Complicated Love Update Friday 5 February 2021


Complicated Love 5 February 2021: Radhika corrects Ansh’s hair. Pari returns home, lost in thoughts of Rohan. Radhika asks if she spoke to the caterer, Pari only nods and walks ahead. Radhika wonders what happened to her, Ansh laughs that it’s exactly Sukhmani Bua’s impact. Radhika asks Ansh to call Mishti that they will meet in the club. Ansh confirms that Arnav is also in the club. Pari was in deep thoughts about Rohan, and gets ready in front of the mirror.

Mishti was walking around the garden of the hotel. Arnav was looking after floral arrangements. Mishti comes there. Arnav reminds about the crystal show pieces and confirms he will arrange them. Sukhmani and Radhika arrive. Sukhmani was excited for party, dancing and drinking. Mishti turns around to see Pari walk in makeup. Ansh compliments that Pari looks
extremely pretty, and jokes what if Veer puts a ring into her finger. Everyone stare at Ansh for his idiotic joke. Mishti turns to look at Pari who felt nervous at once. Pari thinks what happened to her, why she is doing all this; she turns around and runs outside. Arnav follows Pari. Mishti scolds Ansh for speaking unthoughtfully.

Rohan smiled watching Mishti’s photos on his camera. Veer comes from behind and finds Rohan lost in deep thoughts. Rohan tells Veer he saw a girl today and was stunned at her sight. Veer teases which girlfriend would she be. Rohan says it will take time to make her a girlfriend. Veer claims his fiancé must be much better than his girl; he was about to show Mishti’s photo but his phone bell rings. He leaves.
Everyone danced in the party. Sukhmani dances with the male performer on stage. Veer stood near the bar with Rohan. Veer introduces Arnav to Rohan as his friend and a fashion photographer. Rohan doesn’t let Ansh drink in the party but Ansh grabs a few shots for himself. Veer asks Rohan if he is bored; they decide to go to Mishti’s party. Rohan reminds him it’s a bachelorette going on. Veer says he is getting married to her, he is allowed everywhere. Sukhmani brings Radhika to the stage where the male performer now dances with her. The girls cheer while Radhika felt ashamed.

Mishti and Pari now come on stage to dance with the performer who was now shirtless. Veer and Arnav come in. Veer claims that’s my girl. Rohan says there are two girls, which one is his. Rohan recognizes Pari as the scooty girl and smiles.Sukhmani watches Veer and Rohan and throws a shoe towards the running men. She scolds the guard that someone was taking fun of their party. Outside, Rohan asks Veer what kind of ladies they are, no one throws a sandal this way.

The next morning, Arnav, Mishti and Pari had severe head ache. Sukhmani was fresh and boasts about her capacity. An omelet was served but Arnav forbids Pari to have it, it has mushrooms and she is allergic to them. Pari felt dizzy, Arnav supports her over his shoulder. Mishti offers them her car. Sukhmani asks Mishti if she really thinks their game can be set. Mishti says everyone is aware of what’s in Arnav’s heart; the problem is with our Pari. Pari is commitment phobic, she is afraid of falling in love. Sukhmani says life isn’t interesting till there aren’t any guys. Sukhmani inquires Mishti if she ever had some guy in the past. Mishti says she had decided earlier that she will marry the one she will fall in love for once. He can hear her heart out, and cares for her and her family. Sukhmani says this seems such a perfect fairy tale.

She boasts about how Veer selected the ring she liked, and sensed she didn’t like his mother’s choice. Sukhmani calls her love story as a boring one. Mishti claims to be very happy, she doesn’t want any adventure in her life. Sukhmani says we must have huge expectations in life, Mishti doesn’t seem daring. She points towards an old man and says she can kiss him and even get a proposal for date for herself. Mishti stops Sukhmani from leaving the table, as she trusts Sukhmani. Sukhmani now dares Mishti. She points towards a guy standing with his back towards them, she asks Mishti to go and kiss him else she will find this ugly old man with her in every party. She says Radhika has turned their lives black and white, and there is no adventure. Mishti thinks for a while, then walks towards the guy. It was Rohan who had just turned backward. Mishti kiss his cheek and runs out of the restaurant with Sukhmani. Rohan recognized Mishti, and takes her lipstick mark from his face, over a tissue paper.


Radhika comes to Pari with a jewelry set she had gifted Mauli. She wished Mishti wears it for her engagement. Pari says its engagement, why Radhika is in tears then. Mishti will surely wear this jewelry. Radhika says she knows Veer is a very nice guy, but confirms if Mishti will actually be happy after marrying Veer. Pari says Mishti is marrying whom she loves, Veer’s family is also nice. Radhika says she knows Veer’s family is very nice, but Mishti is extremely different. She is trying hard to live as her their expectations, but she has always taken the decisions in this house; would they be able to understand her decisions. Pari hugs Radhika and says she hates Radhika crying, Mishti is her granddaughter; she will live better than they have expected. Mishti has always got everything perfect. Veer has all the qualities Mishti wished for herself. Arnav hears this from the door, then comes into the room posing being busy on phone. He tells Radhika she gave an ad for photographers, he is getting guys calls since morning. Pari at once notices she had given false gender requirement in the ad. Arnav gives the cell phone to Ansh.

Sukhmani consoles Mishti that it was a drama only. Mishti felt extremely bad about her act. Sukhmani consoles her that Veer must also have kissed a number of guys, and it was a mere dare. Veer and Rohan arrive together, but Rohan was busy with his phone and stays outside. Veer comes to Mishti and asks why she didn’t pick up his calls. Mishti was a bit lost, then inquires Veer about his party. Veer says it was the same as his. Mishti asks Veer if he doesn’t care she kissed someone in her bachelorette. Veer thinks for a while, then says he knows she must have kissed on cheeks. It doesn’t matter, but it would matter after marriage. Mishti asks if there were strippers in their party as well. Veer replies it doesn’t matter, it was bachelorette party and what happened was meant to be. Ansh comes out still busy with the calls for photographers. Veer says he has a guy and Dadi can meet him right away. Pari calls Mishti aside and shows her the jewelry Mauli had worn on her wedding with Ishaan. Mishti gets teary, then asks Pari to keep them with herself. After all Pari will do her makeover.
Mishti sat on the pool side and regretted the dare. Rohan spots her there. He grabs the drink from her hand, sips from it and complements it to be nice. Mishti asks if she knows him. He replies definitely, she just kissed him. Mishti apologizes him, and tells him to back off; else she might call the guards. Rohan instead walks closer and holds her by arms. Veer was coming from the other side.

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