This is fate update Tuesday 26 October 2021

This is fate 26 October 2021: Mahira brings the drinks for the family when she bumps into Sherlin, they get shocked to see Karan coming with Kritika and Preeta is also following her, Sherlin sees how Preeta has called the servants to her and now she will take the blessings of the entire family however if she informs Mahira then she would blame her for not telling her before.

Kritika takes the blessings of Akshay’s mother when she stops her exclaiming how she is their daughter and that the daughters should not take their blessings because they have her love in their hearts which cannot be accepted anywhere else, Preeta wonders how Akshay is so wrong when his parents have such a nice attitude.

Mahira realizes that Preeta is serving the guests and when she tries to go after her however Sherlin stops her, Mahira mentions how it was her plan because she thought that then she would be able to strength her image in front of Dadi however Preeta has stolen her idea and it is because of Sherlin, she explains how she has come to realize that it was wrong to talk rudely with Mahira’s mother and so she is apologizing, Mahira exclaims how she doesnot need her apology but her help at which Sherlin assures Mahira of her help at the right moment, Mahira mentions that she cannot hear her lecture and so leaves, Sanjana apologizes to Ramona who also accepts the apology, Mahira inquires why is she looking so happy at which Ramona exclaims that the secret to happiness is to forgive the others and exclaims how Sanjana mentioned that Sherlin is a little moody and Mahira is also the same.

Karan is constantly looking towards his watch, Rakhi asks what has happened to which karan exclaims that he has called someone for the function so is waiting as they have not till yet arrived, everyone rejoices when they are and the dance begins, they call everyone one by one to the dance floor and finally call both Akshay and Kritika to dance together after which they call both Sherlin and Preeta to come on the dance floor and they are enjoying happily, the dancer exclaims that the situation would not be set until Karan dances and he also calls Preeta with him, Ramona gets angry seeing this Mahira also leaves as she cannot bear it anymore, she then calls Rakhi to dance as she is the Mami of Kritika, Akshay once again gets a call and he places it on flight mode which worries Preeta who thinks it might be someone who is of importance because she is now worried.

Sherlin asks where she is because she ahs been calling her and is really worried because she is in the big hall and then realizes that every hall is big in their house,, Preeta asks her to stop talking and turn back because she is right behind her, Shrishti asks what has happened because she fell really worried and that she came for the task which she has to fulfil and they have to find the truth about Akshay, Preeta mentions that it cannot happen today as there is a function and she has been charged with the responsibilities so must have to remain in the function, Shristhi mentions that there is everything about a person in the mobile and even Akshay would have his personal details in his mobile, Preeta thinks that she also is suspicious because he was constantly cancelling someone’s calls and even placed his mobile on the flight mode which is not right, Shrishti exclaims how she would steal his mobile, Preeta stops her saying that she would be caught but Shrishti is adamant so leaves to find Akshay, Preeta prays that Shrishti be able to perform the task as they have to find the truth about him.

Shrishti reaches the party however is not able to find Akshay she locates him so going asks why is not taking anything to drink, she calls the waiter who brings water but Akshay refuse to drink it then she calls the waiter who brings alcohol at which Akshay explains that he would not drink today as this is the most eventful day of his life, Akshay sees Ruchika so gets tensed and leaves after her.

Shristhi wonders why he left without taking his mobile so she can take it and would explain that she has found the mobile.
Preeta follows Akshay who is going towards the guest room, he suspects that someone is following him, but she immediately hides, Akshay asks Ruchika what she is doing, she inquires how can he marry Kritika at which Akshay hugs her exclaiming how he would have to marry her, Preeta realizes that he is really deceiving Kritika and so remembers what her mother said about not saying anything to anyone until she is sure, Preeta leaves to get Kritika and show her.

Rakhi explains that she desires Mahesh perform all the rituals that he has to because she desires that he perform the rituals of Kritika and even knows that he is unconscious but he would surely realize his feelings, Rakhi explains how she also called and desired to have him fulfil the rituals, Karina exclaims that she also wants Mahesh to perform all the rituals which he should, Karan exclaims how he has seen movement in Mahesh, Rakhi also says how she ahs seen it and feels that he would surely come out of the coma, Sherlin thinks that whenever they talk of Mahesh she gets ill and then Rakhi leaves to attend the guests after which Karina also leaves.

