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Chasing my heart 17 May 2020:Dadi asking Naina what happened. Naina complains of headache. Dadi gives her tea. Naina asks for newspaper. Armaan says newspaper won’t come. Servant gets newspaper. Armaan says its not fresh. Khurana asks why is the argument happening.

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Naina gets shocked and shows the news to Khurana. He sees the video of Armaan bribing IT officials. He gets shocked. Naina reads the news. Khurana scolds Armaan and asks what’s this, you are there in this video. Naina and Dadi smile.

Harjeet asks what happened, what did Armaan do. Naina shows video to Harjeet. Harjeet gets shocked. Khurana gets angry. Naina says its big crime to bribe IT officers, think what will happen of Armaan now, there will be raid, factory will get locked, we have to face storm, money will go, but respect
will also go away. She acts and asks Khurana to see what happened, his respect got ruined. Harjeet asks Naina to calm down. She asks Khurana to come. They go. Dadi gets glad.
Khurana scolds Armaan. Arman defends and shouts. Khurana slaps him. Harjeet stops Khurana. She asks did I raise you two for this day. Armaan says our dad left business for both of us, Khurana is step brother. Khurana raises hand. Armaan asks him to beat him. Khurana says you had no shame in saying this, you did mistake and talking of division. Harjeet cries and asks Khurana to forgive Armaan. Khurana says I always ignored his mistakes, Armaan thinks he has grown up, now he will manage this problem. Armaan says fine. She asks how will Armaan manage alone. Khurana says I don’t care and goes. Harjeet scolds Armaan.
Khurana sits sad and says what did Armaan say me, he is arguing with me. He goes to see lemon. Dadi comes and looks for diapers. She says I got a lemon here. He asks did you get lemon here. She says yes, in between mattress, I have given lemon juice to Naina. He asks what did you do. Dadi asks was it special, Naina was having vomits, there was no lemon in kitchen, lemon was black, it was fine inside. She takes diapers and goes. He says lemon got black.

Harjeet and Armaan look for imp papers and argue. He says we will get papers. She says if IT gets the property papers, they will get everything. She says we will transfer property to Mehras. Armaan says Pam got really upset with me, Ira got annoyed, they won’t help us. Naina comes there. She says I will be upset if I don’t support you in tough time, I m your bahu. She pours hot water in bowl. She asks Harjeet to put her hands in hot water, she will get relieve. She says you look stressed, take rest. Harjeet says I think this water is much hot. Naina puts her hand and shows its not hot. She puts Harjeet’s hand in hot water. Harjeet screams.
Pandit asks what, she has eaten the lemon. Khurana says yes, my wife has drunk the lemon juice, I heard it got black, what can be the meaning. Pandit says if the spirit has eaten that lemon, she will get more powerful. Armaan asks Naina to leave Harjeet. Harjeet cries. She asks Naina did she go mad. Naina pushes Armaan away. Harjeet’s hands burn. Naina gives her towel. Naina goes. Armaan cares for her hands.
Harjeet says what powers did Naina get. Dadi comes to Naina and says I got breaking news, Khurana’s factories got raided. Naina says see what I do next. Armaan comes to Dadi and asks her to help, Ira is not talking to her. He apologizes. Dadi says give me some time to think. He asks why is she worried. She asks did anything good happen in past few days, I m worried for Naina, she is doing strange things, I feel she is not my Naina, who won my heart. He says Naina is here, I m stuck, please help me, then I will also help you. Dadi agrees. He asks her to come fast.
Pandit checks Shastra. Khurana asks whose spirit is it. Pandit says it can be anyone whose wish is not fulfilled. Khurana jokes. Pandit asks him not to joke always. Khurana apologizes and says I can’t believe this illogical thing, how will I identify the spirit. Pandit says you have to think, if any woman wanted to become mum and died before seeing baby, will she not come back to meet her baby. Khurana gets shocked and thinks Ahana just wanted her baby, she died before seeing the baby.

