Can you see me update Sunday 20 March 2022


Can you see me 20 march 2022: Pihu consoles Pihu not to worry as her parents will not get divorced, once papa gives flowers to maa, she will forget her anger. She tells Gopal that katti/angry means divorce, so she will say divorce when she gets katti. Gopal sasy it is not and he enjoys butter. Suchi reminisces insisting Aarav’s assistant to tell more about Mansi. Assistant tells Mansi was not mad before, her and Subodh’s friendship grew into afrair and whole staff knew about it. When Aarav came to know about it, he confronted and even trashed Subodh loyally as he did not want Subodh’s family to suffer.

Suchi asks when did this fight happen. Assistant says in July. Suchi thinks just 1 month before Pihu’s murder. Assistant continues that Mansi could not handle breakup and lost her mental stability, asks why she is enquiring so much. Suchi tells she will tell her later.Suchi goes to meet Vinayak. Nurse says Vinayak went into coma and police has come. Suchi meets inspector who says Vinayak was attempted to kill and even she needs to be careful. Suchi says Vinayak’s confession was very much needed, only he can tell if Mansi killed Pihu or who it is.

Suchi then calls Aarav’s assistant and asks her to send Mansi’s hospital address and doctor details as Babli gave her some file to hand it over to doc, but now her phon is switched off. Assistant agrees to send. Suchi waits for her message. Once she gets message, she walks. Someeone pushes her in a dark gas room and locks door from outside. Suchi shouts to open door. Tox gas starts filling room. Suchi starts coughing and collapses. Gopal brings Pihu to hospital and thinks only Pihu can help Suchi now. They both walk up and Gopal disappears. Pihu cries that she is afraid, please come back. Suchi hears her and with courage gets up and looks from window glass and collapses again.

Pihu notices Suchi and cals Gopal for help. She then sees wardboy walking with medicine trolley and pleads for help. Wardboy gets a call and stops. Pihu takes trolley near door. Wardboy sees Suchi’s fingerprints on door and walks in. He saves Mansi. Doctor treats her and once she wakes up asks why did she go there. She says he got a message to meet Dr. Malhotra in room 33. Doctor says they don’t send SMSes and use only landline, and she was stuck in a toxic gas chamber and was about to die, luckily someone saved her. Suchi thinks Mansi got her attacked.

Suchi starts interrogating how she was attacked. She comes to know by peon that someone locked her in that room and opened toxic gas valve. Suchi thinks that means she was attacked and Mansi has done it. She goes to meet Aarav, but guard stops her and says she cannot meet Aarav. Suchi returns. Guard goes and informs Aarav that Suchi had come to meet him. Aarav sees Suchi walking on road and stops her. Suchi runs and hugs him emotionally and says she loves him a lot. Aarav also gets emotional. Suchi says she knows he did not kill Pihu. Aarav says he killed Pihu and is out on bail.

Suchi says she knows his sister Mansi killed Pihu and today she tried to kill her in hospital. Aarav is surprised, but says he tried to get her killed and not Mansi. Suchi stands shocked, but does not believe him.Mansi talks to her doll thinking her as Pihu and says she is having fever, so she wil take her to doc. Babli comes and says this is doll and there is no Pihu. Mansi says this is Pihu, can she see her hair and face, showing doll. Babli tries to convince her, but Mansi warns if she tries to trick her or harm Pihu, she will not spare her. Aarav returns home and asks Babli why did she got Suchi attacked.

Babli says why will she. Aarav says she wants to protect Mansi. Babli says already she is tensed with Mansi’s mental condition, Aarav is alleging her wrongly now. Aarav apologizes her. Babli says Suchi does not love him, she just wants to investigate case and punish Mansi.Suchi hurriedly wakes up in the morning and thinks she slept a lot today and thinks she should find truth soon and free Aarav from allegations. She sees her hand tied to a thread and its other end to Pihu outside room. Pihu says she has locked room so that Suchi can spend whole day with her.

Suchi requests to free her today. Gulgule opens door and asks who tied her and frees her. Pihu fumes and says she will burst this balloon.Subodh knocks Anandita’s room door and asks if she ordered food from outside for her. Anandita fumes hearing his voice and throws things from cupboard. Mansi’s letter for Subodh falls down. She reads it that Mansi loves Subodh a lot and hopes he will reaccept her soon She angrily tears letter and shouts Subodh…

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