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Chasing my heart Wednesday 27TH MAY:

starts with Khurana sitting and drinking. He recalls Naina. He asks Lord not to test him much, that his trust breaks. Naina looks on. He talks to Ahana and says if you meet Lord, then ask him, why does he do this with me, what did I do, is loving a sin, if trusting someone a sin, ask Lord what sin I did, why do I stay alone always, you left me, that Naina cheated me, my mum Harjeet broke my trust and removed me from her life, why does this happen with me, don’t know why. He falls down. Naina worries for him. He says I m all alone, even wine got over, I came on road, Lord is much happy, fine. He sleeps in the car. Naina goes to him.

She says my values are such that my tears are not stopping you seeing you like this, Raghav will not wish this even for his enemies, he regarded you his friend, you know when everything got over today, my heart is not getting peace and happiness, knowing I have ruined you completely, because my Raghav will never come back, I lost him forever, you are the reason for this, why did you not let us live, what did you get doing this, answer me, you got alone and pulled me in loneliness too, this was not my dream, I wanted to live with my life partner happily, my dream will never get fulfilled now, we have to pay for our deeds, you are standing alone, none will love you, I hate you, its against my ethics to hurt a loser, you are Ahaan’s dad, so I m doing this last favor on you, this homemade food, maybe your pain gets less having this food. She goes.

Its morning, reporters wake up Khurana and ask him about his wife getting him on road, why did she do this, does she have someone in her life. Khurana beats the reporter and says leave me alone, go away. He sees the tiffin. He says its my fav dish, Naina…. she has thrown me out of house and left food this way, did she think I m beggar. He drives off. Naina and Dadi see the news of Khurana’s riches to rags story. Dadi says he is paying for his deeds, do you feel bad for him, you are good by heart. Naina says we did right with him but its sin to separate him from baby. Dadi says you did not punish him for your greed, baby is just a trophy for him, you did right, Khurana will give him bad values, don’t blame yourself, think you did big favor on him, he has nothing to lose now, maybe he repents and tries to become a good man. Naina agrees.

Naina says we should do puja for Raghav’s soul peace. She hugs Dadi. Khurana meets lawyer and says there will be some way. Lawyer says I have warned you before, you did not listen, you and Naina are married. Khurana says no, it was fake marriage, she manipulated me, I studied law, but my mind is not working, can’t we prove this POA void on fake marriage grounds. Lawyer says there is no option, if you succeed in explaining Naina, maybe she returns everything. Khurana says I know how to get it back, she has something on which she has no right, thanks. He goes.

Naina and family pray for Raghav’s soul peace. Sudha and Pam act sweet. Sudha says we had a hope, but sadly it was not true, Naina what did you think of future, we will always help you. Dadi scolds Sudha and Pam for being so selfish. She tells how Pam asked for company shares to help them, and how Sudha supported Harjeet, you think Naina will keep you all here, you all tried to kill me, Raghav and Naina saved me, this baby saved me from death, this is my family, its time I become shield for them and keep you all away from them, we don’t need you, I don’t want to see your face, you did bad with Naina and Raghav, I will never forgive you.

Khurana comes there in drunken state. He says you are making everyone leave as usual. Naina asks him did he forget the insult that he came back. Khurana says I m not that innocent, I m Rehaan Khurana, I will not go till I get the thing for which I came here. Naina says you won’t get anything, leave from here. He says call anyone, I will not go without my child, give me my child. They all stop him. Naina warns him. Khurana says nothing can get fine now. He pours wine on himself and gets a lighter.

Khurana threatening Naina He asks her to give his child, else he will light himself. Dilraj calls guards. Guards stop Khurana. Khurana says leave me, I will not go. Guards take him. Dadi says I m scared, Khurana has nothing to lose, he is dangerous. Naina says yes, we should go somewhere far where Rehaan couldn’t find us. Dadi packs the bags. Sudha looks on. Pam asks where did you go, did the insult not get enough. Sudha says we are leaving, but Naina and Dadi need a farewell gift, its time to return the favor, you ignite fire in Harjeet’s heart that she burns everything. Sudha calls Harjeet and says I regret we could not become friends, Naina and Dadi are leaving forever. Harjeet says I have to say final good bye, Khurana did mistake in knowing me, everything will be finished today.

Dadi asks servants to hurry up. Ira asks Dadi where will I go. Dadi says your husband is in jail, we don’t know about Khurana and Harjeet, sorry. Harjeet in servant’s disguise, gets the gun. Naina says I locked everything, we will leave now. Khurana comes there and says give me my child, I will not let you leave. Naina shouts security. Harjeet points gun at Naina and says today none can save you. Khurana asks what are you doing, put gun down. Harjeet says I m foolish to leave this chance, I will kill you three and take my revenge, it means there won’t be any witness against me, headlines will be Khurana has killed his fake wife Dadi and child, when he got conscious, he shot himself. She laughs and asks who wants to die first, tell me. They get shocked.

Harjeet gets angry. Naina says take everything, leave my baby. Harjeet shouts enough, I will not trust you. Khurana says fine, you trust me right, I beg you, don’t do anything to my son, take my life. He holds the gun. Harjeet asks him to leave. Dadi calls police. Khurana gets shot. He falls down. Police comes. Harjeet gets arrested. Khurana says maybe this had to happen, I m dying by my mum’s hand. Harjeet says I will pray you go to hell. Naina asks Dadi to call doctor fast. Khurana says I have searched for love all life and did not get love. Naina gives him Ahaan.

Khurana says Ahaan is not crying in my arms today, he knows I m going to leave him. He asks baby to take care of Naina, as he can’t get a better mum than her. They cry. Naina says nothing will happen to you. He says no, don’t call doctor, let me go, Ahana is calling me, will you fulfill my last wish, I know you never loved me, this marriage was fake and my love was one sided, but I did not do wrong by choosing you as life partner, I have a last wish, tell me you have forgiven me.

Naina nods. Khurana falls dead. Naina and Dadi get shocked. Dadi hugs Naina. Dadi sees Raghav’s pic and says if I did not get you with me, you would have stayed happy with your sister, I failed to protect you. She tells Naina that she had everything hollow, real asset was in Naina’s love and morals, so she decided to get Naina home, Raghav supported her, but this would have not happened if she did not get Naina in her house, it all happened because of her greed. Naina says if I did not get real love, would I stay happy, if you did not get Raghav in my life I would have not known what’s real love, don’t say you did any mistake, you will become my support now, life is long, I can’t live alone, our Raghav has gone, but we have a hope to live, will you help me in managing Ahaan. Dadi nods and hugs her.

After 7 years, Dadi does aarti, while Naina gets busy in tuitions. She tells Dadi that Ahaan played someone’s window glass again, it was another complaint call. Dadi asks her to go and teach girls. Naina goes to girls. The girls ask Naina to answer what’s love. Dadi and Naina smile. Naina says people say everything change with time, but girls’ questions never change. She sees Raghav’s pic and says he changed my thinking, true love is over time and place, maybe the person is not with you, but the feel is always there, it saves us from every problem.

The girl says its scary, if I get someone and lose him then…..Naina sees Raghav’s pic and smiles thinking of their moments. Har ghadi badal rahi hai…..plays…… She says you can’t lose such person, their love always gets in heart, they are always with you and make you a good person, my story was such. The girls ask her story. Naina smiles. The screen freezes on Raghav’s picture




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