The Crossroads update Saturday 23 May 2020 – season finale


The Crossroads 23 May 2020: starts with judge saying Yash’s statement made the case very clear, Asad is not a terrorist, he is a brave son of the country, Abhay and Yash are the true soldiers of the country, who fought and sacrificed lives for their country,

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but what Asad did showed what every Indian and soldier should do, he has sacrificed his life for the country, this court clears all the blames on Asad, and requests govt. to recommend Late Asad’s name for bravery award. He says there is a question now, if all this was true, why was all that proof recovered from Haider’s house, why did Allan lie and gave that statement.

Swadheenta says Manohar would like to say something. Adarsh holds his hand. Manohar goes to witness box. He says I want to confess that there was internal enquiry initiated by govt about Gilanis, it was proved that they are innocent, I was given the work to cover this mistake, the proof in Haider’s house was planted there. Mamu and Mami cry. Manohar says I want to confess that minister Choudhary was also involved in this. Suhasini looks on. judge says its such a shame that system went to this limit to hide their mistake, this court orders for enquiry on Manohar and Choudhary, its proved that Professor Haider is innocent, so all the blames on him are taken off. Swadheenta cries happily. Everyone clap.

Suhasini tells Swadheenta that you said right, we were not against each other, but in search of truth, I m proud of you. Swadheenta hugs Mamu and Mami.
Adarsh and Swadheenta visit Asad’s grave. Some men pray there. Adarsh keeps the aam papad there. Maula mere lele meri jaan…………….plays………….. They leave.

Mamu sits near the grave and prays. Reporter says everyone is paying tribute to Asad, we are proud of Asad, he gave his life and saved the city, we salute him. Reporter asks Haider how does he feel to be called father of a martyr. Haider says I feel proud. Swadheenta says even I m proud of him.

Everyone attend bravery awards honors function. Commissioner says this case was complicated, no one understood the truth, police department did a mistake, now its chance to rectify this, every year bravery awards is given, but this year its special award for Asad, who gave his life and saved many lives, I request Asad’s father Haider to come on stage. Haider recalls Asad’s words and goes on stage.

Haider receives the awards. Commissioner says we know last few days were very painful for you, but the country is ashamed, I apologize to you, I request you to say few words. Mamu asks what shall I say, country did mistake, country is ashamed, country’s respect, even I m from this country, I was born in a village, I went to city and worked hard to study and get a job, then I become History Professor, I taught the students about country’s history and was proud of it, one day suddenly I was called a terrorist, my 18 year son was killed, I could not cry and mourn for his death, we were staying in that house for 25 years, we were made to leave from that house, loved ones, relatives and friends made us strangers, I was sitting in jail and thinking I was born in this country, why am I made to prove that we love the country as you all, I wanted to see my son in army,

Asad used to say if I don’t go in army, even then I will do such big thing for the country that will make me proud, he did that, what did he get in return, he was tagged a terrorist, there is no use to repent now, when my son is gone very far now, he can never return now. He cries and says you all have gave me big honor, but someone else deserves this honor, that daughter with whom I don’t have blood relation, but a deeper relation, she went against her husband, inlaws, family and the world to get justice for me and Asad, my daughter Swadheenta. Everyone clap. Haider asks Swadheenta to come on stage. Swadheenta looks at Suhasini. Suhasini signs her to go.

Mamu gives the award to Mami. Swadheenta goes on stage and greets everyone. She says Haider, Zubeda and Asad Gilani are my loved ones, I grew up with this truth, that incident was bad, I was sure that night would not make me away from my family, I did not understand if Swadheenta Ramakrishnan stood for Asad Gilani, why did the world did not see a sister taking a stand for her brother, they just stopped at the names……….

She says the world is very big, world identifies person by name and religion, I ask you all, if Asad Gilani was Amar Sharma, would the world regard him as a terrorist, no….. We have to change our thinking, because relations are bigger than name and relations, a hindu girl has learnt this by getting raised in a muslim family. Everyone clap.

Manohar and Suhasini talk to Haider and Mami. Manohar says I agree with whatever you and Swadheenta said, we have learnt that doubt is like poison which breaks any strong relation, this happened with us too, don’t know to call this fate or situation, we lost you by this doubt, forgive us. Haider holds his hand and asks what are you saying. Manohar says I m saying truth. Suhasini says we had sorrow of losing our son and did not understand what happened, we find religion in names, maybe we also did it.

Mami says it was testing time, and we have to assure everyone that we are together against terrorism. Manohar hugs Mamu, while Suhasini hugs Mami.
Simmi sees Swadheenta and apologizes. She cries. Swadheenta asks her not to be sorry. Simmi says don’t know what all I told you, Asad and Haider Mamu, I talked about making you leave the house, forgive me. Swadheenta forgives and hugs her.

Jaya looks on and cries. She too hugs Swadheenta and apologizes. Simmi asks Swadheenta to come home. Swadheenta says I have to go home with Mamu and Mami. Jaya says but everything got fine, why not. Swadheenta says I have to do a daughter’s duty. Suhasini asks her to go, its not just duty but a debt too. Swadheenta goes.

