Complicated Love Update Monday 18 January 2021


Complicated Love 18 January 2021: Ishaan comes dressed up in the morning. Sandhya asks if he would go to Mehndi this way. Ishaan says he has to meet a client today as it’s urgent. He hurries promising to do Bhangra upon her return.

In the hospital, Kunal was curt over Mauli for leaving him in such a condition, if she only cares for her profession. Radhika and Dida come to him. Kunal asks about Mauli, he was upset and tells her to inform Mauli he has died, she will understand his value only when he isn’t around. He removes his bandage and canula to go home. He can take care of himself and even his wife is a doctor. Radhika and Dida were tensed how they can take Kunal home and tell him that Mauli is no more in his life.

Mauli gets her henna applied in a festive function at Ishaan’s house. Sandhya dances happily. Pari runs inside to Mauli ruining her henna. Mauli asks Pari why she is crying. Pari asks Mauli to come along with her, her Buddy has forgotten her and only takes her name. She requests Mauli to go and tell her Buddy that she is his daughter. Sandhya comes to Pari and says Mauli can’t go outside anymore. Mauli advocates Pari’s condition. Sandhya says Mauli got the henna and Shagun thread. Mauli says this is an emergency. Sandhya tells Mauli she is neither Kunal’s doctor or her relative, his family is there to take care of him. Pari requests Mauli to come with her. Sandhya decides as Mauli’s mother in law that she shouldn’t leave this house. Pari was crying, she requests Sandhya then asks Mishti to convince her mama. Mauli apologizes Sandhya and says she wants to go with Pari right now, she must see Kunal’s condition by herself. She leaves with Pari and Mishti.

At home, Kunal tells Radhika he is sure Mauli is here. She must have wanted to surprise him. He notices the photo frames no more had his and Mauli’s photo. He understands it must be done by Pramilla. Radhika lies that she has given the frames for renovation. Kunal notices some redecorations; then again goes to look for Mauli around the house. Radhika and Dida were tensed. Kunal comes out of the room again and was furious over Mauli who doesn’t care for him at all. Radhika panics and says they must tell Kunal about the truth. Dida wasn’t ready and questions if Radhika wants to lose her son again? The doorbell rings then.

The guest ladies consoles Sandhya that independent women never care for family or men. Sweety says she can’t still believe Mauli didn’t abide by her order and left. Sandhya was angry and tells the servant to throw away all the preparatory items of wedding. Ishaan comes home and asks about Sandhya’s tension, guests and Mauli.
Radhika opens the door. Mauli asks what happened to Kunal, what’s Pari saying? Kunal shouts from inside that she must send Mauli back to hospital. Radhika sends the kids downstairs to play with an advice not to go anywhere. Mauli walks into the house.

Sandhya breaks the mehndi thaal and tells Ishaan that Mauli went where she had to live, to Kunal. They were mistaken in recognizing that girl. She used Ishaan, his care, attention and support in her tough times. She stepped back when Kunal got conscious. She left, from the midst of guests and in spite of her forbiddance. Sweety says she has seen how much Mauli loved Kunal, she was crazy and died for Kunal. She couldn’t see in her eyes the love Mauli had for Kunal.

Mauli was shocked. Kunal says he isn’t going to take it lightly at all, he was shot and was ill but Mauli didn’t care for him at all. She must first say sorry to him. He notices the henna in Mauli’s hands and looks doubtfully. Before Mauli could speak, Kunal says he is aware why she got this henna. She must be preparing for 29th January, their anniversary. He cheers up that he missed her so much, then smells her henna. He says he is aware she hates the smell of henna, still she got it for him. He apologizes and hugs Mauli. Radhika tells Kunal to go and freshen up, he has to eat something and take medicines then. Kunal asks Radhika to call the photographer and tell him to send their photos before anniversary. After Kunal has gone to the room, Mauli asks Radhika what happened to Kunal. Radhika says Mauli shouldn’t have left her Mehndi and come here.

Sandhya tells Ishaan that Mauli never loved him. It is better they have recognized her reality. Ishaan says he asked Mauli if she wants this marriage or not. He was even ready for a delay. She left him at the last moment.Ishaan was driving and dials Mauli’s phone number. He was about to strike a car on the way and saves from an accident. The other driver come asking Ishaan why he didn’t notice a huge car. Ishaan was disturbed.

