Complicated Love Update Tuesday 9 February 2021

Complicated Love 9 February 2021: Pari sat in the lawn, crying of Mishti’s scolding. Inside, Mishti was upset and feels she said a lot to Pari. Rohan notices Pari’s sob and asks all ok. Pari apologizes as she didn’t know he was here. Rohan sits with her. Pari says she tries a lot to be like Mishti, but she always makes mistakes. Mishti expects a lot from her, she is unable to fulfil any single of her expectation. She can’t take the right decisions; that’s not me.

Mishti is perfect, she always speaks, wears and decides perfectly. But what is her mistake in all this. It seems perfection ended after Mishti.Mishti comes to the kitchen and takes two drinks for herself and Pari to the terrace.Pari asks Rohan what she must do that Mishti is never disappointed from her. Rohan asks Pari why she wants to be Mishti, she is Pari and must become Pari. She is different, and be herself. She must improvise herself, she will be perfect in her own way. Mishti hears this conversation. Rohan offers a beer to Pari which she accepts.

Mishtiwonders why Pari spoke her heart out to a stranger, how much she knows Rohan that she shared their matter with Rohan. She always shed tears on her shoulders. Mishti leaves.Rohan tells Pari that Mishti isn’t wrong. She wish that Pari, her younger sister is independent and takes her decisions herself. It’s a win-win situation. Mishti is elder, and older has to think about the younger one. She must take risks, she would fall down but then one day be able to step up ahead. Pari cheers at his soothing words.Mishti and Pari separately dream of Rohan. Both sit up. Before Pari could speak to Mishti, she lay back in bed again. Pari thinks Mishti seems annoyed. Mishti thinks Rohan is a trouble, he created distance between her and her sister.

In the morning, Mishti notices a towel lying on a table nearby and feels angry for Ansh. Radhika tells Mishti that Ansh went to jogging with Rohan. She appreciates Rohan as Ansh is a fan of him and is adopting good habits. It matters a lot when there is another man in the house. Mishti asks what she means, Veer is also there. Radhika tells Mishti that Veer is a brother in law and can’t speak that freely, moreover if Ansh pours his questions over Veer, there won’t be any time left for Mishti and Veer’s relationship. She says even Pari is also changed. Pari woke up at six in the morning, went for jogging with Arnav. Mishti was astonished to hear this change in habit. Radhika was convinced of Rohan’s personality. Ansh and Pari return with Rohan. Ansh apologizes Mishti for leaving the towel on the chair. Mishti stared at them aggressively. Rohan also picks his own towel. Mishti clarifies to Ansh and indirectly Rohan that in this house, used towels go in laundry bag. Rohan walks with his towel but his jersey slips over the floor.

Pari follows Mishti to kitchen and asks if she is ignoring her; she tried to speak to her at night as well. Mishti replies she is only doing her work. Pari promises to work as well, wholeheartedly. She was emotional and asks Mishti why she is being angry this time. Mishti breaks down and says she is hurt, she never felt such distant today. To be honest, she heard Pari and Rohan’s conversation. She doesn’t care what Pari speaks to Rohan but why discuss her. Pari says they were only discussing she always hurt Mishti unintentionally. She hugs Mishti. Mishti was clueless how Pari could feel so easy with him in such a short time. Pari wasn’t clear how she could speak her heart out with him so easily, though she never does. She only meant to say she couldn’t be like Mishti. Mishti asks Pari to be herself, be Pari; she doesn’t need to be Mishti. Pari tells Mishti that Rohan exactly said the same. He also said Mishti is right, she must think from her point of view as well. He also suggested her to meet the client and try to convince them that Mishti is right. Mishti was curt that now Rohan would decide if she is right or wrong.

She can in no way take her professional decisions on his opinion. Pari tries to convince Mishti that Rohan was right. She walks outside and was about to slip over the fallen jersey. Furious, she takes the jersey to Rohan’s room, Pari following.
Rohan was doing pushups in his room. Mishti opens the door and throws the jersey on the floor in front of him. She warns him to keep his belongings into his own rooms, this is their house. Rohan tells Pari that he is a paying guest but deserves some privacy. She must ask his permission to enter his room and speak to him next time. Mishti questions if he is some prince. Rohan asserts this room is his and he is the prince here. He has already given an advance of four months, and throws the agreement copy over Pari’s face. Pari tries to ease the situation. Pari says he must keep his belongings into his own room else he would find them in the dustbin. Rohan walks ahead to push Mishti outside and says he hates it if someone evades his privacy without permission.