Mami asks where is Swadheenta. Mamu says she will come. Adarsh goes to them. He recalls how he insulted Mamu. He says when its about blame, there are many words to say, when its about forgiving, it seems like loss of words, forgive me Mamu and Mami. Mamu and Mami forgive him. Adarsh says I insulted you a lot, I was mad, I wanted to get Abhay’s murderer punished, I also felt that Asad shot Abhay, when I knew the truth, it was very late, I realized I lost two brothers that day, Abhay Sinha and Asad Gilani, I did big mistake and could not value relations. They hug Adarsh.

Paddy tells Swadheenta that it seems like an apology day. Swadheenta says yes, I also want to apologize, I thought media reporters just want news, but my perspective changed after meeting a mad and emotional reporter. Paddy laughs and says I m glad I could help you two. Adarsh also thanks her. Paddy says both of you make a great couple, always stay together, happy and blessed. She goes.
Swadheenta tells Adarsh that she has to go home with Mamu and Mami. He asks her to come soon if possible. He recalls their old moments. Jiya re…plays…………….

He says I will wait for you. She goes to Mamu and Mami, and asks them to come. Mamu asks where. Swadheenta says our house. Radhika comes and says I m very happy freedom, you did it, I m happy for Asad, the stain on his name finally got clear. Swadheenta tells Mamu and Mami that Radhika always supported her in this fight. Mamu and Mami thank Radhika. Swadheenta hugs Radhika and leaves with them.

Simmi lights a diya near Abhay’s pic and cries recalling him. Adarsh gets the ashes and says I promised Abhay, till his murderer get punished, I will not immerse the ashes, now its done, I just wish I get this family and my Abhay in my next birth. Adarsh and Jaidev immerse Abhay’s ashes in the river. They pray.

Swadheenta, Mamu and Mami reach their home. They see everything broken and destroyed. Mamu and Mami cry. Mamu sees the shelf and recalls Asad’s words. Asad tells him that one day he will become such a great man that there will be trophy of his name there, don’t look at mum, you will yourself keep that trophy there. Mami recalls the humiliation, and old moments with Asad. She hugs Asad’s tee and cries. Swadheenta holds him. Mamu cleans the shelf and keeps the Asad’s bravery award there. Maula mere………….plays…………… They cry.

Jaya and Jaidev come there. Mami says come, I can’t ask you to sit, its all messed up. Jaidev says its fine. Jaya asks Mamu can she ask him something. She says we have to come to take your daughter, our house’s bahu Swadheenta. She asks Swadheenta to come home, you did a daughter’s duty well, now come home and manage bahu’s duties too.

Jaidev says you can do bahu’s duty, but stay as mom and dad’s daughter and my sister, will you become my sister? Swadheenta nods.

At Sinha house, Jaya and Jaidev get Swadheenta home. Suhasini gets glad seeing Swadheenta. Simmi gets a dress for Swadheenta. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile seeing each other. Suhasini asks will you come like this. He says its my wife’s grahpravesh. She asks him to get ready, go fast. Suhasini asks Simmi and Jaya to take Swadheenta, I will do Grah pravesh’s preparations.

Jaidev and Jaya get Swadheenta and Adarsh. Suhasini does their aarti and tika. She asks Swadheenta to hit the kalash slowly. Jaya stops her and says with right foot. Adarsh says careful, don’t kick it thinking it’s a ball. Swadheenta says know, sometimes wives should scold husbands. Adarsh asks what would happen by that. Suhasini says husbands stay in control. Swadheenta hits the kalash and steps inside the house. Grah pravesh rituals are done. Swadheenta, Adarsh and everyone smile. The show ended on a happy, proper and blissful note.



  1. A very talented young lady fighting for truth n love. I love her bravery,I pray all ladies uphold d love for their families n in-laws, she was never rude to her in-laws despite d ill treatment n show of shame.
    D most loved n fearful part was coming face to face with Alvin Gupta….. A brave love story. Happy I watched it. Well done producer,director n d entire casts…. A real Cross roads!

  2. I really don’t like Indian serial movies because it’s always one way
    Memory lost, look alike, challenges, unnecessary revenge and the rest which makes movies boring but

    This movie is totally different from the rest so far
    I couldn’t even afford to miss one episode

    Good story
    Wonderful characters
    Good crew

    Wish to see them in another great movie like this

  3. I am so heart broken as I fell inlove with this series, I am Zulu speaker but not once I would miss this series… I am going to miss to see such an amazing relationship shared with so much chemistry…. Wow as for the SwaAdash’s you guys you knew how to do your job… I love you so much and by Gods grace I will be so blessed to meet you in real life..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Producer’s and the Crew Wow👏👏👏👏🥰 thank you so much. Please i am asking for season 3. I love you all in Crossroads you got to wake a part was asleep in me…😭


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