Close to my heart friday update 17 february 2023

Close to my heart 17 February 2023: Ginni tells Gulabo that I got a list of food that we have to make. Gulabo says so many dishes in such a short time, how will we do it? Ginni recalls her father’s words to never lose hope and pick up speed when there is less time. Ginni tells Gulabo that I will start cooking. Goldie tells Pasha that if we don’t get the contract then how will I go to Canada? Pasha calls Adi, Adi says I am coming to meet him. Pasha tells Goldie that Adi is coming to meet him. Ginni starts cooking and Gulabo helps her. Adi and Armaan arrive there. Ginni presents all the dishes in 20 minutes.

Ginni says I even made extra dishes. Armaan tastes her food and says it’s so delicious. Adi tastes it and looks on. Ginni says I fulfilled my challenge. Adi says we will call you for the
contract. He starts to leave and is about to fall into the fire but Ginni holds him and saves him. Ginni asks him to get off his flying horse. Adi leaves. Goldie meets Adi and begs him to not cancel the contract. Adi says this contract is bigger than the dhaba. Goldie says just give us a chance. Adi says you have to give me a guarantee of the dhaba to get this contract. Armaan says you will pay off your loan and we will help you go to Canada also. Goldie says dhaba is in mummy’s name.

Adi says then get her to sign the papers in 48 hours, we will keep the dhaba papers with us till the contract is fulfilled.
Chachi shouts at Chacha how can they give the contract to a small dhaba? Supreet comes there and says Darji gave the contract to them. Chachi says you don’t care about my daughter. Supreet says we have to control the budget of the house. Goldie tells Adi that he accepts the deal. He says if we are giving you the dhaba then we need 30 lacs. Adi says deal done. Goldie finalizes the deal with them. Adi calls Ginni and says you will get the contract papers tomorrow. Ginni is surprised. Adi tells Armaan that if they do a mistake then we will get the dhaba. Armaan says we can make them do a mistake. Adi says Ginni will lose the dhaba.

Chachi tells Supreet that stop trying to control everything here. Adi comes there. Chachi says Amber wants to keep control over everything, Gurkirat was not happy in this house because she couldn’t say anything there. She was from a rich family but Amber controlled her so much. Adi recalls Amber having an affair with Supreet. Chachi says only God knows why Adi burned your hand. Amber makes Supreet do all the bad things, you don’t have a daughter and you are worried as Adi is back. He is the real owner of this wealth. Supreet asks her to stop it, if Amber knows all this then she will be stopped. Adi says this house belongs to Darji and this family including my mother Gurkirat, she can control her husband only.

Darji comes there and asks them to stop it. Darji tells Chachi that I gave the contract to that dhaba, you can go there and taste their dishes. She says okay I will go there, she leaves. Adi says Chachi was right. He tells Supreet that you gave so much pain to my mother. Darji says stop it, he asks Adi to come with him. Goldie is drunk and comes back home. Ginni asks why did he drink? Goldie says I was worried about the contract. Ginni says I got the contract. She says we will work hard and complete this contract.

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