Karan gets a call from Rishab, Kritika also gets really excited to talk with her brother when Karan goes aside, Preeta comes in a hurry asking Kritika to come with her, she takes her away which worries Karan.

Preeta drags Kritika to the guest room, as she wants to see her what can be life changing for her.
In the room, Akshay hugged Ruchika. Both vow they cannot live without each other.

Kritika was extremely tensed, and asks Preeta what she is saying. Preeta says this Akshay is cheating on her. She drags Kritika to see this with her own eyes. They enter the room but no one was there. Preeta asks Akshay where she is gone. Karan and Sherlin also come behind. Kritika asks Akshay where is the bottle he got this drink from. Akshay explains that the bottle was not here. Kritika saves Akshay by saying Akshay promised he will not drink again. Karan asks Preeta what this is about. Preeta tells Karan Akshay knows well what it is about. Akshay explains to Kritika he was a little

nervous, and this is it. He asks Karan to help, and Karan says to Kritika that sometimes grooms are also nervous. Akshay does not let Preeta say anything. He swears to Kritika he hasn’t taken a single sip, and was ready to spill it. He goes to drop the glass. Preeta says she brought Kritika here to show Akshay with a girl. Kritika was astonished at this. Ramoona and Sherlin were also in the room. Preeta inquires Akshay who was the girl he just hugged. They were very close. Ruchika was hiding behind a curtain.

Preeta says Akshay brought the girl straight into the room, and was calming her down. She was upset and questioned why he is marrying Kritika. He and Kritika do not have a mutual friend. And she herself saw him with the girl here. Akshay speaks to Karan directly that Kritika is dear to all of them… Preeta asks Akshay to tell them the truth. Akshay speaks to Kriitka directly. Kritika asks Akshay what Preeta is saying. Akshay says he was nervous because his Dubai business is being closed. He loves her dearly and prove himself as right; he can never do what Preeta said. He tries to prove innocent in front of Karan as well.

Kritika says Preeta never speaks uselessly. Akshay asks Kritika to be clear, she also wants a proof; fair enough as she is his bride to be. Kriitka explains herself that she trusts him. Akshay thanks Kritika for her belief. He now speaks to Preeta and says he can wipe her mistrust over him. He wants to clear his position. Today they were safe, what if they cannot save themselves tomorrow. He says Preeta is right, he was with a girl in this room. He shows a box of earrings, and says it was Ruchika and brought earrings as wedding gift. Kritika recognizes Ruchika. Akshay says she was annoyed because they did not invite her. Kritika explains to Preeta that Ruchika is thier college friend. Akshay says he tried to stop her but she left. Kritika thinks Ruchika must have brought them a surprise. Akshay explains to Preeta she was right, but her understanding about him was wrong. He leaves the room. Karan follows. Ramoona tells Preeta that sometimes overconfidence brings you disgrace. She did not think twice before blaming Akshay. Sherlin also insults Preeta. Kritika consoles Preeta that it is fine, then goes to see Akshay.

Shrishti comes to Preeta in the room. Preeta says she took everything wrong. Akshay is not a bad person, she misunderstood him. Ruchika is thier mutual friend. Shrishti asks Preeta to help her unlock this phone. Rakhi comes there to take the girls downstairs. She inquires about Sarla and Janki, but Shrishti says mama is unwell. Preeta goes with Rakhi. Shrishti calls Sameer and goes downstairs to meet him.

Ruchika comes out of the cupboard. She wonders how she will go out. She decides to leave through the window. Sameer had just come home and finds Ruchika in the porch. She decides to climb again in the guest room’s cupboard and wait for right time.

In the room, Karan explains to Akshay that Preeta is concerned for Kritika and that is why. Kritika comes there. Akshay says he understands her concern, she is loving but he only wish she understood him better. He must have done the same Preeta did for her sister. Karan hugs Akshay. He advices Akshay to take care of Akshay, he is a nice guy. When Karan is gone, Kritika thanks Akshay for being so understanding. Akshay hugs Kritika.