After little recap, the episode starts with Khurana thinking Ahana wanted a child and died before seeing the baby. He realizes Ahana’s spirit is at home. Pam asks Harjeet to see Ira, everyone is taunting her about choosing Armaan as her life partner. Sudha asks her to calm down. Pam says its about my daughter’s life, ask Harjeet to answer me. Harjeet says I will not be quiet now. Pam argues with her.
Harjeet asks why did your heart get hurt today, you worked as air hostess and fell in any Mehra’s lap. Pam says yes, tell me how to get insulted. Harjeet says if you think we cheated you, you cab break this relation. Pam says no, I was just saying….. Naina goes and checks the door. A girl Rina comes to meet Rehaan Khurana. Naina asks what work do you have. Rina says I just
have to talk to him, he made fun of girls. Naina asks what did he do. Rina says don’t ask questions. Naina says I m his wife. Rina asks what, is he married.
Harjeet asks the girl to shut up and not say anything about her son. Rina says Khurana acted of love and then stolen my money, he is a liar, he is married, where is he hidden. She asks Khurana to come out and face her. Naina says no, this can’t happen, my husband has an affair. Harjeet asks how can you believe this.
Naina says why will she lie, Khurana is characterless. She acts to cry. Dadi comes and asks Naina what happened. Armaan comes. Rina goes and slaps Armaan. Rina says cheater, I won’t leave you. Ira asks what did you do now. Armaan says I really don’t know. Rina beats him with her sandals and says this guy has cheated me. Armaan says I don’t know her. The girl shows the messages. Ira gets angry and says I hate you Armaan. She runs. Pam says this is too much and goes. Rina asks Harjeet to tell her cheap son that she won’t leave him. She goes. Harjeet says what the hell is coming.

Dadi and Naina go to room and laugh. Armaan asks Ira to listen, Rina was acting to trap me. Ira asks really, how did she get romantic messages from your phone. He says I don’t understand. Naina says its easy to send messages by stealing someone’s phone, I have stolen Armaan’s phone and messaged Rina. Dadi laughs. Naina says now Armaan’s true face should come in front of Ira. Ira refuses to marry Armaan. Armaan says I love you, we are going to marry, will you believe that girl. Pam scolds him for using Rehaan’s name.
Dadi and Naina laugh. Pam says I think Naina and Raghav told true about Armaan, we did not see their truth. Harjeet thinks Naina did this, she has changed my family’s grah. Ahana’s spirit enters Naina. Dadi says you did good acting, and jokes. Naina asks her to shut up. Harjeet comes there and hears them. Naina scolds Dadi angrily. Dadi asks her why is she saying so, does she think her love is fake. Dadi cries and goes. Harjeet hides and looks on.
Khurana asks Armaan to manage his problems on own. Armaan says I swear I love Ira, that girl is fooling us. Khurana says you used to do such things before and Ahana used to worry. Dadi cries and comes there. Khurana asks why are you crying. Dadi says I felt I lost again, I got lonely. She goes. Armaan says the day is bad, you don’t know what mum is going through.
Khurana applies ointment to Harjeet’s hand and says I can’t believe this. Harjeet says there is much imp than your and Armaan’s happiness, I can’t tolerate this now, I can’t be quiet now, my house is not secure now, did you notice Naina is not like before after coming here, I feel body is hers, but soul is of someone else, when Naina attacked on me, Armaan and I could not face her, she has put my hand in boiling hands and did not let me get up, see how she is hurting me, I m her saas, what about her Dadi, she misbehaved and insulted Dadi.

Armaan says Naina is insulting Dadi a lot, Dadi was sharing her sorrow. Harjeet says I m worried thinking was pandit saying true, I wish he is wrong. Khurana says I went to meet pandit, he said nonsense that there is some black shadow in our house.

