Close to my heart Monday update 13 February 2023


Close to my heart 13 February 2023: Ginni cleans Adi’s wounds. He wakes up so she tries to give him water but he pushes it away. Adi looks around the dhaba and recalls his mother’s words that the place should be cozy and filled with love. He puts money there and leaves.

Ginni reads his message that he doesn’t keep anyone’s favors. Ginni takes his card and leaves.Chachi says there is a power outage and nobody is around to check what happened. Ginni enters the house and is surprised to see such a big house. It’s all dark and she is searching for Adi. Adi comes out of the washroom in his towel and bumps into her. He says you? what are you doing here? Ginni looks away and asks him to wear clothes. Adi says this is my house so I can do anything I want. Ginni gives his money back. Adi says I don’t take charity, this is a fee for saving my life.

Ginni says I did it as a human. Adi says your ego and status should match. Ginni says it’s my self-respect. It shows that you didn’t have a good upbringing, I wish your mother would have slapped you in childhood to teach you some manners. She tries to leave but Adi grabs her and says I don’t spare people talking about mother.

Ginni says you are hurting my hand. Adi says then don’t say rubbish things. Ginni gives him money and leaves.Ginni is leaving Adi’s house when Chachi bumps into her and thinks she is a maid. She says go and do your work. I know people like you try to steal things but I am keeping an eye on you. Ginni angrily leaves.

Adi looks at his mother’s drawing and says that dhaba is his ego now. I have to get that dhaba from her. Armaan says that girl is not easy to crack. Adi says we have to make her helpless so that she comes to me herself. Darji comes there and says what’s going on?Gulabo comes to Ginni and sees her crying. Does she ask what happened? ?nni recalls Adi and Chachi’s hurtful words and hugs her mother. Gulabo asks what happened. Ginni says a rich brat insulted me and I couldn’t answer back. I went to Adi’s house but his whole family is egoistic.Darji asks Armaan what’s going on. Armaan says we were talking about video games.


Darji says I know Adi is angry at his father. Adi says I don’t want to talk about it. Darji sees his hands injured and asks what happened. Adi says I slipped in the washroom. Darji asks him to take care of himself. He says I want you to take over the business. I know Amber went the wrong way but I liked that girl Farnaz, you should at least meet her for Gurleen’s sake. Your mother would have expected the same from you. Adi nods and says as you say. Darji thanks him and leaves.

Ginni is calling a client and says I am bringing your catering samples. She ends the call and is on the scooter. Goldie is with her and says I am sorry for being harsh with you. Ginni says it’s okay, my family is above me. Goldie says we are taking samples to them but what if they reject the order? What will we do with the food?

Ginni says I am sure they will never reject our contract after eating our food. Ginni comes to the client’s place. Shooting is going on and the actress Soniya is there. Darji comes there and asks for her autograph. She is surprised to see him there. She says Rajwant Singh here? Darji says I am your fan so I have to ask for your autograph.

Soniya laughs and says you are still the same as old days. They go to her vanity. Ginni and Goldie arrive there with food samples. Ginni looks around for the production guy. She finds Soniya going to her vanity and tries to run behind her but the production guy stops her. Raj and Soniya are in the vanity. Raj’s hand is shivering. Soniya asks what happened. Raj says I am fine. Soniya says you can lie to others but not to yourself. He asks what do you mean? She says to cut your sins, you have to do good deeds.

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