Broken Hearts update Wednesday 24 November 2021


Broken Hearts 24 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anant giving his credit card and phone to Roshni. He asks her to go easy on her shopping. He promises to take her for dinner after his meeting. He leaves. Ahana recalls Rehaan’s words. She calls Anant. Roshni says Ahana, you will get what you deserve. She answers the call. Ahana asks can I talk to Anant. Roshni says why not, you know its so much fun here, I shopped a lot. Ahana says its good, please let me speak to Anant. Roshni says of course. She acts to call out Anant. She says dad is in the bathroom, he can’t talk right now, I will ask him to call you back. Ahana ends call. Roshni says see how I make you away from dad, you have hurt him a lot, I will take revenge from you.

Ahana thinks when did Anant go away from me, that my love isn’t reaching him, why did he make me out of his life. She cries. Rehaan and Ahana are at a restaurant. He asks her to vent out anger on people or him, but not on food. He asks her to have food, sorry. The man says this evening is special for our guests, there is a special competition for couples, the couple who sings for their partner will get this diamond necklace. Rehaan says I think this necklace will suit you, do you want this. She says no thanks, I don’t want a torture on my ears, don’t sing. He asks are you challenging me. She says no. He goes to sing. He greets everyone and says my name is Rehaan Khanna, I have come here with a beautiful girl. Ahana says what will everyone think. Rehaan says we are not a couple, but our friendship started today. He sings Bheegi bheegi…. She thinks of Anant’s words and cries. She rushes out.

She goes to her room and checks her purse and bag. Rehaan knocks the door and says Ahana open the door, what’s the matter. She throws the things around. She gets the pill box. She finds it empty and cries. She takes a fruit knife and sits to cut her nerve. She says I don’t want to live. He breaks inside the door and throws away the knife. He asks her to stop it. She says I don’t have a reason to live. He says just listen to me, what’s the matter, you have to live. She says you stop it. She pushes him. He asks her to stop. He kisses her. She holds him.

Ahana runs out and cries. Her alter self confronts her. She says the mistake has happened, what will you do now, what will you tell everyone at home, what will you tell Anant. Ahana says no, it just happened. Her other self says what will you answer Laila, you were angry on mom for this, you did the same mistake, you cheated your husband like Laila, you have become Laila Raichand, you cheated him, Anant considers Rehaan as his…. Ahana says I m not mom, I know the meaning of meaning, I understand relations. Her other self says but you had fun with Rehaan right, you enjoyed the mistake done with Rehaan, that’s the reason you are restless, remember what mom said, your and Anant’s marriage won’t be successful, see that’s happening. Ahana says I m not mom, I didn’t cheat. Her conscience laughs at her.

Rehaan thinks of the kiss. He wakes up and gets a note at the door. He reads, don’t try to find me, I m going back home. Ahana is on the way and thinks of Rehaan. She reaches home. She sees ambulance outside the house. She asks Saloni what are you doing here. She sees Laila and smiles. Anant asks are you happy seeing your mom here, with us. Ahana says yes. Anant says a person wants to live life where he has his dear ones, this is your house, we are one family, Laila will stay here from today, you have gone to Goa with Rehaan, where is he. Ahana says I came by morning flight. Anant laughs and says he might be sleeping, he is not habitual to wake up early, are you happy. She says yes. Anant hugs her. Ahana thinks of Rehaan. Rehaan comes home. He sees Anant hugging Ahana. Laila sees Rehaan. Roshni throwing away the clothes.

Rehaan comes and jokes. He says I saw Laila in this house, I was going to faint, Anant is very happy, he is smiling and joking, Ahana is finally in a place where she should be. She says shut up, everything is same as before, you changed and forgot a lot, you wanted to remove Ahana from Anant’s life, now you are enjoying holidays with her, please leave, I have a lot of work. He goes. She cries. FB shows Anant saying Laila is part of this family, she has no place, where will she go, so I have decided, she will live with us. Roshni says you were annoyed with Ahana. He says I was, but we have to keep relations, she is my wife, this is my responsibility, I hope you will help me. She says Ahana matters to you more than our happiness, my mom…. He says enough, I want to improve my relation with Ahana, you always get your mom in between to divert the matter, you are grown up now, its better if you understand this soon. FB ends.

Laila thanks Ahana. Ahana asks her to rest. She unpacks Laila’s bag. Laila says Anant knows keeping relations, so he got me home seeing my pain, what has happened to you, he is trying to keep this relation, you should also try, you used to lecture me about morals, what did you think that you aborted the baby, Anant had forgiven you, this child would have got you two closer, either you don’t understand this or don’t want to understand.Ahana says you can stay here, you don’t know what life gave me and took from me, I don’t want to talk about it. She goes. Rehaan sees her and apologizes. She says you gave me a reason to live, don’t be sorry, because I m not sorry. She goes. Their hands touch. They see each other. Dil ko bhi udne ke liye…. plays…

Anant comes to Ahana. He says I have missed you a lot, forgive me for my stupidity and mistakes, I have realized what you mean to me, I don’t identify myself till I see myself in your eyes, I m incomplete without you, I know I m the reason for your pain, trust me, I truly regret it, I have decided that I m going to try my best to make our relation better. She says not now please. He asks what happened. She says a lot has happened, I can’t believe that everything got fine in one night, I have spent many nights in pain, I can’t put on a fake smile, I can’t do it. She goes to sleep. He says I have hurt a lot, I m ready to make this relation better. She says thanks, I m trying to mend my broken heart, its not easy, I m trying my best, I have learnt to stay alone. He says I know I have broken your heart, your smile doesn’t reach your eyes, I promise I will bring that smile back on your face, good night. She cries. She sees Rehaan outside the room. Rehaan sees her. She shuts the door.

Its morning, Rehaan says Ahana I know that you know my feelings, whatever happened between us, you are feeling guilty, right. Ahana imagines him. She sees Laila. Laila says I don’t see Rehaan around. Yamini says he will just come. Anant asks Ahana to have juice. She says I left that habit. Anant says I want to notice your habits, have it, its a good habit. Aarav comes and says Rehaan has high fever, he can’t even talk. Anant, Roshni and Yamini go.Anant asks Rehaan what happened. Rehaan says just some fever. Anant asks why didn’t you tell me. He calls doctor and says Rehaan has high temperature, fine, thanks. Roshni says I would have given you medicines. Rehaan jokes. Roshni asks is this funny. Rehaan says don’t take stress, I will be fine. Anant says doctor will come, he will give you an injection. Rehaan says you will get late for office. Anant says office isn’t imp than you, just get fine.

He asks Yamini to give medicine to Rehaan. He says I will send soup, take care, love you. Laila says anything can happen any time, I just had a thought, did anyone ever imagine, Rehaan used to hate you before, and now he is your best friend, I thought he was really sweet, he left all his work and took you to Goa, he took care of you. Ahana nods. Laila says he forgot to take care of himself while taking care of you, why didn’t you go there to see him. Ahana says there is everyone, crowd doesn’t look good when someone is ill, how can I leave my mom alone here, tell me if you need anything. Laila smiles. Rehaan thinks everyone came to know about me, Ahana didn’t come.

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