Chandra Nandini Update Friday 5 March 2021

Chandra Nandini 5 March 2021: Chanakya about to enter his room,Nandini stops him,Chanakya asks you here,you should be in function now,Nandini says it’s about Chandra and very important,Chanakya says don’t hesitate let’s get in and says stop I smell oil here and checks the floor also has stones which may catch fire when rubbed and says let’s go we need to alert Chandra as well and both leave.

In Ravan dahan function,Panditji begins with ritual,Helina says I don’t think Chandra won’t be here so let Bindusara initiate,mora says yes it’s no use to wait for Chandra Nandini,Bindusara lights the arrow and aims it,the Ravan bursts in fire,Chanakya walks to them and starts looking for Chandra and then informs Bindusara about the plot,a burnt man falls if the Ravan,Chanakya goes check,and
asks where is Chandra,mora says even dharma is missing,Bindusara says this isn’t maharaj nor dhrama,Chandra says I’m here,Chanakya walks to him and asks are you alright,Chandra says this man shall answer,bheemdev and Mohini recognise that man,Chandra says thanks to Bindusara he came to me.

( Bindusara to Chandra,says pitahshree this is dharmas bangle and she is missing since last night and she Hasn’t left mahal too,Chandra says this means there is some plot planted,I’m with you dint worry,Chandra and Bindusara start looking for dhrama and see the two men and follow them,and attack,one of them consumes poison,Bindusara asks him where is dharma,he says idol and dies,Bindusara remembers finding dharmas bangle near Ravan idol and in blood,Chandra says go save dharma and remember no one should learn about this.
Bindusara saves dhrama and she faints saving there is some plot,Bindusara asks dasi to take her in room and ties the poison consumed man there,Chandra gets the other man and arrests him.)
Bindusara asks him who are you and who sent you,he says Magads real king.

Amartya says to Gurudev you are now eligible for Magads throne and so I crown as king,dhanand putra. The man informs Chandra and family that he is sent by dhananand son,Magads real king.
Doctor says dharma you need to take all medicines on time,Nandini says I’m with her don’t worry,and says dhrama thank good you are fine,dharma says till you are with me,no one can harm me,Charumati and Bindusara walk in,doctor leaves,Nandini applies her medicine,Bindusara in tears and remembers his childhood days with Nandini,Nandini leaves and smiles looking at Bindusara. Charumati says let’s go Bindusara,dharma says thank you for saving me u why did you,instead you could get rid of me,you hate me,my presence,Bindusara says because I didn’t want to see you die,Charumati leaves his hand,Bindusara says if you would die at once,how would I enjoy seeing you die everyday,I saved you for my happiness,Charumati smiles,dharma says that day won’t come when I would breakdown,Bindusara and Charumati leave.

Bheemdev says to Mohini,now they know who our enemy is, we need to be alert,Mohini say something,Mohini says they could catch because you weren’t in Chandras body like now go into his body,find what Chandra and Chanakya are planning and stop them from planning ahead,Bheemdev says you are right,Mohini says just be alert because you are facing Chanakya,he is master mind and remember we need to keep them away.
Nandini says this all is making me very scared,I have to talk to Chanakya,Chandra to Chanakya,thankgod Bindusara learnt about dhrama otherwise it won’t be good,and we have to get saunand,Chanakya says I have sent soldiers to seal the secret ways and security is increased,an informer comes and informs that work is done,Chanakya says now go find where these two men came from,I know saunand must have changed his place but still this is to show that we are behind them as they think,Chandra says acharya I want saunand,Chanakya says sure I will,Bheemdev enters his body,Chanakya says to informer meet the man near the hills and tell him what I want,Chandra stops him and says we need to send someone else,Chanakya says i cant send you,Chandra says I want to send you,because on,y you can get it quickly,and accurately,the plot by Amartya,and about Magad I will look in your absence,so you should proceed.

Chanakya says you are right Chandra,sending someone else will just get us information but If I go I can take quick actions too,will proceed right away,Chandra says sure.Nandini moving in mahal thinking that under such great security these thugs entered the Mahal kidnapped dharma tried to kill Acharya Chanakya I have to talk to Acharya to increase the number of soldiers to protect Chandra, when she goes to his room Acharyas student tells her that he is out of state for some work and also informs Nandini that his arrival is not known.

Bheemdev enters Chandra body,Helina irritating Chandra that she won’t leave him alone in this state,Chandra slaps her,Chandra says no one listens to me,no one hears my orders and leaves,Helina says Chandra you didn’t do good by raising hand at me. Mora says Bindusara today you have to climb these steps carrying your wife dharma in arms,and take blessings,Bindusara asks why but,mora say sits our culture,our ritual so do it for me,for your badi ma,dharma walks to Bindusara,Bindusara says if someone falls of these stairs,it’s hard to survive,dhrama says time shall tell that,Bindusara picks dhrama in his arms and starts climbing.
Dharma says having fun right,even I had fun when you made me get water from well,Bindusara says I’m doing this for my ma,or else I would tak eyou to top and throw you down,dhrama says what else can we expect from you,you just respect your mom and niece other women,Bindusara says I do except you,be seen you don’t deserve it,Bindusara slips and both fall down,dhrama holds Bindusara tight.

Charumati is informed by dasi about Bindusara and dharma,Charumati starts feeling uneasy.helina thinking Baku Chandras slap,Nandini walks to her and says sorry to disturb you but it’s very important and only you can understand this,and we are wives of Chandra so,Helina asks what is it,Nandini says actually maharaj has never misbehaved with me but now a days he is so weird like split personality and he doesn’t even remember what he has done,and it’s so hard to believe,Helina remembers the slap.
Helina says this can affect us both,Nandini says do you know about it,Helina says yes last night he slapped me,I didn’t tell anyone else thinking about Chandra and you are right Chandra isn’t doing good,and this news shouldn’t go out,as acharya isn’t in mahal,and enemies can attack us,and don’t worry I’m with you,Nandini says thank you it’s so good talking to you,nanidninleaves and Helina starts laughing and says this is right time to dethrone Chandra and throne Bindusara and then I can rule over whole Magad.

Chandra sleep talks,you are my Nandini and not Savitri,how can I prove you,Nandini thinks on one side you love me the most and on other you show the evil side,but I will find the solution to this problem, I won’t let you fall into this. Bindusara and dhrama reach temple,and take blessings,Bindusara says dhrama pray for me that I don’t have to deal with this anymore,dhrama says lady for yourself because I don’t want to be associated with you,Bindusara says I wished he listens to me,I prayed that he
Panditji says don’t leave now,it’s gonna be stormy night,Bindusara says this means I have to spend whole night in this temple,dharma says no worries you can leave,I will stay here and sleep peacefully,dhrama goes off to sleep,Bindusara finds hard to sleep,and Bindusara is irritated. Bindusara goes to sleep,dhrama wakes up to have water and sees a snake near Bindusara,dharma with her hand pushes the snake and falls over Bindusara,Bindusara wakes up,,dharma pushes him,Bindusara says you saved me so,dharma says no need of thank you,you saved me and so I did in return

Helina walks to Charumati and asks where is Bindusara,Charumati says you sent him with dharma for pooja and for your information they haven’t returned,Helina says says stop these tantrums and use your brains because soon you will be mukhyarani,Charumati says I don’t want throne I want my husband,Helina says you have no idea how good it is to have power so focus on that.NSaunand kills the informer who informs that the two men are killed.chankaya is informed other then two men killed,saunand has also sent two other men in Magad,chankaya sends a letter for Chandra. Amartya says saunand calm down,let’s wait for more information from Mohini and Bheemdev and then we shall attack on Magad.

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