Broken Hearts update Sunday 24 October 2021

Broken Hearts 24 October 2021: The Episode starts with Yamini calling Anant. She says Roshni met with an accident. He gets shocked. At the hospital, everyone worry for Roshni. Anant comes and hugs Aarav. Karan prays for her. Ahana is on the way. She recalls her childhood moment. Ahana falls down. Rahul cares for her. He says we will go to doctor. Laila asks will you take her for a small wound, no need to make it big scene, just do the aid, why shall we go to doctor for small thing, doctor will think we are dramatic family. Ahana cries.

Doctor says Roshni is fine, she was lucky she fell on grass, not road, wound is not deep. Yamini asks why is she not opening eyes. Doctor says we have given her painkiller and sleeping pill, so that she can sleep, luck favored her, carelessness is not good. Anant says I will look into it. Ahana comes home. Laila asks did you come. Ahana asks why do you care, you never cared for me, I was much hurt by that wound, you were not interested to take me to doctor. Laila asks what wound. Ahana shows the mark. Laila says what’s wrong with you, I didn’t know how serious it was. Ahana says you are mum, why didn’t we get your love, you are self obsessed with yourself. Laila says you want to say I m a bad mum. Ahana says I m going far from you. Laila gets angry.

Tarun romances Saloni. Rekha calls. She says I will talk to her. He says not fair, I have to talk and love you, I will do this and show. She laughs. Rekha calls again. Tarun answers. Saloni teases him. Rekha asks is Saloni fine. He jokes. She asks them to enjoy. He asks is there anything, what happened. She says your dad learnt about Saloni’s pregnancy, I have managed well, don’t worry. Tarun gets worried. Saloni asks what happened. He says dad got to know you are pregnant. She asks what will he do. He says I don’t know. She says he had to know this some day. He says yes, but h shouldn’t have known it now, he is not Laila to understand soon, your mom sees profit, my family is not like that. She says my mum was upset, you should thank mum that she happily got us married. He says there is a reason, I know it. She asks what do you mean. He goes. She cries.

Anant asks Yamini why did she not stop Roshni from going out. She says I was with Aarav. Rehaan says she has no such plans. Karan says I told her to come back. Anant asks why did you not tell me, I should know everything about my children. Yamini asks Karan to take Aarav home. Anant asks her to go. She says I will stay here. He says I insist, please go. She says till Roshni gets conscious, I won’t get sleep. Anant asks Rehaan to take Aarav.Anant holds Roshni’s hand and cries. Yamini comes and says sorry. He says I was worried seeing her like this, I got anger on you, sorry. She says I will be with Roshni, trust me, you go home. He goes. He sees Ahana outside. She says I was calling you, I came to meet you, how is Roshni. He says thank God she is fine. She asks shall I drop you home. He says no. She says come I will take you somewhere you get peace. They leave.

They get stuck in traffic. He says this is Roshni’s fav music, she plays piano beautifully. They reach the pond side. She says don’t blame yourself, your eyes don’t lie. He says my children are my everything, I want to keep them away from all problems. She says this is not possible, fathers can love children a lot, but they can’t be with them always. She says dad scolded me once, he got afraid of me, then he started crying and I had to calm him. He asks do you like meeting me as you miss your dad. She says no, no one can take my dad’s place, there is no one like him, I like spending time with you, I don’t feel this age difference. He says there is no age for friendship. She says it means we understand each other well.

He says there is no name for this. She says family, friends, I didn’t feel so much secure, as I feel with you, you will never change right. He says never. She asks promise. He says promise. They smile. Aarav planning to decorate Roshni’s room and doing preparations. Maid says Anant would have scolded Roshni, like he scolded Karan. Aarav says they have come and runs. Rehaan takes Roshni upstairs. Karan looks on. Rehaan teases Roshni. Anant asks him to stop teasing her.

Laila asks Ahana what happened to her last night. Ahana argues with her. Maid says Roshni was nearly dying. Laila asks when did her accident happen. Ahana says she was cycling, I read on social media, you have no time for kids who get hurt, you will get time for Anant’s daughter. Laila asks what problem do you have with Anant, I thought you liked him. Ahana says I do, I respect him, sorry I can’t say this about you. She goes. Laila thinks I don’t care, good thing is you respect Anant, after all we are going to become one family. Roshni says sorry dad. Laila calls Anant. He answers. She says I heard about Roshni’s accident and got worried. He says she is fine now, she came home, thanks for concern. She says thanks for what, I m also a parent, I also have daughters. He makes Roshni talk. Roshni talks rude. Laila asks her to think for her dad, how much will he look after. Roshni ends call and says who is she to advice me. Anant says she said right, you did irresponsible thing, Yamini didn’t sleep all night. Roshni says sorry. He asks her to act matured.

Saloni cries. Tarun comes and apologizes. He shows sorry written on the shore. She smiles. They hug. Aarav says a gift came for you. Rehaan says its secret, there is no name inside. Roshni checks the gift and reads get well soon note. She sees Rehaan. Rehaan says I didn’t send this. Anant says whoever has sent it is by thinking much and with love. Rehaan asks Roshni who is he. Roshni says stop talking like an idiot. Yamini asks Roshni to follow the note and play. Roshni plays piano and smiles.

Anant recalls Ahana. He calls Ahana and thanks for sending gift for Roshni, you remembered the music piece, you are sensitive, she got happy and played it. She says how can it happen that I don’t feel your pain, can I meet you, I had to say something. He says sure, we will meet tomorrow. He starts humming. Yamini gets coffee for him. She sees Roshni’s carved imaged. He says I m feeling peace today. She says yes, last night was tough. She apologizes. He says you gave good values to kids, you looked after them and their studies. She says I love them. He says I can live in peace because of you, you made them yours without any condition. He thanks her for everything. She says you did a lot for me. He says you are close to my heart.

She says you are also… you all are close to my heart. Rehaan sees Saloni and Ahana’s pic and says its same bracelet. He says I m helpless. He calls Ahana and flirts. She asks what do you want. He says nothing, I can give you something. She says I wish that day never comes in my life. He asks her to meet at cafe if her mood changes. She thinks he shouldn’t create any drama in Saloni’s life. Anant plays a video and sees Shweta. She asks him to sing a tune while carving. She says I can know your happiness, I m sure you will get some girl who makes you sing again, then marry her, give this ring to her, know its my blessings, I know you better than me, that girl will be special. He cries and sees the ring.

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