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Complicated Love 19 January 2021: Ishaan understands himself that Sandhya must have placed the condition for Mauli to leave Kunal’s family. Does she understand how much it hurt him, because Mauli avoided him? Sandhya says she only thought for her son, and right now she can’t bear Kunal and Mauli’s daughters here in this house; whether she will live here or these girls. Ishaan politely tells Sandhya she must visit Delhi, he will book her tickets. These girls have no place to live but Sandhya has a house.

Mauli takes her pillow into the hall and sleeps on the couch. Kunal wakes up during the night, he sits beside Mauli caressing her hair and bends to kiss her cheek. Mauli sits up at once. Kunal asks her to relax, it’s me only. He asks why she is sleeping on the couch here. Mauli says she thought about reading
a bit then fall asleep. She says she is really sleepy. Kunal offers to pick her up. Mauli walks with him into the room. Kunal had fallen asleep while Mauli lay haunted by Kunal and her breakup. Kunal turns to her side and place her hand over Mauli’s stomach.

The next morning, Ishaan cooks breakfast for the girls. Pari and Mishti taps the table demanding breakfast. Ishaan asks them to keep patience, its world’s best chef cooking pancakes for them. There will be yummy chocolates in it and they will surely enjoy it. He flips a pancake but instead of going into the plate, it jumps on the floor. Ishaan makes up that it’s a secret recipe to turn the pancake tasty. He now serves the burnt pancakes with chocolate. Mishti was sad. Ishaan offers to cook something else for her. Mishti says Mama daily makes such chocolate smiley in her lunch box. Pari tells Mishti that her mama must be missing her, she is sure her Buddy won’t miss her as he totally forgot her; still she miss her Buddy. Ishaan holds Pari into his arms and promises to take them to Mauli after school.

Ishaan gets a call from Mauli, she was concerned for the girls. Ishaan says she is a little late, they just left for school. He asks Mauli if she is fine. Mauli says handling Kunal is really tough and even Mishti isn’t here; still life is easier with him by her side. Ishaan says he promised girls to bring them meet her. Mauli was happy. Kunal comes to hug Mauli from behind, cheerfully wishing happy anniversary. Mauli was disturbed. Kunal asks why she is sad on their anniversary and inquires who is on the call. Ishaan controls himself and cuts the call. Mauli tells Kunal it was a patient. Kunal says today there will be only two of them today. He drags her closer and says these are husband’s orders and not a request. Mauli was uncomfortable with the hug. Radhika comes to wish them anniversary. Kunal asks about the newspaper but Mauli says the newspaper vendor was on a leave today. Kunal asks Radhika for a cup of tea and goes inside. Radhika asks Mauli why she lied about the newspaper. Mauli says Kunal lives in 2013 while they are living in 2019, she wonders how he had reacted. She even changed the date on his phone.

At the breakfast table, Kunal greets Dida. Dida blesses him but Kunal complains that these wishes aren’t what she always grant them. Radhika comes for breakfast and tells Kunal Mauli has left for clinic, she will be back earlier. Kunal was shocked to know and wonders what happened to Mauli, she seems changed. Radhika says Mauli has responsibilities towards her patients as well. Dida says they are both busy people, none could even have stopped him from going to clinic if he wasn’t well. Kunal agrees, then asks Dida to bring the kheer Mauli must have cooked. Radhika scolds Kunal for demanding unhealthy food while he is ill. Kunal senses something strange, it’s their anniversary still there is neither Mauli nor her kheer. Radhika says Mauli promised to return earlier, and then she will prepare kheer and Halwa for him. Kunal was annoyed that they always take Mauli’s side.

In the clinic, Mauli gets a call from Radhika. Radhika tells her that Kunal expected Halwa and Kheer. Mauli recalls everything from the past, then tells Radhika she will prepare Halwa but won’t be able to cook the kheer. Mishti and Pari come to office with Ishaan. Mishti warmly hugs Mauli. Mauli asks Pari to hug her as well. Ishaan asks Pari to give these laddu to her Buddy; it’s her Mama’s birthday. They always visited Mata Rani’s temple on this date, so she brought these Laddu. Pari was upset. Mauli speaks to Pari that soon her Buddy will be fine, and then they will live at their own houses. Mauli sends the girls to see babies in the nursery. Mauli comes to Ishaan and thanks him, she couldn’t have done this without him. Ishaan says Mauli is a magician, she can handle anything. Mauli says it’s not easy for Ishaan, he doesn’t even show all this. Mauli says when Kunal called her Jaana… Ishaan says Kunal called her Jaana, and he lost his Jaan (life). He then seriously says he decided he will never call her Jaana and will think about another name. He teases Mauli that he will call her by other names, and laughs that it can be Baby… Mauli hugs Ishaan.

