Can you see me update Sunday 20 February 2022


Can you see me 20 February 2022: Pihu eagerly waits for Suchi to wake up and calling her budbudi says she wasted today, but has to take her to mom tomorrow. Sarita brings food with Gulgule and gets worried for Suchi. Pihu sees laddoo and eats it hiding under bed. Sarita scolds Gulgule thinking he ate laddoo. Gulgule asks her to get his psychiatric treatment. Suchi wakes up and asks what happened. Sarita says Vimla had come and found Suchi’s prescription, she knows Suchi and Rishab’s alliance is because of their fathers and Vimla is finding a chance to break alliance.

Suchi asks not to worry, nothing wrong will happen. Sarita asks if she is not hearing any voice now. Pihu comes out and recites inki pinki ponki poem.. Suchi gets tensed. Suman comes and says she tied chilli lemon on main door, ghosts cannot enter their house now. Pihu says Ponki came, now her alliance will break. Suchi says shut up and sleeps keeping pillow on her head. Pihu continues reciting poem.At night, Vimla returns shagun and says their daughter is undergoing psychiatric treatment and they did this fact, they used old friendship and trapped them. Suman pleads not to break alliance.

Vimla says whole family is mad. Rishab enters and says mother she is taking unnecessary tension, Suchi had informed she is tensed due to wedding arrangements and it is normal. He asks she knows Such since 2 months, did she feel she is mad. Vimla says she will prove and asks to call Suchi. Sarita informs Suchi. Suchi says she will not give any test but comes down. Vimla asks her what she does. Suchi says she has placement agency and gets job from CEO to maid. Vimla asks to chat gayatri mantra 10 times. Suchi nervously tries to remember gayatri mantra. Pihu say she know and chants mantra. Suchi repeats with her and thanks god.

Father says Vimla that they are simple people and does not know to trick anyone. Vimla apologizes. Suchi goes to her room. Rishab comes and consoles her. He hugs her. Madhav holds Pihu’s eyes. Pihu shouts to leave her. Suchi leaves Rishab. Rishab asks her if she is sure about him. He says yes. Bhabhi comes and informs Rishab that Vimla aunty is calling him.Suchi goes to orphanage for some work. Children drop ball on her and ask to pass on. She colds to dare not to come near her, else she will throw them like ball. She continues yelling at children. Pihu’s mother serves home made laddoos and snacks to children and talks about motherhood.

Suchi hears her. Suchi’s father asks Sarita where is Suchi. She says she went to next home orphanage. Pihu hears that and says how can Budbudi go somewhere without taking her to mamma, let us find her. She reaches orphanage and sees children eating ladoos. She picks one and eats, thinks it is like her mamma’s laddoo. She ties to pick one more, but a lady picks it. Suchi tries to speak to Pihu’s mother, but she leaves. Suchi returns home.Gulgule goes to play with colony children. They say he is from bhootiya house, so he may be bhooth. They run away from him.

Gulgule goes home and tells parents that there is a bhooth here, so they will not stay here.Suchi returns home. Pihu asks again when she is taking her to mamma. Suchi asks who is she. Pihu says bhooth. Suchi gets afraid and asks to prove that she is bhooth. Pihu holds bedsheet and dances. Suchi panics. Sarita and other family members also enter and they also panic. Pihu gets afraid and hides behind sofa.Sarita andSuchi are shocked sensing Bhooth’s presence. Pihu hides behind sofa afraidly andsays she is afraid and wants to go to mamma. Sarita collapses.

Madhav scolds Pihu that only Suchi can hear her and if she leaves this house, nobody can help her. Pihu says she is trying to explain Budbudi/Suchi so much, but she is not understanding at all. Madhav asks her to have dheeraj/patience. Pihu asks how will her friend Dheeraj help her. He says dhairya/patience. She says what will he do. He asks to walk slowly. She demonstrates walking slowly. Madhav loses patience and thinks who will explain this child.Pihu goes to Sarita’s room. Doc checks her with family around. Father asks brother Sankalp to lock that room and they will leave this house.

Pihu gets tensed. Sarita wakes up and says she is fine, she has to prepare food for everyone. Suchi says if something happens to her, she will not marry. Sarita scolds her. Suchi hugs her emotionally. Pihu reminisces her mamma pampering her and making her take injection.Pihu’s mother cries touching Pihu’s books and toys. She remembers Pihu’s words. Her husband comes and asks what is she doing, they don’t have time, she can see these in Singapore. She says she does not want to go anywhere. He says this city and that house will not give her anything. She asks if they are going there to forget Pihu.

Sheetal says she cannot believe bed sheet can fly, must be some magic. Suman brings phone and says it is Rishabl. Rishab asks Suchi what happened to aunty. Suchi says she is having cold. Suman acts as sneezing. Rishab asks Suchi to take care of aunty and disconnects call. Sarita says they will leave this house. Pihu gets tensed again.Sheetal goes to her room and throws tantrum in front of Sankalp. Sankalp asks what is the issue. She says they bought this house with so much drama, now family wants to leave this house, this house is lucky for her and she got pregnant here, she will not go before her delivery, he should go and explain his family.

Suchi calls agent and says she wants to exchange this house. Sankalp says they will not change this house as Sarita does not want. Father asks to explain his wife. Sankalp taunts as if his wives hear him. He says he has to explain maa instead. Sheetal goes to Sarita and says nobody leaves house for ghost, instead they will find some way to ward off ghost. Sankalp comes and says they will call pundits and get pooja and havan. Pihu gets tensed.Pihu walks slowly thinking till when Gopal will punish her like this. She feels thirsty and tries to pick water bottle, but Golu picks it.

Pihu fumes she will burst this balloon one day. Sankalp brings pundits and they start havan. Pihu gets tensed. She picks water bottle, but it is empty. Her mother on the other side feels anxious and asks for water. Madhav gives kalash water to Pihu. Pihu asks from where he brought this cold and sweet water. He says it is ganga water. Pihu says it is very tasty. Pandit says pooja is done.

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