My heart knows update Sunday 20 March 2022

My heart knows 20 march 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar calling Kalyani and telling that Maayi is not marrying with her wish. Kalyani asks how do you know? Malhar asks her to listen carefully. Kalyani says Aai can’t be a murderer. Malhar says may be she has a misunderstanding that she is a murderer and wants to surrender to Solahpur police station. He asks her to stop the marriage. Kalyani says it is late now. Malhar asks her to stop the marriage somehow and says I am coming there. Pandit ji asks Anupriya and Adinath to exchange garlands. Kalyani comes there and asks them to stop.

She says she had done the mannat that she will break 100 coconuts before her Aai’s marriage and says she shall fulfilled her mannat which she did with Devimaa. She says you have to wait till I break the coconuts. She asks Asawari to hold her phone. She sits and breaks one coconut. Pandit ji asks Anupriya to go and pray inside the temple until Kalyani breaks the coconut. Kalyani asks Anupriya to go and pray. She thinks neither I will let you do this marriage nor I will let you do this marriage. Sarthak calls Kalyani. Asawari goes away from there to pick the call. Anupriya comes inside the temple and bends down her head. She prays and finds the passage above the devimaa’s foot prints marks room.

She recalls Aao Saheb asking her to go out from the secret passage. Kalyani continues breaking coconut. She thinks why Aai is taking so much time. Anupriya manages to come out and asks driver to take her to solahpur police station. Kalyani comes to the room and finds Anupriya missing. She asks Aao Saheb, where is Aai? She gets worried.Anupriya comes to the Police station and is running towards there, when some goons come in jeep and take her inside. Anupriya is brought to a place, she is blind folded and tied. Pandit ji is reading the mantra and tells that the marriage is completed. Kalyani recalls coming to Solahpur police station and sees Anupriya’s kidnapping by the goons. She comes to the place where Anupriya is getting married and scolds the goons.

She frees her hands and opens her blindfold. Anupriya tells her that the goon kidnapped her and got her married forcibly. She cries. Aao Saheb and Asawari come there. Aao Saheb sees sindoor in her maang and says only Kalyani can stop Anupriya from surrendering herself to Police. She asks her not to cry and says she is not upset with her marriage. She says I was wishing to see you married to Adinath, he is a nice guy. Kalyani says this can’t be Adinath uncle, he can’t do this. She says who is this person and finds Sarthak standing behind the cloth. Everyone is shocked to see him as Anupriya’s husband.

Kalyani says Kaka…how can you do all this? Anupriya comes to Sarthak and says you married me forcibly. She says why did you do this? Kalyani asks her to calm down. Anupriya says what I thought about him and how is he? She asks him to tell the truth. Kalyani asks Anupriya to calm down and asks Sarthak why did you force Aai to marry you. She says you know that I like you for my Aai and asks if you wanted to marry her then would have told me, but what is this way? She asks him to say what is his helplessness. Aao saheb says he has done a crime and will talk in court now. He says marrying someone is forcibly is wrong and says I will see whom Malhar will support, Anupriya or Sarthak. She says I will call malhar.

Asawari asks Aao Saheb to think calmly and says if Sarthak gets arrested then Anupriya will be alone again. Anupriya asks did I tell him to marry me and says I don’t accept this forced marriage.She asks did I ask you to help me to get rid of my loneliness. Kalyani asks Sarthak to tell and says you love Aai, why didn’t you stop her when she was marrying Adinath and was looking happy. She says you even helped me in the arrangements and asks why did you do this with my Aai. Anupriya says what will he say and says he never loved me, wanted to just get me. Sarthak shouts enough and says this is a lie. He says I never tried to get you, I did this marriage as I was helpless and have no way to stop you from going to Police.

