Chasing My Heart Update Thursday 14 January 2021


Chasing My Heart 14  January 2021: Raghav comes to Naina and asks what happened, will everything get fine if you don’t take medicine. She says my baby is fighting for life. He says you have to get fine for baby, you have to plan his room, you think I will do everything. He hugs her and says I planned many things, you have to support me, you have to tell him stories too. He makes her have medicines. He asks her to choose clothes for baby, you will get storybooks, he will get intelligent like you, take care of yourself for baby and me.

Doctor comes and says baby got internal injuries, there is much blood loss, donate your blood to baby, your blood can be transfused. Raghav asks is my blood needed. Doctor says other’s blood can’t be used for baby, he is premature baby, you are the father, so your DNA matches with baby, it will be better you give blood, baby’s body will not reject your blood, come soon. Doctor goes. Raghav asks Naina what will we do now, my blood will not match with the baby. Naina asks him to call Rehaan Khurana, his DNA will match with the baby. Raghav gets shocked.

Naina asking Raghav to call Khurana, his DNA will match with baby, please save my baby. Raghav gets shocked. Doctor asks Raghav to hurry up. Naina cries. Raghav cries and thinks of Naina. Kal ho na ho….plays…..Raghav leaves.
Raghav reaches Khurana’s house and calls him out. Armaan asks why did you come now. Raghav says I have to meet Khurana, its emergency, I have no time, we will sort out issues, I promise, its imp for me to meet Rehaan. Armaan says fine, stay here. He goes to Khurana and says Raghav has come. Khurana says kick him out of house.

Armaan says I also wish to do this, but he is saying he has imp work. Khurana says ask him to leave, it means he needs us, if he has to meet me now, I will make him beg, he insulted our mum, go and tell
him, I m busy and have no time to meet him. Armaan smiles and goes. Naina thinks of Ahana and says Raghav won’t let anything happen to baby. She looks for baby. Armaan asks Raghav to go. Raghav says let me meet him. Armaan says he does not want to meet you. Raghav says there is an emergency. Armaan says I wish that emergency ends badly. Raghav slaps him and runs upstairs to Khurana. He asks Khurana to hear him.

Khurana says before I lose my temper, get out. Raghav says my baby needs you. Khurana asks what. Raghav says my baby is critical, please come with me, he needs blood, just your DNA matches with him, just come with me. Khurana asks what do you mean, did you go mad, why will your child’s DNA match with me. Raghav says I m not saying nonsense, now I got to know everything, even I did not know this, this is not time, I will live with this truth, now I need you, please come with me. Khurana asks who told you. Raghav says we have no time for questions, that baby needs you. Khurana thinks Naina’s child has my DNA, can this be true. Raghav says please save my child.

Naina says Ahana don’t worry, I will get baby. Nurse stops her. Naina runs outside and looks for baby. Dadi stops her. She says baby is getting treated, go and rest. Doctor asks nurse to take Naina. Naina says call my husband. We will go somewhere else. He says please let me do our work, if your father donated blood on time, we had hope to save the child, now its too late. Naina says no, nothing can happen to baby. She cries. Everyone looks on. Naina asks where is Raghav, he will make everything fine. Raghav and Khurana come. Raghav says I have come Naina. He asks doctor to take Khurana, he will donate blood. Naina hugs Raghav and cries.


Khurana looks on and goes with doctor. Dadi says she is getting unwell, make her rest. Raghav makes Naina rest. Kal ho na ho….plays….. Naina holds Raghav’s hand and says you would be having many questions. Raghav says we will talk later, I m worried for baby’s state, take rest.
Harjeet comes to hospital. Sudha says Rehaan is Naina’s child’s father, you are coming so calmly. Harjeet says I have no tension, everything happens by Lord’s decision, Naina saved her child, maybe Lord wanted me to do this by my hands, see baby is so weak, he got afraid in mum’s womb, so he came in world early, he is fighting with his life, Naina is unconscious and baby’s state is critical, I m that part of that story, who is going to give a beautiful gift to Naina, husband instead of baby.

Naina prays for baby and says he has fought a lot to come in this world, save him Lord. Harjeet comes and says I should praise your love, I did not hear about much love from a surrogate, who are you, tell me, you rented your womb, you are surrogate of Ahana and Khurana’s child, nothing more than that. Naina says actually…

Harjeet says baby needed blood, but Raghav called Rehaan, he went to give blood, why blood speaks at last, today Rehaan’s blood is speaking, baby’s DNA matches with father, Rehaan is the father, not Raghav, Ahana hired a surrogate before her death, its you Naina, I know you and Raghav got separated, but he got you back and wanted to give you a chance, but now he will see Rehaan’s face in baby, will this love stay the same.

Harjeet asks can Raghav accept this child, you got a chance to get your love and make a new start, you and baby’s life was till here, you had our deposit, till when will you hide this, Rehaan will do anything to get his child. Naina says he knows this. Harjeet says no, he will understand now, he was dying to find that baby, its Ahana’s last child, till when will Rehaan stay alone in this world, this child is our house’s heir, Ahana gave you the responsibility to get child in this world, I will be thankful to you always, now this baby can’t stay here, its our child, my grandson. Naina says but Raghav and I… how will we live without baby, please. Harjeet says no, this was not decided, you are denying your promise, I will tell everything to Khurana. Naina says no, till I talks to Raghav… Harjeet says I understand what you are going through, but its Rehaan’s child, its our child, don’t forget this. She leaves.

Raghav thinks I got fooled, my enemy became my friend knowing Naina is pregnant, he would have laughed behind my back, so Naina asked me to stay away from Rehaan, they both fooled me, I did not know anything, I m such a big idiot, I was thinking baby’s name and buying toys. Dadi says I know what you are going through, sit, your baby is in ICU, he is a fighter like you, mum and dad give teaching to child, and teach him to be fearless, he will win like you. She hugs Raghav. Dadi says he is such a little baby, he is like you. Raghav says this baby filled many colors in my life, he gave me much happiness, I can’t live without baby, I won’t let baby go anywhere. He goes to Naina.

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