Episode starts with Harjeet crying. Khurana asks her not to worry. He says I just pandit to have a talk, I don’t believe in all this spirit thing, you think Naina is getting someone’s spirit, no truth is something else, till I find truth, I will not sit in peace. Sudha talks to Dadi and says Harjeet told me that Naina insulted you, you are still silent. Dadi says Naina is going through weak phase, baby is ill, Naina is worried. Sudha says you are coming with me right now, did Naina think she can insult you, you had a lovely relation with her, you will come with me now, this is not done. Naina comes and asks where are you taking Dadi. She asks Dadi to see baby laughing.
Sudha scolds Naina for insulting Dadi. Naina asks when did I insult her. Sudha says you are asking what you
did, do you have any shame. Naina says Dadi knows I can never insult her. Sudha calls her big liar. Naina apologizes to Dadi. Sudha says you are great actress, you are not saying sorry, tell me what’s this drama. Naina says please don’t blame me, I can never insult Dadi.
Khurana apologizes to Ira for Armaan’s doings. He asks did you have any work here. She says my friend called me here, don’t know why. He says my lawyer called me here, don’t know why. Armaan comes and says I called you two. Ira and Khurana get leaving. Armaan says I had no option, I need one chance, I need to talk.

he apologizes to them. Ira says let me go. Khurana asks Armaan how much will he lie. Armaan says its setup to frame me, Naina hates me, I think she has done this, she roams like ghost in home. Khurana says shut up, do you have any proof. Armaan says once I get that girl, truth will come out, give me 24 hours time. He says Ira I will get proof, I just love you, I don’t know that girl, please. Khurana says fine, I give you a last chance. Armaan says thanks, I will prove this plan is of Naina.
Sudha packs Dadi’s bag. Naina begs to Dadi to forgive her, not go anywhere. Dadi says stop crying, can I go anywhere. She hugs Naina. Sudha says its limit, so much happened. She goes out and hears them. Naina says I can’t believe I can do this, I felt there is some spirit inside me, it was not a good feeling, if I insult you again, no we will not stay here, we will leave. Sudha goes. Dadi says no, we will not leave. She gets the diary and says we can’t move back now, you remind yourself what’s our motive, we have to end our work and then leave. Naina says I don’t trust myself. Dadi says I trust you, for Raghav’s sake, you have to do this. Naina says I can give life for Raghav, I will not move away. She sees the list and cuts family from it.
Armaan finds Rina. She asks him to leave else she will shout. He says I know you trapped me on someone’s saying. She says so you have come here to know that person’s name. She keeps the phone and starts recording. She says I m getting much money for this. He asks her what’s her price, she could have come to him for money, he would have given her money. She calls him smart. He asks her to tell Khurana and Ira who gave her money to defame him. She says as you say. He hugs her.
Sudha comes to Harjeet and says I know why you called me here, to create misunderstanding between Naina and Dadi, bad news is Dadi decided she will stay here. Harjeet says I feel there can’t b anything good. Sudha says I heard Naina talking to Dadi, she was much tensed, she said she feels like things are not in control. Harjeet says well done, its good news, we will use Naina’s madness, I will kill baby and blame Naina, even Dadi will go away as she believes Naina’s behavior is not fine, Naina and that child will be away from my life, Naina be ready for this game.

Khurana comes to Naina and asks why do I think you have trapped Armaan. Naina says you think so, what will I get by framing your brother, Ira is marrying Armaan, she is Raghav’s sister, Raghav wants Ira to be happy, Raghav and I were not happy before, but Ira is an adult and can take her decision, I m this house bahu, now your house respect is my respect, if I harm you, fingers will point to me as well, maybe you are asking this as your heart knows your brother is wrong, Armaan can do anything. Khurana says he is spoiled, but his character is not bad, he really loves Ira, you can’t fill doubt in my mind, you can’t spoil our relations, if you are involved in this, none can save you from me. She smiles and wishes him all the best to find truth. He thanks her and goes.
Armaan gets Rina and asks her to say truth. Rina says yes, I was paid money to lie. Khurana asks who gave money. Rina asks him to see. She shows the video. Khurana and Ira get shocked. Armaan checks video and gets shocked. He asks what is she showing, tell truth. Rina says you paid me money to lie to them, you already fooled me, I wanted to teach you a lesson, how dare you do this, I don’t lie for money, you are a liar. She asks Ira to see Armaan, he is a cheap man, he was flirting with me. Armaan says she is lying. Khurana says shut up, its my mistake to give you a chance. Ira returns ring and asks Armaan not to show his face again. She leaves.

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