Kunal instructs the hotel manager about the décor, with Mauli’s favorite flowers, candle fragrance, and music list for guitarist. The manager asks which anniversary is this, Kunal replies it’s the special one.
Mauli returns home and hurries to the kitchen where Radhika had kept everything ready. Mauli asks about Kunal. Radhika complements that the house can be filled with fragrance even if Mauli cooks the halwa in sleep. Kunal comes home excited about the halwa. He says Mauli is being a miser in giving him time, she shouldn’t be a miser in serving Halwa. Mauli serves the Halwa. Kunal stares at Mauli and complains there is no kheer. It’s the only day he is allowed two sweets in the year. Radhika brings the kheer for him. Kunal says he is happy that it’s because of Mauli’s secret friend that he gets to eat this kheer, no matter she didn’t tell him the name but happy birthday to her anyway. Mauli says Nandini, her name is Nandini. Dida was worried about how Kunal reacts to this.


Kunal was happy as both sweets were tasty. He says it’s due to her secret friend they get the kheer each year, though he doesn’t even know her name. Mauli says her name is Nandini. Kunal stops by at once. Radhika asks if Kunal knows Nandini or ever met her. Kunal says he heard her name for the first time, how can he meet her. He was only thoughtful how Mauli shared her name so easily. He smiles that anyway, maybe he and Nandini become extremely good friends in future; she brings him the kind of happiness that Mauli never does… the sweets. It’s only Nandini’s birthday and his anniversary that he gets the kheer. Mauli says Kunal is right, this day really brings happiness to Kunal. She presents the Laddu of Pari and says this was sent by a patient, it’s her mother’s birthday as well.

Kunalwas excited and loves the sweets. He tastes another bite from the Laddu and senses this is the Laddu from Mata Rani, he visits there every year for this sweet only. Radhika wonders with whom Kunal visits that temple each year. Mauli says she, Radhika or Dida never visited this temple. He must have gone with someone else. Kunal laughs that Mauli forgets easily these days, it seems she suffers from short term memory loss.
Ishaan was happy and tells Mauli it’s a good news that Kunal remembers the temple. Ishaan assures he will soon be fine because he is in good hands. They will get married the day Kunal is fine again, and wish he isn’t old by that day.

Mauli was getting ready in the room. Kunal comes there, stares at her for a while then picks her earring. He says these earrings suits her like the stars in front of moon. He asks May I? Mauli tries to avoid and wears the earrings by herself. She asks Kunal why he made such extensive plan, he isn’t completely well. They can order anything he wish to and celebrate it with Mamma and Dida as well. Kunal asks Mauli not to be a spoiler, he wish to be with her for some time. Kunal says he wish for a dinner date with his wife, is he asking for too much? Mauli was ready to go. Kunal says she isn’t completely ready yet, then picks up the Sindoor box. Mauli was helpless as Kunal applies the Sindoor. Kunal and Nandini’s love story, and their divorce echoes in Mauli’s mind. Kunal forwards his hand for Mauli to leave.

In the hall, Radhika asks if they are going outside. Radhika asks Kunal about Mauli’s gift. Kunal says it’s going to be the same like last anniversary, he got a tattoo over his finger. Kunal was shocked not to find the Tattoo on his finger anymore. Mauli says it alright, he fell off from a height and was injured, may be the skin peeled off. What’s important is that they are together. Radhika sends Kunal downstairs to take the car. Radhika joins her hands to Mauli in apology, and was thankful for Mauli to handle it all. Dida was distressed that how they will handle all this. Mauli assures that Kunal will soon be fine.

Ishaan convince the girls to finish their food. Mishti wasn’t in a mood to eat vegetable. Their doorbell rings. Radhika greets the girls and shows them the pizza she brought. Ishaan says Radhika is ruining them. The girls cheer and takes the pizza on the table. Ishaan and Radhika sat together. Radhika says she is thankful to God that Ishaan was here, else they couldn’t have handled Kunal. Ishaan must feel bad as they are Kunal’s daughters. Ishaan says it’s none of Pari’s mistake. Radhika says she is extremely guilty, Ishaan and Mauli must have been getting married and wish to apologize Sandhya as well. Ishaan tells Radhika that Sandhya isn’t here, she left for Delhi. She objected whatever was happening here, it was better for her to leave for Delhi at such a time. Radhika was sorry to hurt Sandhya unknowingly. Ishaan says Sandhya is his mother, she won’t be able to stay angry for long. Radhika says she won’t be able to pay back what she owes Ishaan. Ishaan takes her into his hug.

Kunal brings Mauli blindfolded into a fully decorated room. He makes her sit on a bed. Mauli asks if this is a new restaurant. Kunal tells her to get ready, it’s a surprise for her. Mauli was nervous. Kunal says it’s a small game only and tells her to relax. He rubs a rose over her face. Mauli jumps but Kunal asks her to guess what it is. Mauli says it’s a rose, the smell indicates.

She wanted to remove the blindfold as she is hungry. Kunal now takes a strawberry and asks her to guess. Mauli says it’s a fruit and tries to bite it. Mauli says this is a walnut. Kunal wins a point for himself now. Mauli wanted to remove the blindfold. Kunal says it’s a tie, the next one will be decisive. Mauli asks what if she wins. Kunal says they will both be winners in this game, is she ready. He bends to kiss Mauli.

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