Complicated Love Update Monday 8 February 2021


Complicated Love 8 February 2021: Mishti shies, runs into the bath and shouts at Rohan for misbehaving and coming to the room without knocking. Rohan was irritated and says he must have, had he known she wanders around the house in towel.Sukhmani tells Arnav to say his shirt out to Pari, else people might win over his love. He must show his tattoo to her. Arnav says he doesn’t want a forceful love confession. He feels Pari also loves him, she is only afraid of commitment.

Sukhmani says he must tell her what’s in his heart, or he must take her straight to the wedding stage. Her sixth sense says Arnav might lose a chance with Pari if he makes it late. Pari arrives at Arnav’s place. Sukhmani says they were just speaking about her. Arnav at once qualifies it was a general talk, how well she takes care of everything.Pari hugs Arnav thankfully, for the value. Pari requests Sukhmani for the Methi k Parathay. Sukhmani says her cooking is no less than any master chef, it’s actually fenugreek pancakes alongside coriander, mint garlic sauce. Pari and Arnav cheers as this means Dhania ki Chutney. Sukhmani calls them old fashion, then goes to get them. Pari asks Arnav some help in the work Mishti gave her. Arnav only stares at Mishti. He asks about her new PG. Pari asks Arnav how two people have different opinions about the same man. Arnav says it’s possible, only if someone starts loving another person. Pari says she doesn’t understand this love matter. For her, Rohan is fine; but Mishti has a problem with him. Though he doesn’t mingle much with their matters. She tells Arnav he is Veer’s friend and must be nice, he is cute and helpful as well. Arnav was offensive but Pari recalls he helped her when her scooty went out of fuel, then at the party when she was choking. Sukhmani brings the Parathas and tells Arnav her plan was spoilt. Pari doesn’t get what she wanted to say, but enjoys eating Paratha.

Ansh comes home but Dadi and Mishti weren’t home. He speaks to his friend that he just returned home, he claims to have clearly told the coach he won’t play if he isn’t made a captain. Rohan hears his conversation and comes outside. Ansh shakes his hand and goes straight into Rohan’s room. He tells Rohan this room has been set very well. He asks Rohan to be thankful to him, he made Mishti up to keep him here. He asks Rohan why Mishti dislikes him so much. Rohan tells him to go to Mishti for the reply. Ansh offers him any help as he is new in Mumbai. Rohan replies he will take care of it. Ansh now complements that they even like the same brand of cigarette as well. Rohan asks if his family knows about his smoking. Ansh replies such things aren’t shared at home, he is happy that Rohan came over and he got someone to share his heart out so easily. His parents died a long time ago, he could never have a man to man talk with anyone. Rohan asks Ansh what’s his age. Ansh replies he is sixteen. Rohan warns Ansh not to see a cigarette brand till he is eighteen; and it’s not needed to impress anyone. Ansh requests him not to tell Mishti or Dadi; Rohan replies he will think about it. Ansh leaves the room.

Pari and Arnav were in the restaurant. Pari boasts that clients were extremely happy she promised to deliver in eight days. She shares her worry that Dadi and Mishti are both tensed about finances. Mishti has a wedding planned in months, still she is concentrating on business. She sips her coffee when two young boys push her chair, spilling the coffee. She stands and shouts if they weren’t taught to say a sorry. The boys were stubborn and asks if her face was burnt? Arnav forces the guys to say a sorry; they hold his collar. Pari beats the boys hard and wrestles with them.
Rohan comes across Sukhmani in the parking. Sukhmani asks Rohan if he got settled. He offers him any kind of help, she lives in flat 202 and offers him a good coffee. She says although he shoots young models, but for her age is only a number. Anytime he requires a bold and beautiful model, he should know she is right there. Rohan doesn’t speak a word.

Sukhmani teases that he looks a little shy, he doesn’t flirt though he is a fashion photographer.  Rohan says he knows well who she is, she is the one who made Mishti… Sukhmani gets a call and was worried.Pari and Arnav were in the police station. The lady inspector blames they changed the map of the coffee shop. Pari explains it was not her mistake, the guys misbehaved. Sukhmani comes there. Pari hurries to hug Sukhmani. Rohan also comes in and asks Pari if she is ok. Sukhmani comes to speak to the inspector that these are nice people. The lady inspector says the boys had spilled coffee only, and she beat them badly. Rohan says if he was in Arnav’s place and a girl was being misbehaved, he would have taught a good lesson. Sukhmani interrupts, resolves the matter with police and takes the kids.

Pari requests Sukhmani not to tell anyone at home about it, they will be worried. Sukhmani laughs that they are free to trouble her, it’s not done. Rohan lay in his bed watching the tissue with Mishti’s lipstick print. He thinks about his encounters with Mishti, a smile spreads his face. He hears Radhika speaking to Mishti, sits up about to throw the tissue but wraps it again. Mishti tells Dadi there is a lot of work still left. Mishti was worried and asks if Pari read and signed the new project papers. Radhika says she went to give those papers away. Rohan packs his bag and turns to leave. He hears Mishti concerned about electricity bills.