He says he saw the video which was in Atharv’s handycam in which she is telling why she is marrying Adinath. Kalyani asks did you know that Aai wanted to surrender herself to Police. Anupriya asks Kalyani, did you also know that?Anupriya telling that Sarthak always tried to get her. Sarthak says I never tried to get you, I didn’t have the way to stop you from going to Police. She says it is good that Atharv had the video in which you are talking about surrendering yourself to Police. Kalyani asks do you know about it? Anupriya says what do you mean? Kalyani says Malhar ji and I know about it. Asawari thinks it is good that she picked Sarthak’s call and handled the situation. She recalls picking the call and talking to him. A fb is shown, Sarthak says you know that Anupriya is innocent and asks her to stop Anupriya from surrendering to the Police.

He says you know the truth and Anupriya ji has the misunderstanding that she did that murder. He says I am going to Police to say the truth. Asawari says if you do this then what will happen with us and asks did you think about Malhar, what he will felt. Sarthak says Anupriya will not suffer. Asawari says I have an idea and says if you marry her then she will become Rane family bahu and will not confess to Police. Sarthak says but she will think herself as murderer always. Asawari asks her to tell later. She asks him to come there and says Anupriya will support you like I am supporting your brother.

She asks him to kidnap Anupriya and marry her, and not to tell anyone about the 26th july truth under any circumstances. Fb ends.Kalyani tells Anupriya why she thinks herself as a murderer and says everyone know that you can’t kill anyone. Anupriya tells that artiste made my pic and says the witness saw me near the pond. Kalyani says you didn’t kill anyone and says even Malhar ji thinks that you are innocent. Anupriya says she didn’t want her to know that her mum is a murderer and says she wants to go to police and surrender. She apologizes to her and says I couldn’t be a good mother. She says I don’t want my daughter to be like me. Kalyani says you can’t go anywhere, Malhar ji might be coming here.

Anupriya says I have to go and surrender to Police. She is about to go, but Sarthak holds her hand and asks her to stop it. She says you didn’t do this murder as the real murderer….He then stops from saying further. Asawari signs him not to say anything. Malhar comes there. Kalyani says it is good that you came? Malhar says sindoor in Maayi’s maang and says you said that she is kidnapped. Kalyani says yes, she was kidnapped, I followed the jeep and came here. She says when she came here, she saw the marriage. She says kaka did this as he don’t want Aai to surrender. She says my Aai can’t murder anyone. Aao Saheb says Kalyani is right, Anupriya can’t kill anyone, but your Kaka needs to be punished. Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that Kaka did this to save her Aai.

Rao comes there and tells Malhar that commissioner called and asked if Anupriya is arrested. Kalyani asks what do you mean? Malhar recalls Commissioner ordering him to arrest Anupriya. Kalyani asks Malhar how he can come to arrest her. Malhar tells that he is helpless, but he knows that Maai is innocent. He tells that he will prove her innocent, but right now she needs to be arrested as he has commissioner’s orders. Anupriya asks Malhar to arrest her and tells that duty comes first. Asawari asks Malhar not to arrest her as she is Rane family bahu and Madhav will feel bad if she is arrested. Anupriya shouts and says she is not Rane family bahu.

She brings water and sets the havan fire off. She brings stick to ruin the things kept there. Kalyani asks her to stop and says Kaka has to do this to stop you from going to jail. She says you don’t accept this marriage and that’s why I want kaka and you to remarry again…. for her sake. She says I know that nobody loves you like kaka loves you. She says when you agreed to marry Adinath uncle, Kaka was suffocating every moment and dying, his love is reflected in his eyes. She says once you marry him, you have all the happiness, then Malhar ji also can’t arrest you. Malhar says this is my duty and I have to arrest her.

Anupriya says I am ready to surrender. Asawari asks Anupriya to think calmly and asks why you want to ruin Kalyani’s life, she says madhav will not let murderer’s daughter be her bahu. Malhar says nobody has right to take decision of Kalyani’s life, not even Baba. She says she is my wife. Kalyani says but I have the right to take my Aai’s life decision. She asks Anupriya and Sarthak to remarry. Anupriya says if you light this havan again then I will set it off. Kalyani says let the devimaa decide and pray coming to the temple. She brings the diya from the temple and lights the havan.

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