The girls sat on a bench downstairs. Pramilla offers to play hide and seek. Pari cries that her father has forgotten her at all, she was left all alone. Mishti wipes Pari’s tears and assures her mother will fix everything. Mauli feels pity for Pari who might be disturbed. Radhika cries that they must tell Kunal about everything. Mauli wasn’t ready as Kunal lost his memory. Radhika was tensed as Kunal still thinks she is his wife, he doesn’t recognize Mishti and Pari. They hear Kunal calling Mauli into the room. The ladies hurry inside. Kunal questions Mauli what’s the kids clothes doing in his cupboard. Where is his shirts? Their wedding photos are also missing.


What’s happening, is it a surprise plan? Mauli asks Kunal to relax, he might get unwell. Dida says she is fond of their children and bought all these clothes. Kunal questions why clothes of five year old then. This house seems alien as if he has returned after years. Before they could reply, Kunal’s head bang badly. Mauli helps him into the bed. Kunal doesn’t let Mauli leave his side, Mauli gives him an injection.
Outside in the hall, Radhika and Dida were tensed how they will handle everything. It’s good that Mauli had taken her and Mishti’s photo. Radhika was tensed about the kids. Pari already lost her mother and what about Mishti now, she got normal with Kunal after so long. Ishaan speaks from the door that he will take care of the girls, Pari and Mishti are his responsibility from now onwards. Mauli apologizes Ishaan that she didn’t want to leave the function in the midst, she didn’t want to do this.

Ishaan hugs Mauli and breaks into tears, but he consoles Mauli to relax. Pari told him everything and he can totally understand. He only wish this hadn’t happened between their weddings. She did the best as a good human. He tells Mamma and Dida he understands Kunal had a partial memory loss, his condition might worsen if he gets a shock. They must keep him in six years ago state. Mauli panics, she tells Ishaan how this is possible. It took her six years to move on from that turning in her life, she can’t walk straight back to that point again. Kunal lost his memory, she didn’t. Pari requests Mauli to stay with her Buddy, else he might never recover. Mauli asks Pari to understand she can’t live with Kunal. Mishti assures Pari that her Mama will fix the matter, he will surely recognize Pari. Mishti now requests Mauli to stay with Dr. Kunal. Dida says she isn’t rightful, but she requests instead begs Mauli to save their Kunal. Mauli requests Dida to try and understand that she can’t do this. Ishaan takes Mauli aside to speak to her. In the balcony, Mauli tells Ishaan they are about to get married; how is it possible. She can’t hurt Ishaan this way. Ishaan tells Mauli she isn’t a wife but a doctor, she must treat Kunal as a doctor.

He will speak to his mother and they will marry, though it’s difficult for both of them but there is no other option. Mauli tells Ishaan there is no surety Kunal will be find. Ishaan smiles that they must begin, and will see the results as time passes by. He assures I trust you. Mauli comes into the hall and agrees to stay here. Mishti and Pari come to hug Mauli.

It was night. Sweety comes to Sandhya tensed for Ishaan. Sandhya says it took a lot of time to connect this relation, it can’t break all at once. She must only pray that whenever Ishaan returns, he is a son and not Mauli’s love anymore. She is sure Ishaan will forgive Mauli forever. The doorbell rings. Sweety opens the door. Mishti and Pari come inside along with Ishaan. Ishaan informs his mother that Mishti and Pari will stay here for a few days. He tells Mishti to take Pari inside, freshen up and afterwards they will have dinner. Sandhya was angry over Ishaan.

He asks where Mauli is. Ishaan tells Sandhya that Kunal had partial memory loss, he doesn’t remember these are his daughters and considers Mauli as his wife. Ishaan convince Sandhya that it’s about Pari’s sympathy. Sandhya claims this is madness. How can he leave Mauli to Kunal, and is even ready to nurse his daughters. Is there any guarantee that Mauli won’t fell for Kunal again. He can’t destroy his own life and sacrifice his own happiness. With much efforts, she made Mauli accept her condition and leave her past relations. Ishaan interrupts and asks Sandhya which condition?

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