Lost in love update Sunday 12 february 2023

Lost in Love 12 February 2023: Pakhi enters room when Virat changes clothes. She apologizes and says she will go out. Virat asks her to stay back as it is also her room and changes clothes in the bathroom. He walks out wearing a police uniform. Pakhi asks if he will go to bring Ganesh ji’s idol.

He says every year he brings the idol home. On the other side, Sai and Savi get ready to welcome Ganapati Bappa. Jagtap brings baba’s idol singing and dancing with musicians. Savi dances with him. Usha says she never thought a goon Jagtap would change so much. Sai says even though she didn’t, he changed. Virat brings idols to Chavan nivas similarly in a grand way. Pakhi washes Virat’s feet. Virat gets emotional recalling Sai washing his feet similarly.

Tu Hi Re Tu Hi Re.. song plays in the background. Chavans welcome Bappa home.Jagtap establishes Bappa’s idol at Sai’s house. Savi keeps her bought Bappa’s happy family idol with Bappa and his parents. Vinayak also keeps a happy family idol with Bappa’s idol. Pakhi asks where did he buy it from. Vinayak says his friend gifted it to him and said Bappa can be happy only with his family. Pakhi asks his friend’s name. He says Savi.

Pakhhi recalls Sai wanting to keep her daughter’s name as Savi. Savi and Sai’s photo peeps out of Vinayak’s bag. Panditji asks Virat and his family to come in front for pooja. Vinayak stumbles. Pakhi asks him to sit. Vinayak says he is fine.Usha tai asks Savi to learn pooja from Sai as she would be performing it in the future. Savi prays that her baba shall come soon. Sai feels sad hearing that. Virat notices the lamp flickering. Pakhi protects it. Virat calls Sai and says it’s okay. Pakhhi feels bad.

Virat says sorry. Family performs pooja. Omkar expresses his frustration and refusal to accept Pakhi as the owner of the house. Bhajan plays in the background while Virat, Vinayak, and Pakhi perform a pooja. Mohit gets jealous seeing Karishma laughing and looking at someone’s message.

Jagtap waits outside Sai’s house. After the pooja, Savi insists comes one inside to receive Bappa’s blessing. Jagtap refuses and says he is fine there. Usha asks Sai to forgive Jagtap and call him in. Sai says he is fine wherever he is.Savi returns and prays Bappa to send her baba soon. Usha asks Sai what if Bappa accepts Savi’s prayers. Sai says Bappa will support her as he knows she is right, Savi is only her mamma’s girl, and she will not let a man who ruined her life ruin Savi’s life.

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