Close to my heart update Wednesday 15 February 2023


Close to my heart 15 February 2023: Ginni calls her mother and says today was a good day, we made a lot of money, I am just coming home. She ends the call and closes her dhaba. She starts walking back to her house when some goons start following her. She notices them and is worried. The goons start running behind her and grabbing her. Ginni takes out her knife and shouts at them to come closer. They try to take her bag, Ginni recalls her siblings being thrown out of the school and attacking them, they all run away without taking her money.

Gurleen faints again, Chachi tells Supreet that we won’t be able to marry her to Chimas like this. Supreet says then we will marry Sid in their family. Chachi glares at her and says Gurleen will marry there first. Supreet says you are thinking about yourself only but I am thinking about the family. Chachi says you are talking about family? The only person who did something for this family was Sid’s mother Gurkirat, you took over everything after she build it.

Darji comes there and says I got Gurleen’s reports, it’s normal so she will be fine soon. In the morning, Ginni prays to God to get the contract of Soniya. The Roka ceremony is about to start, Chachi tells Chacha that Chimas lost the way and they are at a dhaba. Amber says I will go with you to get them. Darji says we need someone to tend to the guests here, he asks Darji to go with him to get them. Sid says I have to go out with Armaan, Darji says nothing is more important than your sister. Sid says okay and goes.

Chimas arrive at Ginni’s dhaba. She offers them food. They eat it and say it’s tasty. Ginni says still some people want to snatch this dhaba from me. Darji and Sid arrive there. Darji greets Ginni. Sid glares at her and thinks what is he doing here? Darji greets Chimas and says Sid brought me here. Chimas says we have to go from here soon as it’s our son’s room with your granddaughter. Chima tells Darji that this girl’s food is delicious, it’s the same taste as when we had your food. Darji asks Sid if he brought the food from here that day? Sid says I was on the way so brought food for everyone that day.


Darji tastes Ginni’s food and asks what’s your name? She says, Ginni. Darji reads the dhaba name ‘Hoshwant’s dhaba’ and recalls Soniya’s words to rectify his mistakes. Ginni says he was my father but he left us, I have a small family and we run this dhaba together. I try to cook like my father. Darji looks on. Chima says Darji is the owner of a big business chain. Ginni says I am lucky to serve him. Darji blesses Ginni and says I hope you get everything wants. Ginni says this dhaba is everything for me. Darji says I pray that you get what you want. Your food is so delicious, Ginni says I will halwa for you. Sid goes to wash his hands and glares at Ginni. He says you keep talking about family values? Ginni says you have a good family but you are arrogant. Sid says your food looks ugly so who would want to eat it. He does dressing on her food.

Ginni says if your heart is not clean then there is no use in decorating things. Ginni says if I had opted out of the competition like you did then my mother would have scolded me but I don’t know how your parents didn’t say anything. Sid says enough, don’t you dare talk about my mother. Ginni says the family is the biggest strength and if we are together then no one can break us. Ginni goes and gives halwa to Darji. Sid goes away and calls Armaan. He says Ginni thinks family’s strength is above everything but I will show her that money can break anything. Darji blesses Ginni’s food.

Goldie comes there and says Ginni has started a catering service so you should give her a chance. Ginni says don’t listen to him. Darji recalls Soniya’s words and tells Sid that we should give Gurleen’s wedding food contract to Ginni. Sid recalls Ginni’s harsh words and says it’s a good idea. Darji calls Ginni and asks what if we give you a catering contract? I want you to cook for my granddaughter’s wedding. Ginni is stunned.

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