Chasing my heart update Wednesday 20 May 2020

Chasing my heart 20 May 2020: Naina stops the police. She says I m not taking case back, don’t arrest her, once she gets fine, I will get her to police station. Inspector says Harjeet is not saved, get well soon. Police goes.

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Khurana shuts the door. Harjeet says I m still shaking by fear, I thought Naina will send me to jail. Khurana says its good you did this acting, I will try to find some way, none can touch my mum till I m here, take rest now. She asks why, I m fine. He says no, we have to show you are not fine, we have to convince police I will hire a nurse for you. She says yes, hire a nurse. He goes. Dadi hears them.

Dilraj says I wanted to act, Naina made me act and fulfilled my wish. Dadi calls Naina. Naina says really, its a good news. She asks them to do their roles again. Khurana
talks to nurse. She asks for medical history. He says calm down, I m paying you for not doing anything, listen to me carefully, just come and sit here, you have to act of taking care of my mum, its like a paid vacation for you, come here, do whatever you want to do, give glucose to mum, it should look like her treatment is going on, don’t update any improvements. She says I understood.

Dadi makes some juice. Biji asks are you doing same what I m thinking, don’t be annoyed now, forget it. Dadi says you made plan to send Naina to hell, have you seen her. Biji says I feel I can help you. Dadi says I can help myself. She makes the juice. Harjeet talks to nurse. Naina comes there. Harjeet lies on the bed. Nurse and Harjeet start acting. Naina says I will cook food for Harjeet. Nurse asks Naina is she a doctor. Shaurya comes as doctor. Naina says police has sent Dr. Chadda for Harjeet’s care. Shaurya checks Harjeet and shows big injection. Nurse says its for horse. Harjeet asks why will I get this injection, sorry. Naina asks Shaurya what will you do now.

Dadi and Biji come. Harjeet asks Biji to see. Biji scolds Shaurya. Harjeet thanks her. Biji says home remedies are best for such diseases. Dadi gives the karela and neema kada. Naina asks Harjeet to drink it. Harjeet pushes them. Naina asks nurse not to interfere else she will lose job. Nurse asks Harjeet to drink it. Naina makes Harjeet drink kada. Zeenu takes video. Naina says I will see what to make for breakfast. Nurse gets the bin. Harjeet vomits kada and asks nurse to get water.
Dadi does aid to Naina. She says Harjeet does not know its the start. Naina says I told you not to cry, its happening as we wanted. Khurana hears reporters. Reporter asks Khurana about IT problem, and keep Naina in ashram, where she was tortured. They ask is he taking divorce, with whom will child stay. Naina comes. Reporters ask her questions. Naina says why will we share our life with you. Why are you spreading rumors, you won’t get any news here, please get out of here. Khurana gets angry on them. Naina asks him why are you angry, people have right to keep opinion, they always judge people, its not a big deal, don’t get hyper. Khurana asks what shall I do, they are judging my personal life, they are calling my family dysfunctional, they are disgusting people.
She says let them think anything, we know we did this marriage for Ahaan, you don’t need to prove anything to me. He says I don’t want my son to grow up and think his family is dysfunctional, just for Ahaan, I want him to think his family is loving. Dadi says I saw journalists going, did they come to take interview as we exposed Swami. Khurana says I want to take Naina somewhere. Naina asks where. Khurana says trust me. Dadi asks her to go with Khurana. He goes. Naina asks Dadi what now.

Khurana takes Naina to his office. She asks why did you get me in your board meeting. Khurana thanks everyone to come on short notice. He says I want to add new member in board of directors, my wife Naina. Naina gets shocked. The man says Armaan is third board member. Khurana says now he is not here, just Naina will be board member along with me and my mum. Naina says but… Khurana says Khurana empire shares were divided, I name Armaan’s shares to Naina, she is owner of 25% shares.

