The Evil Eye Update Tuesday 9 February 2021


The Evil Eye 9 February 2021: Family is searching for Ansh and Piya. Chitali shows her some injured people and a small kid there, she says she might need our help. Nishant is vary. They go to woman and girl but they become zombies and start running behind them.Ansh and Piya sits in car. They are surrounded by zombies.

Mohana says I got weak because of this zombie circle, I have to end it soon. She sees a man in jungle and says I will use him till then. She eats him. He dies. She says I needed this much power only. Man wakes up again and becomes zombie. Mohana is stunned and says I made him zombie by killing him, she runs from there, he runs behind her with an axe. Ansh and Piya are looking for car keys. Piya says do it fast, they can break glass. Piya says if they dont see us then they will leave.
The put newspapers around glass of car. Zombies leave from there.

Mohana is running and says once I am out of circle then zombies wont follow me. She stumbles and falls down. She sees more zombies approaching her.

Ansh throws his phone at zombies so they are distracted. She silently gets down from car and bring Piya out. Zombies turn to them. Mohana sees them coming and runs from there. She gets surrounded them so she jumps on tree. She sees many zombies trying to attack her from below. Ansh and Piya sees zombies coming to them. Ansh uses power and throws car at them. He runs with Piya. Mohana says I dont have my powers otherwise I would deal with them, I have to get out of this circle. She jumps to another tree. Family is running away from zombies. They get surrounded. Nishant says if they bite us then we are not saved. Suddenly trees fall around them so they are safe from zombies. Ansh and Piya comes there and says we have to leave fast.

Mohana falls down from tree due to being weak, she tries to crawl away. Zombies are following her.”Nishant says we are far away, maybe zombies wont follow us now. Avi asks who are they? Nishant says someone made a circle in this area to turn people into zombies. Vedsheree says Mohana must have done it.Saanvi says to Naman that eclipse night is coming so that devil will come out for hunt, she looks at girls’ photos and says she is in two pictures so she might be his next target.

Vedsheree asks what if we break this circle? Nishant says we cant, we have to leave this circle. Shekhar says what about baby? Piya says I think baby is in old house and he is safe there. They see more zombies coming there. Chitali says we have to leave. Nishant says we can distract them and Ansh-Piya can go to bring baby. Piya says they are dangerous. Vedsheree says dont worry, baby needs you, go. Ansh and Piya leaves. Nishant and family members make noise to call zombies to them.

Saanvi shows details of girl to priest. He sees her kundli and says we are right, she has that sign. Saanvi says that creature will attack her then, this girl will help us in getting him. Family is calling zombies to them. Chitali falls down. Avi takes her and puts her in car. She says take care of yourself. Avi puts newspapers around windows and says dont get down.Zombies are going towards family. They go behind wired walls so they cant hurt them.


Piya and Ansh comes near house. Piya says Sarpraj protects it. Ansh says he would let us come in? She says yes, we dont mean any harm. They come inside and sees snake protecting their baby. She comes inside. Ansh is outside. Piya says he knows its our baby. Ansh thanks Sarpraj. Snake leaves. Piya holds her baby. Ansh hears zombies coming there and closes doors. Family is caught by a man. He points gun at them and says did they bite you? Show your hands. They do.

Nishant says we are not zombies. He says good, I am Rudrapartap, they bit my wife too. Nishant says sorry. Rudra let them in their house. Vedsheree sees scream of a woman and says it might be Piya.
Piya hides baby in shawl and ties it around her back. Piya says we have to leave. Ansh ties cloth around his and her arms so zombies cant bite them. Rudra gives gun to family. Nishant says they are not alive, just dead zombies. Ansh opens door and kicks zombies away. Piya and Ansh hold hands and come out of house. Zombies are approaching a woman but family comes there and starts shooting them. They beat them. Ansh fights with zombies and runs with Piya. Ansh sees river and says jump in river, they cant come there. She says I wont leave you, he says no and throws her in water.

Vedsheree shoots zombies and protects Shekhar. They pull woman and brings her in house.Piya sees zombies surrounding Ansh and gets worried but Ansh pushes them all away. Ansh jumps in water and asks baby is safe? She nods. Family says to woman that you are safe here. She takes off veil. Vedsheree says Mohana? Rudra says you know her? Ansh says to Piya we are safe in water but how will we get out? Piya says I have a solution. She uses her powers to create a wave in water and throws it on zombies, they all burn.
Vedsheree says to Mohana that you should be ashamed for what you did. Avi says we cant forgive her. Mohana says you are weak and wont kill me. Rudra points gun at her and says I am not weak, I wont spare you, I lost my wife because of you. Avi says you dont know who she is, he says I dont care and shoots at her. Nishant says if you kill her then we cant stop this mess. Vedsheree says what to do now? Nishant says I will tie her where she cant hurt our baby. Shekhar gets Ansh’s call and says baby is safe. Nishant says I have a way to get out of here.

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