close to my heart update Sunday 19 February 2023


Close to my heart 19 February 2023: Ginni brings Adi back home. She starts to leave, Goldie is coming there so Adi stops her. he hints at Armaan so he takes Goldie from there before Ginni could see him. Ginni leaves. Goldie brings the papers and says I got Gulabo’s sign on it. The flashback shows how he fooled Gulabo into signing it. Adi thanks Goldie and he leaves. Adi says now we just have to wait for them to do a mistake. Armaan says but that girl is too confident. Ginni comes back home, Gulabo tells her that vendors are asking for an advance. I am just scared that this contract is bigger than our standards, we shouldn’t take it. Ginni says I will definitely take on this contract.

Supreet brings family jewelry, Chachi asks if she is bringing them for Gurleen? Supreet says no, this is for me as I am Amber’s wife. Adi comes there and says this is my mother’s jewelry so you don’t own it. He takes them from there. Chachi taunts Amber that you can’t be classy as you are a second wife. Supreet angrily leaves. Chacha comes there and shows her wedding cards. Chachi says everything is going as per the plan. I am just worried about the caterer. Darji comes there and says don’t worry about her, she is a sensible girl. Darji takes one card and says I have to take one invitation card, he leaves. Chachi says who is that for?


Gulabo tells Ginni that we have to pay a lot of vendors, if we are not able to get the money from the contract then we will be in trouble. Ginni says we have to think about this contract. Ginni is about to check some papers when Darji arrives there. Ginni asks him to come inside. He blesses her and is emotional. Ginni brings food for him and says you are our guest and my papa said to always serve our guests. Darji eats her food and says it’s so tasty. Ginni says I wish I had my father’s recipes. Darji says you love your father a lot? Ginni says he had Alzheimer’s so I had to take care of him a lot. She says I am sorry for getting emotional. Goldie says you can take Ginni’s test anytime you want. Darji says I can identify good people, I don’t need to test Ginni, I have come here for some other work. I wanted to invite you all formally to the wedding. Ginni is happy to see that.

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