Broken Hearts update Tuesday 23 November 2021

Broken Hearts 23 November 2021: The Episode starts with Ahana thinking of Anant’s words. Rehaan thinks of Richa’s words. Ahana calls reception. No one answers. She goes to get water. Roshni calls Rehaan and says I got a shocking news, you will get mad hearing this. He asks what’s the matter. She says dad didn’t miss or call Ahana. He asks what’s the problem. She says dad signed the divorce papers, and then he has torn it and thrown, so its not much good thing, Anant and Ahana’s relation is weak, I will use this thing and separate them forever. He asks what, Anant has signed divorce papers. Ahana looks on shocked.

Broken Hearts 22 November 2021

Roshni says you did good to take Ahana for holidays, I told dad she is so selfish, she left her ill mum and went Goa, you are happy right. He asks did you go mad, how much will you trouble Ahana, she is in much pain. She asks so what, you forgot the pain she has given to Anant, see what bad happens with her. He ends call. Ahana comes to her room and thinks of Anant. She lies on the bed.Its morning, Rehaan comes to Ahana. She asks him to call his friend, she will go and see the place, she will need time. He asks who. She says ask your friend where is he. He thinks she shouldn’t know the problem by my behavior. She says call him. He says yes. He calls Karan and asks don’t you value time, you are so strange. Karan says I m at home, where shall I come. Rehaan says we had to visit your bungalow, what, did you miss flight. Karan asks are you drunk.

Rehaan says okay bye. Karan says he has gone mad. Rehaan says he missed the flight, terrible behavior. Ahana says day got waste.Rehaan says we are in Goa, we will see this, Statue of truth, come, you will regret later. He insists and takes her. They come to a cafe. She asks what’s this place, there is no one. He says its off season. She says even waiter isn’t there. He looks around and asks you hungry, I thought to get Goa here as you didn’t wish to go for sightseeing. She asks what are you doing. He says wait and watch. He goes and comes in disguise. He turns into Goa’s local. He says I will tell you everything about Goa, people come here as their wishes turn true. He shouts music and dances. She smiles and jokes on his soirt. .

He says maybe you didn’t like Pascal’s dance, I will call his boss. He comes in another getup and dances with her. Senorita….plays…. She laughs.Ahana starts crying. She says I can’t do this drama to be happy, I want to die, I don’t want to live. He asks why, will you lose so soon, I thought you are brave and live on your terms, there is much in life. She says I aborted my child, my husband left me, my family is busy, no one cares for me, for whom shall I live. He says for me, you have to live for me.He says you have to live, I can’t let you die. She says what’s the matter, I have shared every pain with me. He says don’t know why people are afraid of death, you get free by death, one who dies every moment should get afraid. She asks what’s the matter, you are my friend right, you share your pain with me, promise I will become your best friend, I have habit to manage pain.

Rehaan says I was 21 year old, during my college times, I had my best friend, she was my life, Riya. FB shows Rehaan and Riya dancing happily. He says I wish my life stopped in those moments, one day, I was at home with Roshni, I did a big mistake. FB shows Rehaan teasing Roshni. He gets Riya’s call. Riya asks him to come for the party, everyone is coming. He says I can’t come today, Roshni will be angry on me, Anant is not at home. Riya asks shall I go alone, if I drink a lot, who will manage me. He says I will talk to Sunaina, we will go to your fav restaurant tomorrow. She says fine, love you. He says love you too. Rehaan receives a call in morning. A guy asks him to come fast, Riya…. Rehaan asks what happened to Riya.

Rehaan telling Ahana about Riya. FB shows Rehaan meeting Riya at the hospital. Doctor says someone spiked her drink, she got a cardiac arrest. Riya asks Rehaan to save her, she doesn’t want to die. He says I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. She loses breath. He asks doctor why isn’t she talking. He cries. Doctor says I m sorry, she is no more. FB ends. Rehaan says you will find many reasons to die and go away from people, but for my sake please, give your life another chance, give me your hand, I can’t see you like this. She nods. She says I m hungry. He calls for waiter. He says there is no one here, I will prepare something.Rehaan and Ahana come somewhere. She asks are you sure this is your friend’s bungalow. He laughs and says I have many memories with this bungalow, we have partied many times here, don’t you trust me. She says its not about that, but… He says we enter this bungalow by this way, we would enter from here through the window, its a record, come. He asks her to come, there is no formality here. They enter the house. He says such a big house, right, come over here, look at these, this is the hall, memories got old. He shows her the house and corrects himself. He says forget all this, tell me how you like the bungalow.

She says good, shall I start the work for which you got me here. She begins her work. Rehaan looks at her and smiles. Are dil na kar…..plays…. He goes to help. She looks at him.He sees her designs and says very nice. He sees her and recalls his dream. She smiles. He gets coffee for her. He asks how much is pending now. She says its done. He says I will just come. He goes. He comes and jumps on the bed to pick her things. She asks what happened, where are you going. He says come. She asks what. He gets under the bed and says come. She asks why. He pulls her. She asks what’s happening, answer me. He says I don’t know. They see a couple. She asks what’s happening, who’s this uncle, what are we doing. She says we left a paper there, go and get it. Rehaan takes the paper. She says I will kill you. He says sorry. She asks what’s happening. The lady asks Sam did anyone visit. The man says no.

She asks who left this lipstick mark on cup. He says maybe yours, who will come here. Ahana says you have lied to me, this isn’t your friend’s ancestral house. He says I will be answering this in jail, you will get me arrested. The lady picks the pencil and keeps aside. The couple dances. Ahana says I can’t believe this, they have started dancing. Ahana and Rehaan sleep. He wakes up and sees her holding him. She wakes up and says sorry. She falls over him. He gets hurt. She signs maybe they slept. They smile and leave.At cafe, Ahana looks at Rehaan. She says your friend didn’t come yet, I will call him up now. He asks how do you know. She calls Karan. Kran says don’t drink beer in the morning, what’s this Goa bungalow, I m Karan, I m at home. Ahana smiles. Karan says stop calling me now. Rehaan holds his head. He asks why are you smiling, did you know this. She says I m not so foolish as you think.

He says I m really sorry. She says don’t say sorry, you asked me to find a reason to live life, its you, Rehaan Khanna, you used to hate me a lot before, today you is lying to help me, my only friend in this world, is this reason not enough to live life, why are you doing this for myself, what’s the reason. He says there is a big word in Hindi, I don’t remember it, I want to rectify my mistake. She says Prayaschit/atonement, that’s the word. He says yes, thanks.

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