Close to my heart update tuesday 14 February 2023

Close to my heart 14 February 2023: Ginni talks to the producer and presents her food sample to him. She says I am sure Soniya will like it, please send it to her. He says okay. Darji tells Soniya that only you know about my sin. I will pay for my sin before leaving this world. Soniya says then what are you waiting for?

Goldie talks to his friend Pasha. Pasha tells him that he needs to go to Simran. Goldie says how will I go to Canada? Pasha says I will help you and smirks. Goldie thanks him and goes back to Ginni. Ginni says I am going back to the dhaba, stay here and wait for Soniya.Adi and Farnaz are on the bike. Farnaz says I promised to show you around, I will take you to a food place first. She hugs him tightly, and Adi looks on.

Ginni comes back to the dhaba. Gulabo says all drivers are waiting for your parathas. Ginni starts cooking. Farnaz brings Adi there. Adi glares at Ginni and recalls her hurtful words. He says let’s go somewhere else. Farnaz says this dhaba has the best food so let’s go inside. I know all their menu, you even brought food from here yesterday right? Adi looks on. Ginni welcomes Farnaz and sees Adi behind her. She glares at him and says you are with him? Farnaz says yes. They both sit down. Ginni offers a menu card to Adi. Pasha calls Adi and says I have done your work, Goldie agreed to go to Canada.

Adi says I knew that money can buy anyone. He ends the call. Adi says I am not sure about the cheese here. Ginni says our paneer is the best so don’t challenge it. Adi says I make the best paneer. Ginni says then why didn’t you win the competition? You wouldn’t stand in front of me. Adi says really? Do you think you know how to make paneer? Farnaz says let’s just go from here. Does silver say who is this guy to challenge Ginni? Adi says fine, I will cook, and then let’s see. Ginni says I will make the same food and if I win then Adi won’t come near dhaba again. Adi says the challenge is accepted but if you lose then you will lose this dhaba too.

Adi and Ginni start cooking in the kitchen of the dhaba. Ginni and Adi bring their food dishes to the drivers who will be the judges. They taste their food and look at it. The driver says Adi’s food is so tasty. They taste Ginni’s food and say her food has love and warmth. The driver says you both should cook together, I decide that there is no winner between you both. Ginni says but my food has a soul. Adi says my dish is perfect. Farnaz asks them to taste each other’s food. They taste it and look at it. Adi likes Ginni’s food and is surprised. Ginni likes his dish too. They glare at each other. Adi leaves from there.

Ginni is checking her cash and accounts. Gulabo says we have worked so hard but we are still short of 1.5 lacs. Ginni says we have to pay the kids’ school fees also. The kids come back from school. Dimpy cries and says they threw us out of the school for not paying fees. Ginni looks on. Goldie comes there. Ginni says I gave you fees for the kids, where is it? Goldie says I had to give cash to a vendor. I have to go to Canada too. Ginni says what? Are you splurging money again? Goldie says no, it’s just a dream. I am with you. He leaves there. Ginni looks on and recalls Adi’s words. She says I have to arrange money but how? God has to help me with this.

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