Young Love Update Tuesday 19 January 2021

Young Love 19 January 2021: Starts with Nandini bringing food for Krish and asks him to have food. Krish says he is not hungry. Nandini says you haven’t taken food since yesterday. She says it is not easy for me to bear him in the house. She asks him to look at the matter with maturity. Krish throws the food plate and says you are mature and I am not. My thinking is narrow, and yours is wide, and that’s why I have to do whatever you says. Nandini asks him to talk slow. Krish says you are risking mom’s life. Nandini asks him to accept that Kundan will stay in the house. Krish asks her to accept that their relation can’t be normal until he is here. Karuna. Triveni and Kundan come there. Karuna asks what happened? Nandini says it was a light argument. Karuna says it is not light fight and asks them to tell her.

She says elders can resolve the fight. Kundan says elder should know that children can solve the matter. He takes her with him. Triveni looks on and says you have splashed food and asks her to clean it. She asks her to come to kitchen. Nandini looks on. She thinks how to make you believe Krish that I am doing this for this house happiness.
Shivam comes to the gold shop indisguise of an income tax officer. Gold shop owner tries to bribe him and asks him to take whatever he wants. Shivam looks at Sudha’s necklace which is on display and asks him to pack it. Owner says okay.

Kundan is doing sadhna. Triveni comes and says you reminded me of the rakshas doing jaap. Karuna says jiji. Kundan says it is okay and goes to light diya in the temple. Karuna tells her Kundan did maha mrityunjap for her. Triveni goes to temple and blows the lamp. Kundan says I was doing paat. Triveni asks him not to lie and says Sita ji was fooled by Ravan, but don’t fool me. Nandini told me everything. She says you are silent and it means she was right, else you would have said hai tauba. She asks him to say the truth. Kundan is shocked and thinks what t say. Triveni asks him to say fast. Kundan says I was thinking, you have always supported truth and asks why you are taking her side.

Triveni asks him not to hide anything.
Kundan says Nandini has become him puppet and says he is following her instructions. He says Nandini don’t care about anyone. She is very clever and cunning and want to control everyone. He says she has filled Krish’s ears and make him against me. She thinks we are nothing infront of her and says Nandini tried to kill me last night and says Krish came inbetween and saved me. Triveni asks what you are saying? Kundan says I respect you a lot and that’s why want to suggest you something. He asks her to be careful and says you are her next target. Triveni says I will teach her a lesson and asks him to go and do jaap. Kundan goes. Triveni thinks if there is any truth in your talk then I will fasten the rope.

Nandini is worried thinking about Krish’s anger. She says how to make you believe that I need you very much at this time. She calls at hospital no. and comes to know that Krish haven’t come today. She worries for his life and wonders where are you…Krish?Nandini calling in hospital and enquire about krish and get tensed thinking about him that where did he went. Just than krish arrives and nandini hugs him; and he jerks her off. Nandini ask him why he is angery till now? Krish taunts her related to kundan/abhiram and about his age related maturity. Adding that he can’t handdle things related to family.

Nandini ask him what you want me to do- telling Mom truth?? So whats the guarantee that she will not react bad?? Krish ask what if she comes to know afterwards. Will she not react bad than? And what if mom comes closer to that Kundan?? In room krish goes out to sleep; but nandini stops him saying what will mom think? Krish stops and say i will be stay in one room faar from you; till that kundan is here.

At breakfast table Karuna stops Krish and ask him to have breakfast. Kundan says to Karuna that its good to have breakfast together with family and offer her milk. And takes back by saying that i forgot to add jadi buti (aryuvedic medicine) that i brought from Vedh ji (aryuvedic dr.). Krish looks stunt. Krish throws the milk glass and everyone looks at him. He shouts at nandini for being careless doctor by giving heavy breakfast to Mom. Nandini is super stunt shock and kundan/abhiram is tensed due to this; but try to hide. Krish scolds Nandini more and Nandini is shown nearly to cry.

In kitchen Nandini is shown sad. Kundan comes and says that i was only trying to cure karuna; but if you have any doubt i will drink it. He is about to drink; but nandini stops him saying you can give it to Mom. Krish comes there and stops Nandini and Kundan; saying that all the decisions related to Mom will be taken by me only and add by saying to kundan that only its better for you that i am letting yoy stay here. Kundan say i want karuna to get well soon. Krish ask him to drink it.

Kundanin tension drinks and Krish leaves. Kundan say to Nandini that i know you both can’t forgive me and leaves. Triveni thinks that something is fishy as even i do not like this abhiram.Sudha comes out from washroom and see a chit on cupbroad written from her welwisher and she opens and see necklace and thinks premal must have kept for giving me surprise.

And goes to give it to apni saasumaa. Sudha’ Mother- in- law and father- in -law are arguing due to related to money. FIL suggest to think about plan to fetch money from sudha’s mayeka. Just than sudha arrives and give necklace to her MIL saying that you should keep it otherwise it will again misplace. Shivam is shocked and thinks what you did?? I brought it from much difficulty and now they will sell again and will put blame on you.

In hospital nurse inform krish about corrier kept in his cabin. He sees a bougque and chit wriiten I love you- nandini.
He calls her and nandini thinks that his anger must have been lowerd by now but instead he scolds her saying that he is not kid that you will do all this. I came hospital to work not to roamace.Nandini shown sad.

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