Curse of the Sand update Tuesday 21 September 2021

Curse of the Sand 21 Sept 2021: Sunanda goes looking for Amar to get close to him. Mishra ji and Rekha were heard discussing that Ananya opened the guest room for Amar. Sunanda comes to the guest room but Amar wasn’t there inside. Shiv came looking for Amar to the room. Sunanda hides behind a wall then turns around as he senses someone’s presence there. Sunanda tries her best to hide herself. Shiv doesn’t find her behind the wall. Shiv now comes to the guest room where Ananya was cleaning. He asks Amar when he reached here. Amar says he went to the roof, the view is exceptional. Ananya suggests about cleaning the room now.

They shake hand and heads to clean away all the dust from the room. She was playful with Shiv while Amar keenly looked towards Ananya.It was night. Shiv objects over the bed sheet Ananya selected. He says it’s a girlish color. Ananya comments that Shiv always selects plain, old aged colors that are plain. They ask Amar to select one. Amar likes the one Ananya had chosen. Ananya boasts about winning and happily spreads the bed sheet for Amar. Ananya now takes a leave as her father would be angry otherwise. Amar specially thanks her. Shiv offers his help to Amar if anything is needed. Shiv turns around and spots Amar’s wallet and their parent’s photo in it. He cautiously tells Amar never to openly reveal the photo of Baba and Rasgulla.

The witch lives in this room and everything will be ruined if she spots it. Amar says it skipped his mind, but who is it.Sunanda pulls a dagger from a cupboard and says today, someone else’s blood will touch it.Amar says to Shiv that she is Ananya’s mom. Shiv silences him and says she is cunning and is living in this house for years as Ananya’s mother. He leaves the bedding in hand outside the room. There, Sunanda held the dagger in air and reaches the staircase. Shiv goes downstairs. She carefully moves upstairs.

Amar held a smile on his face, flattered over Ananya. Sunanda opens the door of his room and finds him asleep. She looks in his wallet and was shocked to find the photo of Amar’s parents. She says Rana Sahib’s son. She says Shiv is Amar’s elder brother, then understands that Shiv is Mann as per her doubts. She says Shiv saved himself from each of her trick. She has found her Mann, she needs no one. She tears the photo of Rana Sahib and wife, and decides to kill Amar first. Later, she will kill Mann and gain her powers back. She attacks the sleeping Amar with a dagger but Amar held her hand in mid-air, tightly overcoming the attack. He throws Sunanda away. Sunanda attacks once again.

Amar throws the bed spread over Sunanda but Amar was no more there.He attacks her from the back and snatches the dagger from her. Sunanda cautiously backs up. Amar attacks Sunanda with the dagger. She sobs.Ananya woke up at night and not finding Sunanda goes looking for her.Amar hadn’t strike Sunanda, he only touched the dagger with her belly. They share a keen look, then hugs each other sharing a loud laughter. Amar calls Sunanda as Little Mummy.Ananya came out of the room and wonders where Sunanda has gone. She thinks it’s a good chance to meet Shiv.

Sunanda shuts the door of Amar’s room and appreciates Amar for doing what she had never been able to. Today, he proved that Shiv is Mann.Shiv wakes up from a nightmare in which he was marrying Ananya, turns to evil and bites her neck. He sits up on bed. Something was thrown at his face, he realizes Ananya stood in the window. He goes to inquire what she is doing. Ananya replies she is peeling eggs, would he accompany. He asks why she is irritated. Ananya asks him to open the door now, and assures no one is there. She bolts the door and slips over Shiv. He also loses his balance and both end up laying on the floor. The nightmare haunts Shiv’s thoughts once again, who looks away.

Ananya looks into Shiv’s eyes keenly.Sunanda appreciates Amar who proved that Shiv is Mann. He stayed protected from her for days, though she made multiple attempts to confirm his truth. She kiss Amar on his forehead. Amar replies off course Little Mummy, she took care of him when his parents left him; it was she who brought him up. He was missing her and wished to play their beloved game with her. Both play a clapping game, challenging each other for statue. Sunanda caresses Amar’s face, boasting about her brought up. Amar says she taught him that life may attack anytime, he was only resting, not asleep.

She tried to test him once again. He is proud of her planning, she used such a trick that even Devki trusts that he is the son of Ram and Siya. Sunanda tells him to enjoy the fruits. She takes a leaving, warning Amar to be cautious of Shiv knowing his truth.Ananya jumps in Shiv’s bed and says she will sleep here. Shiv asks what she is doing on his bed, and where her parents are. He requests her to go back to the room, he doesn’t want any drama. Ananya tells Shiv to stay silent for a while. She says her Papa hasn’t returned, and mummy must be busy in Dadi’s room. She holds his hand and tries to make his mood up. He looked away. Ananya hugs Shiv from behind. She says no one except mummy knows about their truth, lets marry.

Sunanda dances and cheerfully laughs on the roof. Mohini appears in a mirror there. Sunanda boasts that she finally knows her Mann’s reality. Shiv is her Mann and Siya’s son Amar told her this reality. Siya snatched her son, and now she also snatched her son; Amar doesn’t recognize himself as well. Mann knows about his mother, but Amar doesn’t. Amar is the true son of Rana but he will never know about it.At night, Dai Maa hears footsteps approaching her room. She pulls a sword from under her pillow and counters the attacker who tries to throw a sword on her.

Two men turn on the light of the room and charges towards her with a wooden stick. Dai Maa counters them efficiently. She thinks yesterday Amar left, and today she was attacked. What if the witch now knows about Mann?Sunanda holds two lipsticks considering each as Mann and Amar. She decides that tomorrow these two will be enemies, ready to kill each other. Amar will be gone. Mann will win the fight, and she will regain her powers. Ananya and Amar are her cards which will help her achieve her goals. Shiv doesn’t recognize his biggest enemy Amar, who is blinded in love of his Little Mummy.

Dai Maa cautiously packs her bags. She decides to tell Amar and Shiv about the witch. She can’t leave anything here as the witch might know her reality. She decides to take Amar’s bag along. She holds the bag and a pot slips from it. Dai Maa recognizes it as Mohini’s, from which she drank blood. She wonders how Amar got the pot. Dai Maa now recognizes the threat and wonders what if Amar is in Mohini’s team. She unpacks the bag and finds all that proves Amar’s connection with Mohini. She realizes it was Mohini’s trick to send Amar.

Shiv tells Ananya he loves her, he can’t bear the pain of killing her with his own hands. Ananya asks who would let him kill her. They love each other, and he needs to trust his love. Shiv says he can’t take the risk, as practically this is all impossible. Ananya asks why Shiv always backs up. Shiv replies he is Satan, a son of witch and human. This Rudraksh isn’t a permanent solution for his Satan. He can’t marry her until this Satan is with him. Ananya tells him to shut up, they will continue to fight this thing like they have done today. Every marriage has a problem, they will accept this is their marriage’s problem. She is sure they will live a normal life one day. Shiv takes Ananya into his hug.

Dai Maa decides to call Shiv and warn Mann of the upcoming danger.Sunanda had reached the window of Shiv-Ananya’s room. She looks through the window that Shiv’s phone was ringing. Ananya spots Sunanda there.


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