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I do 21 March 2022: Humaira is overwhelmed at ayan’s gesture. She blows off the candles saying that she wishes to agree to marry him. they hug emotionally. Ayan asks her if he is permitted to be a little naughty after marriage, to spice it up.

Humaira smiles and agrees. Ayan thanks her and says that when you find the life partner, u shouldnt wait to start a new life over. humaira is shocked pleasantly and hugs him, having been overwhelmed.

Shirirn is tensed remembering razia’s pinching words, and rashid’s request. Shirin busts inside ayan’s room, and while he is boggled, she renders him speechless, by asking him if he’s ready to leave the house, with his mother. He asks whats she saying and why. Shirin tells ayan that rashid is planning to leave and ayan is shocked. she says that she has decided that she would leave her husband and go with her son. Ayan is speechless and stunned. she says that if she comes here, then she wont be able to stay here, and hence is asking him if he would go along with her. She asks him to take her away from this house, and asks him to take a descision between his mother and his father, as she has already decided, that she wont be able to stay here anymore, and she and rashid were meant to be till now only. she says that she doesnt want to stay with her husband, as its now time for her to leave the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Panchmarhi
Farhan takes the girl aside and asks whats she doing here. She tauntingly says that she cane with someone else, and didnt know he was here. He asks her to get lost. She taunts him saying that she should meet the wife first, who’s also as infidel as he. Farhan asks her to get lost and not accuse nikhat.

She says that she needs to meet and tell nikhat who her husband spent the wedding night with. farhan understands the blackmail and says that he would pay her double than the customer who she is with, and asks her to leave. She asks for thrice the amount. farhan agrees to go and get it, and give it to her, in the lobby.

Meanwhile, nikhat is tensed that farhan hasnt returned. Nazma asks her to compose herself and go to the room. But she doesnt copmply. they decide to wait there only. Nikhat asks her to go and rest, while she will manage alone. Nazma leaves, after nikhat insists. While she’s waiting in the lobby, farhan’s girlfriend comes upto her. Nikhat finds her dressed like that, and says that she’s waiting for her husband. She too says that she’s waiting for her husband.

The girl says that all men are alike in making them wait for the honeymoon. nikhat gets angry, and she apologises saying that she has a different experience in terms of men, compared to her. Nikhat storms out, and finds farhan going inside the hotel lobby. she is tensed, and calls out to him. But he doesnt listen. as he enters, he gives the money and asks her to get lost. He says that he doesnt want anyoen to see them together. She says that she doesnt take money for free, and leeringly asks for some token, and pulls in to kiss him. He jerks her away, but its too late, as nikhat already sees it. She shouts at farhan and disbelieves it.

She is shocked to see him giving the money. He asks her to calm down and wait. She screams out why should she,. as she has the fullest faith, and even when he went out every night, she didnt question him, as she always thought there must be some helplessness. She asks him why he married her, and ruined her life, if he wanted all this. Farhan asks her to listen, but she asks him not to touch her. He asks her to stop it and listen to him, as it isnt what he is thinking. She asks him to tell the truth. He bursts and says that he’s already married once, and she’s his second wife. Nikhat is shell shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is tensed remembering dilshad and rashid’s words. zoya comes to him and finding him worried and emotional, she places a reassuring hand on his shoulder and says that she wants to talk to him, and asks him to patiently hear it out. She asks him to think about his mother’s angle. He asks her not to involve herself in this. zoya asks what does he mean, and she’s family now, and she maybe his mother, but more than a mother to her.

Asad asks if dilshad has a problem here. Zoya says that dilshad has always been spilt in two, one with hjer kids, and the othger with her husband, and if she wants to complete herself now, they shouldnt have a problem, and if noone believes, she knows that dilshad still loves her husband, and they best know how torturous it is to spend time without the love of the life. She says that noone should stop her from fulfilling her dreams now that she has a hopeful future.

she tells him how he took her from ayan’s place, and that dilshad is doing the same too, after rashid’s gutful act. She asks him to stop fighting the power of love. Before asad can say anything, he finds dilshad standing before him, and he says that he wont stop her from going to rashid’s place. all are relieved but asad shocks the ladies as he says that for her now, she would have to choose between her son and her husband. Asad is tensed and leaves from there.

In her room, Dilshad is packing her bags, thinking that now its time for her to leave for rashid’s home, as she is now ready to leave her son and move on with her husband. She says that now its time to leave this house.

