Broken Hearts update Thursday 25 November 2021

Broken Hearts 25 November 2021: The Episode starts with Ahana asking how is Rehaan. Anant says he is fine, I asked Yamini to give him medicines. He asks her to make a list, Laila’s birthday is coming, they should keep a party. She says thanks for thinking so much for mom, but I don’t want this party to happen, I can’t show a fake smile to the world, I am not fine, you know nothing is fine between us, I really hope you can understand me. He says ya. She says I don’t want to do anything that my heart doesn’t agree to, I have done many such things before, its result wasn’t good, I will go what makes me happy.

He says I can understand, you should go what makes you happy, fine we won’t have a party, but you can come with me for dinner, we will go for dinner at your fav place. She says yes.Rehaan comes to Anant at his workshop. Anant asks how are you feeling now. Rehaan says better. Anant says fever got less, come sit, its good you have come, I wanted to talk, I m worried about Ahana, since he has come back from Goa, I m finding old Ahana, I m failing every time, I know she was much hurt, you were with her, did she tell anything, if you want to help her by hiding the truth, it will be wrong, I have right to know about her, tell me if there is anything. Rehaan recalls Ahana’s words.

He says when I was at home, I didn’t find Ahana anywhere. He tells everything. He says she wanted to commit suicide. Anant says I can’t believe you Rehaan, you didn’t tell me, I m her husband, I have right to know her happiness and sorrow. Rehaan says she was very vulnerable, she would have worried more if I told you. Anant says I did a big mistake, I was giving time to this relationship, hoping everything will get fine.Ahana asks Laila what’s written in her reports. Laila says I will need time to recover, but I will try to feel better, can’t you see Anant is a nice man, he got me home and paid hospital bills, Gupta would have got me on road, I can see Anant’s try, not yours, he wanted to celebrate my birthday, he didn’t tell me the reason, I know you refused, you got a brownie for me so that I think my birthday is celebrated. Ahana says its nothing like that. Laila says you tried to keep relation before and now when Anant is trying, you are not supporting him. Ahana says I don’t want to talk, please, I don’t take decisions by seeing chances, I need time. Laila says yes, it will take time, what will you do till then.

Vyoma comes home and says Rehaan left few things at my home, I have come to return this. Ahana says keep this here, I will send this to him, he is not fine, he is resting. Vyoma says why, I have come, and I will give this to him. She goes to Rehaan and asks how are you. He says not fine. She says even I m not fine, you left me and my house, you broke our relation, I miss you even more. He says sorry, this is not the right place and right time, I m not well. Ahana comes there. Vyoma says what time is right, you went to Goa with your aunty, Anant’s wife is your aunty right, I didn’t know you will turn so selfish. He coughs and asks her to use senses, how can she say this about Ahana, Ahana needs a friend and that’s me.

Vyoma says our relation ended, don’t lie to me, I want to know you have seen Ahana in hypnosis right, tell me. He says please leave. She says I won’t go without knowing the truth, Richa told me everything, but I want to hear it from you, come on, speak up. Rehaan says yes, I have seen Ahana, are you happy now. She says wow. He says sorry. She says I didn’t know the truth, Richa didn’t tell me anything, but you accepted the truth yourself. He turns away. Ahana asks Vyoma to fight later, its not the right time, leave. Vyoma says I came to meet you, who is she to ask me to leave, what do you want, shall I stay or leave. Rehaan looks at them. Vyoma says unbelievable. She leaves. Ahana shuts the door. Rehaan sleeps.Anant and Ahana have dinner. Ahana recalls Rehaan. He says I don’t know how shall I apologize, I can’t imagine that you were so hurt that you thought of suicide, that you attempted suicide, I want to apologize, I m really sorry. She says let it be. She thinks of Rehaan’s words. He says I made you cry, I promise I will get your smile back, this is my life’s aim now. She says I m fine.

Ahana comes to Rehaan and says you cheated me, you broke my trust, I shared everything with you, this is our secret. Rehaan says stop it, listen to me, I was helpless. He holds her and says I told Anant because I worry for you, what would I do if anything happens to you. vase breaking. Ahana says its Anant’s fav vase, he will feel bad seeing this, we have to fix it. Rehaan says come with me to my room. They sit to fix the broken vase. Jeene bhi de….plays….. He helps her. She says you should have not said that to Anant, I trusted you, you didn’t do right. He says how can I see you in pain. They fix the vase. He holds her hand. She says see it got fixed, now Anant won’t know, he won’t feel bad, his heart won’t break.

Roshni says dad wants to make everything fine, he got Laila home for Ahana’s sake, why are dad and Ahana staying in different rooms. Yamini says don’t get into this matter, Ahana’s life passed through a tough phase, she was in pain, she is taking some time to manage relations. She goes. Roshni thinks its right time to break dad and Ahana’s relation. Rehaan gets Vyoma’s call. She drinks while talking to him. She asks why did you leave me, come back, I need you, your love. He asks are you drunk. She says this is my sole support. He says I know you didn’t sleep all night because of the fashion show, take care, you need rest, we both are where we should be, I m with my family, take care. He ends call. She cries.She says now I will tell you the result of leaving me. She writes a letter for Anant. Ahana is at a restaurant. She asks Srivastav to think of something. She says we can do something to get Raichand bungalow back, talk to any investor. Gupta sees her. He greets Ahana and taunts. He asks Ahana to use her mind and think how will she repay the big loan. He says mum and daughter are saving respect by difficulty, such a poverty phase, I told Laila to beg on roads, she is handicapped now, she knows how to get money. He jokes on Ahana. Ahana asks him not to misbehave next time, else she won’t be able to control her anger. She throws water on his face and asks him to keep his mind cool. She goes.Ahana comes home. Anant asks is everything fine. She says yes. He asks did anyone say something. She says no. She goes. He says I promise to end our distance and win your heart again. Gupta comes to Tarun’s house. Saloni asks him to sit. He says your sister has much ego, tell her, I will ruin her.

She asks him to sit and talk. He shouts and says I will not leave Ahana, did you understand, tell her I will ruin her. He goes. Saloni gets sudden pain. She calls Tarun. He doesn’t see the call. Anant says I have chosen this pendant, she will like it right. Tarun says yes, it will suit Ahana a lot, buy it. Anant clicks its pic. He calls jeweler and orders the pendant. He says I m going for a meeting, just collect the gift. Roshni comes office and hugs Anant. She says you promised me to give a credit card. He says yes, you didn’t forget it, spend carefully. She says sure thanks. He goes for the meeting.She asks what’s this jewelry pic. Tarun says he has ordered this pendant for Ahana, its pretty right. He goes. Roshni calls the jeweler and asks him to make same pendant for her, send it home. She says Ahana we will see if you like your fav gift.

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