Covid-19: Jodha Akbar goes off air April 1st 2020 on Zee world

Sad News people! Zee world through it’s official handles has announced that Jodha Akbar will be going off Air starting April 1 2020. They cited their reason to the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted activities all over the world.

Zee world has opted to replace Jodha Akbar time slot with Twist of fate season one. 

No information was given on when it will be returning back to the channel. We can only hope it comes back very soon.

Update: It is speculated that production halt may last for 21 days. Zee world is a South African television network whose broadcasting office is located in Johannesburg. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole of South Africa is under lockdown for 21 days and as such the voice over artist for this two series can’t report because of the pandemic. So this may only last for 21 days and afterwards the two soapies may return back to it normal timeslot. (Ring of fire, Jodha Akbar). Stay safe. Let’s fight against COVID-19

Disclaimer:We don’t know how accurate this new information is but let’s just watch and wait as this did not only affect zee world but also starlife.



  1. Hello zeeworld we are all begging you not to remove jodah and Akbar in place

    of twist of fate we all started it from beginning and would really like to see the end of it, please don’t remove jodah and Akbar instead remove either snatched, reach for the stars, and lies of the hearts but not jodah and Akbar. We don’t like it when you guys keep repeating series eg mehek is coming back also twist of fate please do something about it. Thanks for we all know you won’t remove jodah and Akbar.

  2. How did covid 19 affect airing of jodha akbar?..for once u guy gave a series that nxt scene isnt much predictable nd nw u they are taking it of air…na wa…we dont want twist of fate

  3. Comment:this is nonsense how we be subcribing and u keep on repeating films the one we manage to like u people are removing it and putting nonsense twist of fate and ganga for what we are not happy at all

  4. Bring back jodha and akbar… Why disruption is covid-19 causing please don’t hurt us your loyal viewers. We’ve seen twist of faith so many times this is so unfair

  5. Zee world, for the first time, I have a reason to stay glued to zee world, don’t remove it please, and even if you have to, show it again after the 21 days, please ooooo

  6. Comment: Why the quick going of air on jodha akbar and ring of fire? And the replacement of old series. Am not happy at all. U guys would have removed any other series and not these particular series. Bring back these series.

  7. I am deeply hurt i was looking forward to see Jodha and Akbar ,pls bring back Johda n Akbar pls I’m begging pls. We don’t want twist of fate n Gangaa.

  8. I am not happy about what is happening replacing jhoda Akbar with twist of fate .Why twist of fate you should have chosen begusarai instead of twist of fate

  9. Please bring back jodha and Akbar please we are really not happy with the repeating of series ganga,mehek,lies of the heart,the vow twist of fate aaah guys we are tired of them please

  10. I want the return of Jodha and Akbar
    Then Ring of fire
    Please 21 days return it ooooo
    Because I am tired of twist of fate and gangaa they just finished them naa
    If not zee world would loose viewers oo

  11. If Jodah Akbar does not return, then my family and I are officially done with watching Zeeworld, after all there is nothing exciting or new about the channel anymore

  12. Please and please zeeworld bring back our jodha and ring of fire. Instead of gangaa and twist of fate why not twist if fate season 3. Please it better to work on people’s view before showing old series.

  13. Pls zee world bring back jodha and akbar and ring of fire twist of fate and gangaa is boring stop repeating episodes and series moreover it has been shot and prepared only to put on television pls bring it back.

  14. I really don’t like this twist of fate and gangaa it so annoying and zee is even making it worst with their advertisements it so annoying please bring back jodah and akbar with ring of fire ASAP.

  15. ZEEWORLD should bring back Jodha and Akbar…we are tired of watching old stuff why can’t you guys provide our needs.We no longer interested on that channel it’s boring watching twist of fate,gangaa,and mehek…do something for the viewers

  16. Kindly bring back Jodhar & Akbar. We tired of seeing the same series over and over. They are so annoying now because we know what’s gonna happen next. I find this so unfair to us. We are bored 😑 really. I don’t watch zee world anymore because of you guys. Zee world is now boring. Return all the new series to us. Plz

  17. Can’t be paying 65GH for watching twist of faith all the time ,bring johda Akbar please because twist of faith is boring,I even hear on your commercial that at the beginning of this month johda Akbar will be back on our screen

  18. Zeeworld, for God sake what’s gangaa and the vow doing again on our screen. You guys are not guys don’t rate your customers.

  19. BRING BACK JOHDA AND AKBAR PLEASE!!! I started watching zee world again because of this particular series. You guys should not delay it any further.

  20. Now startlife is now showing all of it series again so please is your turn to bring back johda Akbar and the rest please,we are tired of watching one series over and over again please.

  21. Pls if u can continue this is fate nd bring another series(age is just a number), why can’t u bring back jodha akbar nd ring of fire? .
    Pls bring them back

  22. Bring back jodha and arkbar. It was one of most amazing series to watch. It’s new normal. I can’t wait to watch it again.


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