Scene 4:
location: Panchmarhi
Farhan tells her about his first wife, who was passionate for dancing, but was stuck in people, who wanted to get her into prostitution. He tells how they met accidentally and got married. He says that when he went to Dubai, he got to know that his wirst wife, sameera went missing in india. He tells that he had searched frantically for her, but in vain. He says that this is two years back, but still he doesnt want to believe that she’s nomore, and thought that those goons caught up with her. Hence for interrogation, he kept going to brothels to find about sameera.

he says that he never misused a girl. He says that haseena thought he would forget the past if he gets married again. he says that wasnt o happen, as he cant be relieved , till he finds about samira. Farhan says that if she wants to leave him, its okay, and whatever descision he takes, he would be with her. Nikhat looks up tensed.

Location: Panchmarhi
Nazma finds farhan getting ready to go, and is tensed. He doesnnt answer her questions. farhan remembers his conversation with nikhat, and tells nazma tht he doesnt know eher she is. She decides to call her. Farhan gets in the car. He is surprised to find nikhat slowly walkingtowards the car. nazma asks where was she, and she says that she wanted to spend some time alone. Farhan is tensed. They all drive off, while farhan and nikhat, gaze awkwardly at each other through the rearview mirror.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As ayan is packing through his stuff, humaira comes in excitedly asking him to come down so that they can talk about their marriage. She is surprised to find him packing. Ayan remmebers his mother’s distraught banter last night, and is highly disturbed, while humaira asks if he’s going somewhere. He doesnt respond, and she asks him to speak up, for how many days is he going. He looks tensedly, and she asks if everything is fine.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad is packed and ready to leave asad’s place and go to rashid’s. She eyes the empty room, getting nostalgic and overwhelmed with emotions, rememebring past incidents and memories. She finds asad’s door locked from inside, and is tensed. She remembers asad’s condition. She progresses towards it and is about to knock, but then refrains her hand, and instead opens the door, and without looking up, says that she’s leaving, but when she looks up, she doesnt find asad there. Zoya comes from behind and tells her that asad isnt here, and went early morning to delhi for business.

Dilshad is hurt that he didnt even feel necessary to tell her, as he would be feeling that she doesnt care for him, and hence is leaving the house, and therefore gave a tit for tat treatment. Zoya tells her that they know asad reacts like this in anger, and hence escaped, because of not being able to understand this. dilshad says that she knew he would do something like this, and somewhere its justified. she asks zoya if she is angry at her. Zoya denies, and says that she just regrest that its all so complicated right now, that near and dear ones have hatred amongst them, and they cant understand why relations fall apart. dilshad cryingly says that its time to go.

zoya says that asad would comepletely break down. Dilshad says that she knows, but also knows that he would be alright soon, as he has zoya with him. As for her, she says that at this time, rashid needs her the most. They hug each other, emotionally. Zoya is given last minute advises by dilshad for her and asad, and finally breaks down and falls on the bed. zoya asks her to compose herself, while she cries distraughtedly. Dilshad keeps doubting hjer descisions, saying that she built this home with her kids, and today she is leaving them and everything behind. she laments at what a mother she is, and what a big mistake she is committing. Zoya asks her confusedly if she doesnt want to go.

Dilshad says that when someone takes a descison, he doesnt realise the implications, but when it comes to executing it, then a thousand questions arise like her, and wonders whether this is right or wrong, and how much her kids would be hurt by this, especially asad. Zoya asks her to compose and says that asad might be hurt, but shouldnt change her descision, as she has lived her entire life for kids, and is willing to live for herself once. she asks her to do what she wants to, and leave asad for her to handle. Dilshad says that there’s one more person who would be hurt deeply, and thats shirin.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Zoya says that dilshad took this descision, as she has taken this descision after understanding all the implications. She asks her to follow her heart, as the heart is never wrong, and always shows the right path. dilshads asks what would she face shirin with. razia too reprimands rashid for doing this. rashid assk her not to interfere in matters of a husband and wife. mamu says that now they are involved too, and as being the elder, they wont let this happen. Rashid says that he too has an equal right on this house, and its descision making. Rashid says that dilshad isnt a stranger, but his wife. Zoya asks so whats the matter, if she isnt his wife now, as she was at some point of time.

Dilshad says that she still is rashid’s wife, as they never got a divorce. Zoya is shocked. Rashid too breaks this shocking news to his family, and shirn and ayan are shocked. Shirin asks why didnt he tell this for 20 years. rashid tries to compose her, but she says that she doesnt have any reason to stay now. rashid asks her to stay back. She relieves her by saying that she wont go, but is tensed, when she adds that he shouldnt get dilshad, and asks if he would be able to manage that. Rashid is speechless, and shirin asks him to let go. She asks ayan to come along. Ayan faces rashid, in a lamenting and disgusting manner and walks past. The screen freezes on shirin and ayan walking out.

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