Her smile vanishes watching Rohan, and strictly tells Dadi that Rohan must be asked to stay out of the house, or within his room until it’s her rest time. She clarifies to Dadi she doesn’t like this guy.Rohan leaves the apartment but was stuck in the lift. Mishti leaves her apartment and comes to the lift. Her phone bell rings, she was worried to know Mummy ji felt dizzy. She hurries into the lift but Rohan was already there. Mishti recalls her words, it’s better to be late for her meeting than to go out along Mishti. Rohan tells her to come inside, or stay out but don’t stand in the way of lift. Mishti gets into the lift, but runs outside as soon as the lift stops.


In the parking, she finds her car’s tyre flat and kicks it in frustration. Rohan didn’t pay any attention. Mishti looks towards him out of worry, then checks her watch and walks past Rohan’s jeep. She stood for an auto on the road when Rohan passes by. Mishti was irked. At night, Mishti and Veer enjoy
the dinner together. Veer tells Radhika that his parents were impressed by Mishti. Rohan also joins them. Veer asks Rohan to share his raw photos with him. Rohan replies sure. Veer tells Radhika that his father called Mishti as his mom felt dizzy, and Mishti brought a whole lot of doctors; it must be a drama. Mishti was serious and says she was really afraid, she still feels the pain of losing her mother. She couldn’t let his mother suffer. Pari comes and says Mishti has tears in her eyes after eight years. Veer was honest that he also got honest, and was joking only to save his tears. He tells Radhika that his life is amazing since Mishti came into it. Pari place her hands over Rohan’s shoulders and says no matter what Veer thinks, he will get Mishti only after wedding. Everyone felt uncomfortable. Arnav had just walked behind Pari. Pari looks down and asks is she right Arnav? She realizes it was Rohan, then apologizes as she really thought it was Arnav. Veer was busy eating and asks for salad.

Rohan and Mishti move their hand ahead at once, Rohan’s plate spills over his dress. Rohan leaves the table as he is done. Pari decides to go and help him, then returns. Mishti stands besides Pari and whispers that there isn’t a need to value that guy, he is extremely rude. Veer turns to leave, Radhika sends Mishti to see him off.
In the kitchen, Pari wonders what problem Mishti has with Rohan. The vegetable was spilt over Rohan, still Mishti has a problem with him. Arnav comes to the kitchen and overhearing her self-talk, he ruins his own shirt with the vegetable. Pari offers to clean his shirt and spills a whole jug of water over him. She exclaims he is so cute.
Rohan comes out to ask about Veer. Radhika says he just left. Outside the apartment, Veer tells Mishti I love you. Rohan opens the door to find them kiss. He slaps the door back and hurries inside. There, Mishti says I love you too to Veer. Inside, Rohan hits Pari who slips into his arms. He asks if she is fine, and goes back into his room. In the room, he punches the wall aggressively. Mishti comes inside and asks what she said to Rohan. Mishti says she would never speak to Rohan if she can. They hear a box fell on the floor inside. Rohan throws the tissue with Mishti’s lipstick print away, he wonders if Veer and Mishti are together and kiss each other, why it affects him. Mishti and Pari open the room door. Mishti look around. Pari asks if he is fine, they could hear the bangs from the room. Rohan cautiously picks the tissue and says one must knock before entering someone’s room.

Arnav looked at fashion photos. Sukhmani asks Arnav if he is looking for a career options. It’s a good field by the way. Sukhmani says may be some model may gift him some lift that way. She inquires Arnav what the problem of his life is. If he had a fight with Pari. Sukhmani says it’s visible from his face that he fought with Pari. Arnav says it seems it’s time to fight now. It was late at night. Mishti snatches Ansh’s cell phone and tells him to get to sleep. Mishti gets a call from a client. She argues the client that she can’t lessen the amount from 15 lacs as it’s a realistic and minimal amount. Moreover, it will take at least 12 days to check all the details of work.

The client says Mishti’s sister signed the contract that she can complete the work in eight days, he is giving the margin of two days. Mishti says there might be some misunderstanding, Pari only looks after creative department and might have demanded time for her work; she promises to call him back. She then comes into Pari’s room who was dancing with music on. She snatches the headphones and scolds Pari. She asks Pari if she even realized why they started the company, and she took this project right before her marriage. So that they can be financially stable and Pari can handle a full project under her supervision to continue with their business. Rohan came outside the room and hears this. She must think about some profit margin, and buffer time as well. Pari says Mishti had seen the proposal. Mishti replies she didn’t approve it. She tells Pari that she needs to take all these decisions now, she wonders what will happen to their company. God forbid, what if something happens to her in future. Pari at once stuffs Mishti’s mouth shut. Rohan goes to the kitchen, takes a bottle from refrigerator. Mishti tells Pari to be practical, they didn’t wish but Mom Dad left them. Pari was weepy and leaves the room.

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