In the corridor, Preeta thinks about Akshay’s hug. Karan finds her upset. Preeta says she still feels there is something wrong. Karan says he is a nice guy, and is not even angry with her. Preeta asks what about Karan. Karan assures he is also not. They go to the room to speak to Akshay and Kritika. Preeta apologizes Akshay, but Akshay replies this is alright. She had a misunderstanding. He is human, and gets angry; he could break the relationship but then he thought of Kritika. One must never take decisions when angry.

Shrishti was worried what if the phone gets locked, she will lose a chance. She succeeds in unlocking the phone and calls Preeta for the proof.

In the room, Preeta rejects Shrishti’s call and apologizes Akshay. Akshay tells her to take the call. Shrishti tells Preeta that the phone was unlocked, and Akshay had an affair with Ruchika. She reads messages of Akshay and Ruchika to Preeta. There, Akshay finds his phone and asks Kritika to ring it. Preeta whispers to Shrishti to hide somewhere and not to tell anyone about the phone. Shrishti leaves the phone on the floor. Akshay finds his phone on the floor.

Sherlin comes to Mahira and says she told Mahira that her patience will now reap fruit. She found out how to take revenge from Preeta now. Shrishti was angry at Preeta for all the angers and disgraces. She insulted them, and married Karan as well. Now, she will show Preeta her right place. She has a key now, it is Kritika. Preeta took Kritika to guest room with a doubt that Akshay was with his girlfriend. Preeta insulted Akshay. Now it is time to fill Kritika’s ears, that Preeta has a problem with their marriage. Kritika will take the news to her mother. And they will see Preeta disgraced in front of everyone.

Shrishti comes to Preeta in the kitchen and says Akshay isn’t the right guy for them. Giresh hears this and tells Preeta to go, he will do the work here. Shrishti and Preeta go to guest room. Ruchika was in the cupboard. Shrishti and Preeta discuss that no one cares if Akshay has an affair or not, they are extremely modern. They try to intrigue Ruchika’s interest to come out of the cupboard.

Ruchika thinks it seems Akshay wants her outside and has shared to everyone about their relationship. Preeta tells Shrishti that even Kritika accepted the wedding of Akshay and Ruchika. Ruchika gets a message from Akshay that they will meet at night. The look in the room.

Preeta had just opened the cupboard where Ruchika was, when Shrishti finds a dupatta hanging from window. They run outside. Ruchika jumps out of the room and hides behind Sameer’s car. Preeta and Shrishti tell Sameer about Ruchika. Ruchika gets in loading car and leaves. Sameer and the girls spot her flee.

Sameer also doubted Ruchika. Shrishti says she saw their chats and phone records and had the proof. She had to leave it at the last moment. Preeta was worried that they need to bring the real face of Akshay to everyone.

In the hall, Akshay gets a message from Ruchika to be cautious of Preeta. He spots Preeta. There, Sherlin comes to take Akshay. She and Mahira speak to Akshay about what Preeta said.

Preeta was looking for Shrishti and tells them they must tell Karan everything about him

Akshay says he felt bad about whatever Preeta said, still he is helpless. Mahira says no one would have ignored it. Kritika and Rakhi join them. Kritika was happy that Preeta has taken all the responsibility of their wedding and Rakhi is free. Akshay’s mother compliments that Preeta does not forget anything.

Shrishti and Sameer whisper that Akshay’s parents are really nice. But they are ignorant of their son. Sameer was happy that Kareena does not know about this.

In the room, Karina shows Dadi the gifts she brought for Kritika’s in laws. She shares her wishes and dreams for Kritika’s wedding. Ramona stood at the door. She comments that this is a new face of Karina. Dadi says she is a mother today. Ramona says she is really happy for Karina and her daughter, she can gift anything to anyone, but she must not trust Preeta. Karina was quizzical. Ramona says Karina might feel she is speaking against Preeta because she wants a place for Mahira. But Preeta blamed Akshay for cheating on Kritika

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