Mishti counts her rules to Rohan and steps forward towards him. She tells Rohan that this is her room and she decides the rules. He can’t change the interior of the room, no more lights needed, he must be back by ten at night. Rohan tells Pari he isn’t a school student, not fashion photographer and will return only when his work is done. Pari tries to reduce the tension and says she will give the keys to Rohan, Mishti gives Pari a stare. She carries on that dinner will be served only till nine at night. And he must not get indulged with her family, and be a paying guest. Rohan says today she committed this mistake, she shouldn’t replace it.

Mishti gets a call from Veer to meet her, and select a card. Mishti asks Pari to accompany her in card selection. Pari says Veer is going already, and they have made the selection on phone. Mishti confirms if its really a business meeting, or there is some other reason. Pari asks Mishti what’s the problem with Rohan. She assures Mishti is the most important person in her life after her parents. And promises if Mishti has a problem, she won’t speak to Rohan at all. Mishti feels bad. Pari tells Mishti that a promise is always a promise, and Pari never breaks her promises. She asks Mishti for a hug now. Rohan was in the hall and answers the doorbell. It was Arnav on the door. He welcomes him inside. Inside, Rohan hits Pari. Arnav was concerned if something happened to her.

Pari was irritated and replies she is fine, why Arnav behaves weird. She turns to leave. Rohan says all the best to Pari. Pari leaves without replying. Rohan gets a call from Veer and apologizes for coming over as he has to go for a photo shoot. Mishti was trying Veer’s phone. Veer asks Rohan to hand the phone to Mishti, it’s only to drop her. Rohan was reluctant but hands the phone to Mishti. Veer tells Mishti he is aware her car went punctured. Mishti asks how he knows. Veer replies she is her responsibility and it’s not any breaking news. She must come over with Rohan, he has invited Rohan for card selection as well because he has to cover the event. Mishti agrees. Rohan thinks she agreed to Veer so easily.

During the drive, Mishti gives a note to Rohan that she has written her whole schedule here, he is too fond of spying in her life and getting the news to Veer. Rohan throws the note away, then plays music “Aey Dil Ijazat”. Mishti turns the music off. Rohan stops the jeep outside the apartment. He gets a call from Veer and says they just reached. Mishti had come out of the jeep. Both Rohan and Mishti share looks with each other. Mishti steps over a stone and fells over Rohan. His shirt’s buttons pushed open by her grip. They straighten up. Mishti notices a scratch of her nails over his bare chest. Rohan walks inside without a word. Mishti clears the sweat beads from over her forehead.

In the corridor, Rohan was thinking about Mishti. He wonders what’s wrong with him, why her details are engraved over his mind. He can’t think about anything else when she is around. He thinks it’s wrong, she belongs to someone else and he must not think about her this way. She can never be his. Pari and Rohan come for a meeting with the client. She was in time. The receptionist didn’t allow. Pari enters the office straight away. The client welcomes her. Pari clarifies to the client there was a mistake by her in the contract. His work might not be able to complete in eight days, and the budget would also be raised by 25%.

The client calls their attitude unprofessional. Pari says she is apologizing, it’s her first independent project and she didn’t want any mistake. This is her final quotation. He might cancel the deal, it’s his right as a client. She can’t compromise her creativity and needs her required time to provide quality services.

Outside the office, Arnav complements Pari for her changed attitude. Pari says it’s Rohan who told her to be herself. Arnav taunts she listens to her heart more than her minds today. Pari was irritated and shouts at Arnav that everyone asserts themselves over her, there Mishti and here Arnav is taunting. She likes Rohan, is it a big deal. She realizes her over reaction and gets calmer, then says Rohan is a nice guy and walks ahead. She thinks to herself what she just said to Arnav. Rohan is only a friend, that’s it.Mishti comes into the restaurant. Rohan was waiting on a table. Both felt awkward. Beer was served for Rohan. He stands up and turns to leave in the hurry, asks Mishti to apologize Veer from his side. Veer comes there and forces Rohan to sit. He gives Mishti a hug saying I missed you so much. Rohan gulps more than half of beer bottle in a quest to control himself. Veer says it seems both had a fight with each other. He notices the scratches over his chest and asks why he didn’t tell him the matter worsened so much. Rohan was shocked.

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