A love to die for update Thursday 17 February 2022

A love to die for 17 February 2022: Arohi comes running towards Abhi. Deep stabs him more. Tara and Deep leave. Tara says let’s go before she sees your face. Aroi comes there running. Deep hits Abhi more and leaves. Tara says abhi.. I wont let anything happen to you. Who did this? Deep comes there. Abi points at deep. Arohi says deep Abhi.. Abhi says he killed me. Arohi cries and says abhi.. She says we have to take him to hospital. Deep says he is dead. Abhi dies. Arohi is crying. Arohi says he can’t leave me. I couldn’t save him. Arohi says did I couldn’t see their faces. They were so far. Deep says let me arrange an ambulance. arohi sees a letter in Abhi’s hand. It’s a paper. It had Abhi’s death date written on in.

Guru ma is praying. The candle blows. She says I hope Abi is okay. She calls but his phone if off.Doctor says to abhi paper work is done. We will send dead body to Mumbai soon. Arohi says he saved me so many times. He was my mentor and friend. How will I live without him. I am so alone. Deep says you have to be strong. We have to go from here. This is a dangerous place.Wasu calls someone. She says well done. The He says the second one is left. The big one. Deep says to Arohi we have to leave Goa today.Virat and Opasna see abhi’s death news. Opasna says this will bring in more deaths. Aroi comes to a guru. He says I knew you would come here to find about your future. I will tell you everything. Take a card out. He says there are so many dangers around you. You will soon meet somoene. She shows him the kundli. She says I wanna know who asked you to make it. He is scared. He takes out his gun and says go from here. Forget all this. aroi snatches his gun and says tell me now. He says I only know the place I can tell you how to go there.

Arohi comes to a bar. She pretends to be the dancer.Opasna and Virat come to guru ma. Virat says we have a bad news for you. She says go from here my son will klll you. Opasna says your son is dead. Guru ma says no this can’t happen. You are lying. She says he is fine. He will come back to me. The guru says to Arohi I will tell you when he is nearby. Deep comes to a party. The host says pick one of the boxes. If the knife one comes your hand will be slit. Does anyone dare? deep says I dare? He punches down the first one it doesn’t have the knife. Arohi is there. She comes and stops deep from hitting the second one. It has the knife. deep takes her to side. She says why are you risking your life? He says I asked you not to go from there. Wait for me here.Arohi sees a locker behind a painting. Deep asks her to go.

Guru ma calls Arohi. She doesn’t pick. Guru ma wonders how is he. Wasu comes there.
Deep says I have arranged the car for us. We will leave but till then don’t go anywhere. He locks her there. He says I dont want you in trouble. She says what are you trying to stop me from knowing? He leaves. Arohi wonders if he is Mr. X.Wasu puts garland on Abhi’s picture. Guru ma says how dare you. She says this is praying for your son’s soul. For old friendships sake. Your son promised either he would be alive or deep. He is dead now. You are responsible for his death.Deep comes to room but Arohi is already gone from that room. arohi comes to the club and sees that locker. She says there must be some way to open it. The wall opens. Mr. X is inside. Arohi says your game is over. She tries to take off his mask.Opasna says to Virat Tara is with Mr. X and she might be behind Abhi’s death. Mr. X’s men come there to grasp Arohi. Deep comes there. They hit deep. A man points gun at Deep. A woman puts knife on Arohi her face is veiled. She says don’t move forward.Arohi wakes up in a room. She says how am I here? She comes out. There is no one. Arohi looks outside. She is on a cruise. Deep is outside. Arohi says deepp.. He smiles.

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