he doesn’t open the door. He didn’t want to speak to her. Ananya jumps in the room from the window and hugs him from behind. She asks why he is so angry that he doesn’t want to see her face as well. Why he is hurting her? She points towards their reflection in the mirror and says they look beautiful together. Shiv says the truth will unveil as soon as a single thorn hurts her. Her pain is a relief for his inner devil.

He hugs Ananya and says he can’t bear this truth. Ananya claims it’s only a fear inside him. She has found a way to get rid of this fear. She takes her photos from her purse and had planned to paste them around the room. She only wants him to think about her love, all day long. Shiv makes the promise, and the photos aren’t needed because her photo resides deep inside his heart. He thinks Ananya must come out of this childishness. She can’t overlook this upcoming danger for long. Ananya wants to speak to Shiv about another thing. She doesn’t like Amar’s behavior at all.

Amar comes to Sunanda in the room. He looks tensed and wants Shiv’s powers inside him as well. Sunanda says Amar can’t handle such powers. Amar insists he wants the powers, like Sunanda, Shiv or even more than theirs. Sunanda says she didn’t give birth to him, but brought him up and cannot see him turn evil. Amar was stubborn and shouts his demand. He kneels in front of Sunanda and says he is unable to bear Shiv in front of him anymore, he needs to kill Shiv.

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