Khurana justifying his decision to his board members. He says our customers have to trust us, I want to end these rumors, my married life has no problems, there is no tension between me and my wife, we will work here as one team, I want to give one percent share extra to Naina, it means she will have 26 % shares, she will have more shares than me and my mom, so Naina is the new director of the board. He welcomes Naina. Everyone clap.
Khurana and Naina come home. He asks her to give her recommendations and ideas. He sees her upset and tests if she is listening to him. He asks why is she sad, she is not happy. She says its happening suddenly. Dadi asks what is happening suddenly. He asks her to ask Naina. He goes to see Ahana. Dadi asks what happened, is everything fine.

Naina says Khurana will feel I m sad, he took me to company board meeting, I have become third board director, I have more shares. Dadi says congrats, why did he do this. Naina says he did this for his image, he can do anything for making his image better. Dadi says great, we will plan to sink his money and ruin his business, I have a plan, we will celebrate.
Biji is with Harjeet. Harjeet thanks her for praying. Biji says you thought I m praying for you, I was recalling locker code. Harjeet asks are you crazy, do you want me to die by heartattack. Biji says I will just see combination and come. Harjeet says she is disgusting, how much will Lord test me. Dadi comes and says its just the beginning. Harjeet offers help.

Dadi says I came here to see treatment charges, money will go from Naina’s account. Harjeet asks why. Dadi gives her champagne and gives good news, Khurana made Naina board of directors member. Harjeet coughs. Dadi says Naina has more shares than you, Khurana did this, think Naina will be owner of Khurana empire, I have to prepare for dinner. She goes. Harjeet gets angry.
Naina sees Khurana talking to baby. Khurana says Dadi called me stone hearted father, as I made Naina away, I had no way that time, I know people call me arrogant man, I admit I m such, everyone don’t get chance to live with ethics, to play fair, I know people will say I made Naina the company’s board director to save reputation, I m not doing this for that, I did this for you, so that Naina feels she is part of this family, Ahaan I wish you know one day, what all I did to hug you once, I have lost a lot, I wish you could know this one day. He cries and says you are most imp to me in this world. Naina smiles. Khurana says I will do anything for your happiness, if people call me selfish, its fine, I m selfish, I love you Ahaan.
Dadi calls everyone for dinner. Naina comes to Dadi and asks are we doing right, I just heard Khurana talking to baby, I should just hate him, but I feel bad for him, he made me board member to give security to baby, I saw him in pain for the first time, I saw humanity in him, he loves baby as I do, how can I do bad with him, can we take baby and leave, I don’t want to stay here. Dadi says I understand bad happens with good people, as they always find good in bad people, if bad is happening with Khurana, because he did wrong with you, if he really loved baby, would he leave baby to cry and send you to ashram, he did not think of Raghav when he shoot at his car. Naina recalls Raghav.
Dadi says he did wrong with Raghav, we have to do this for Raghav and baby, Khurana is wrong. Naina wipes her tears and thanks her for showing right path. She says I m ready for this war. Nurse asks Harjeet to relax, her bp is high, anger is not good. Harjeet argues.

Dadi gives the medicine to Naina and says add this in Khurana’s food, then see how restless he gets. Naina adds much and says its fine, if Khurana gets food poisoning, it will be fun. Nurse hears them. Dadi raises a toast. Khurana wishes all the best to Naina. They all drink. Dadi asks Khurana to have food. Harjeet stops Khurana. She says Naina made this food with love, but she added poison in it also. Khurana gets shocked.

