Chasing My Heart Update Friday 15 January 2021

Chasing My Heart 15 January: Raghav saying Rehaan is the father of your child, your eyes expressed everything. Naina says its not like you are thinking. Raghav says it does not matter, I m not living in past, I m talking of future, Rehaan came back, your relation with him will get fine now, if you want to go back to him, please go, but baby won’t go with you. She asks what do you mean. He says baby is my responsibility, I won’t let you take baby to Rehaan. She says you are misunderstanding. He says no, I respected your decision when you left me, but I will not leave baby, I have saved the baby, you and baby got attacked, I saved you and did not care for my life, if his father comes, shall I let baby go. She says its nothing like that.

He says baby is your and Rehaan’s love sign, where was Rehaan when baby needed him, when you were attacked, I did not see him getting restless for baby, I have done everything for baby, not Rehaan. She says you are misunderstanding. He says I m understanding right. Khurana says what’s there to understand, its my child, when I confronted Naina, she lied to me. Harjeet says i m also thinking Naina lied to you, she did not have shame, she is trying to get baby, Raghav and Naina are strange, Naina was saying its Raghav’s child, what shall I say about Raghav, what’s his enmity with our family. He says I will find out. She says let them go to hell, we will leave from here after taking baby. Khurana says we will take baby, but I need some answers first. He goes.

Naina says what appears is not always true. Raghav says right, I thought our relation got strong, but I got cheated again. Whatever the reason, I don’t know what shall I do, I m sorrowful that my wife has an affair with my so called best friend, you guys fooled me, I don’t understand your love confession had any truth or not, but my love has truth, I want to see you always, so if you want to go back to Rehaan, I won’t stop you. She says all this is lie. He asks why are you crying, if Rehaan is not accepting you, you can stay in my house and stay with baby, you can go anywhere, but baby will be with me. Khurana comes and shouts how dare you….

He says how dare you claim right on my baby. Raghav claps and says great, child’s father has come, give sweets, he is my best friend, my brother cheated me. Khurana says I did not stab you with cheat, she cheated all of us, she has hidden my child’s truth from me, this child is not hers, its just my child, she is just a rented mum. Naina cries. Khurana says she is just a woman who rented her womb. Raghav gets shocked and asks what.

Khurana says yes, she is a surrogate, Naina tell him the truth, you lied to me, you did not tell even Raghav, tell him how my late wife has made you surrogate, how my child was implanted in you, how my wife died before seeing the baby, and you did not tell me that Ahana’s child is alive in you, I was finding my baby madly, why did you lie to me, why did you hide this, tell me is this true or not. Naina says yes, this is truth. Raghav gets shocked. Naina says I promised Ahana that I will fulfill her last wish, I will become her surrogate, I will give my womb to her on rent, this child is not mine, I was just fulfilling my promise. Raghav says you both are great actors, amazing, if Naina did this, why did she not tell me, its good thing, our marriage would have got saved, Naina why did you lie to me, you are still lying to me.

Naina says this is truth, there were complications, I was attacked. Raghav says you could have told me after Ahana’s death, did child’s father reject to accept you. Khurana says how disgusting, you think Naina and me… Raghav says shut up, you both cheated me, my marriage broke, you want to snatch the baby from me. Khurana says what nonsense, its my child. Raghav and Khurana fight. Raghav says I will kill you. Hospital staff stops them. Raghav asks Naina did you get hurt when your love got hurt. He goes.

Harjeet asks who are they to take baby, this is problem with surrogate. Khurana gets angry. She says was Raghav behind the attacks on Naina. He asks what, do you really think so. She says yes, how did attacks happen on Naina, he came back and met Naina, he took Naina back home, his ego got hurt knowing about child, he wants to get that child now for revenge, he got friendly with you, he insulted me and Armaan. Khurana says Raghav can’t do anything, I m here to save baby now. He goes.

Naina tells everything to Dadi. Dadi asks how did you take such a big step. Naina says what could I do, I had no option, Raghav has lost his dreams, he was failing everywhere, I saw a ray of hope, I met Ahana, she was much upset and wanted her child, I thought if I do this, Raghav’s child will get good, and Ahana will get a child, I had to go away from him to fulfill his dreams, sorry. Naina cries and says I lied to you that its my and Raghav’s child, forgive me, I can’t live. Dadi says you think I m annoyed with you, I m proud of your bravery, you gave big sacrifice.

Naina hugs her, I did good thing to get you in Raghav’s life, you did this to change Raghav’s life, you did not think what will people talk about you, you stayed alone and gave birth to your child, you saved your child always, you gave me reason to live again. Naina says Raghav has misunderstanding, he hates me, he thinks I cheated him. Dadi says don’t worry, I will talk to him, you both have tolerated many sorrows, we all will stay as one happy family.

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