Episode starts with Harjeet saying Naina added poison in food. Naina asks her why would I add poison, if I planned this, I would have killed you all. Harjeet says I don’t understand your nature, Naina added poison in this food, if there is no poison, Naina should not have any problem to have it, right. Dadi asks Harjeet why is she saying this. Harjeet says tell Naina to prove me wrong, if I m wrong, I will fold hands and apologize to Naina. She gives the food plate to Naina. Naina eats the food. Harjeet gets shocked and sees nurse. Naina asks Harjeet to apologize to her. She cries and asks what shall I do to win the trust, how many tests do I need to give. Harjeet asks Khurana not to believe Naina, its her plan. Naina asks why will I lie, you always blame me, how did you say I added
poison in this.
She throws the food plate. She says I should have not done this, you all can’t accept me. Khurana stops her. Naina says you have sent me to hell, look at my feet and hands, I forgot everything and still you all think my love is a plan, I will not get anything instead insult here. She hugs Dadi. Dadi asks Naina to go to room and rest. Harjeet thinks Naina is very clever, she ruined the food, how will I prove she really added poison, Dadi is sending Naina to hide truth, no Naina has to be here till truth comes out. Harjeet says Naina does not need to go anywhere. Naina sits there. Dadi argues. She asks Naina to go to her room. Naina goes and vomits. Dadi asks till when will Harjeet blame Naina, when will you stop all this. Harjeet says go and ask Naina, she does drama.

Dadi says Rehaan made her board director, Harjeet is blaming Naina, what’s happening, tell us if you don’t want Naina here, we will go. Harjeet asks her to go and spend life with her family. Khurana stops Dadi. He apologizes.
He says forget this, move on, we will stay together. Dadi asks him to explain this to Harjeet. She goes. Pam says there is much drama in this house. Sudha asks was Harjeet lying. Pam says I trust Dadi. Sudha asks how did you become obedient bahu. Pam says if you can trust Harjeet, I can trust Dadi. Sudha assks Pam to have food. Pam throws it. Sudha checks her necklace and says I knew it. Pam says this solitaire is fake. Sudha says I m not blind, come on tell me truth, how did you get money, Madan and I are taking money from Harjeet on loan, is Dadi giving you money. Pam runs.
Khurana asks Harjeet to relax. Harjeet says no, Naina is a liar. He says we decided you will be calm, you should be careful, if Naina complaint against you, you know the punishment, please don’t do this, stay away from Naina, if anything happens, I can’t save you. She says I can’t tolerate this, I m sure Naina added poison in that food. He says Naina is feeding milk to my son, why will she eat poisoned food, she loves Ahaan, she hates us, but she won’t eat that food, she will never risk Ahaan’s life, if that food has poison, it would have affected her, promise me, you will not get into this, forget it. She nods and hugs him. He goes. Harjeet says Naina started this game, Khurana can’t see her game, he loves Ahaan a lot, I m an old player of this game, I will expose Naina’s true face, Naina can’t get saved of me.

Naina says sorry, I did not wish to have that food, have this bottle milk today, all poison will be out of my body till tomorrow. Nurse comes and claps. She says you are a clever player. Naina asks what nonsense. Harjeet hears them. Naina asks nurse to give fake treatment to Harjeet. Nurse asks Naina to continue her drama, but her eyes will be on Naina. She goes.
Khurana drinks. He talks to Ahana’s pic and says Ahana also felt none respects her in this house, same complains by Naina. He sees Dadi. He says I was comparing Naina and Ahana, Ahana did a lot to get her child, even then she did not feel mother’s happiness, I know Naina lost a lot to get child, today Naina has everything, still she is not happy, tell me why. Dadi says ask your heart, why is Naina not happy, maybe none taught you, you can’t treat everyone like junk. She goes.
Nurse gets cornflakes with Harjeet. Harjeet asks nurse did you see Naina adding poison. Nurse says I have seen Naina adding poison, she had done vomit and spit poisonous food, are you doubting on me, I m loyal to you, I heard Naina talking to baby, she said she can’t feed milk to baby today, I caught Naina red handed. She promises Harjeet that she will inform Naina’s plans to her. Harjeet thanks nurse. Nurse says I will do anything for you. Harjeet asks will you help me in getting evidence against Naina. Nurse agrees. Harjeet thanks her.

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